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Best Nostra Pro Alternative 2023 – Found The Best Money Earning App

Fantasy cricket is at their top now as fantasy apps are advertised on TVs, the internet, and everywhere you see. Fantasy platforms like Nostra Pro are the NostraGamus Fantasy Cricket Ltd. Also, they were the title supporters of the league in 2020.

Fantasy players enjoy playing fantasy sports like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, fantasy handball, etc. Nostra Pro comprises these multiple games to provide the best gaming experience to the users.

Anyone can get Rs.25 as a cash bonus for the first time after signing up for an account. If you are searching for better apps like Nostra Pro? Then look into this content to find the best Nostra Pro alternatives.

Best Nostra Pro Alternative 2023

Nostra Pro is one the most trending fantasy sports app where the user can prophesy the match result and win real cash, which the player has to join the match to prophesy. The highest position taker wins the league and gets cash rewards, which you can withdraw in Paytm if they need PAN verification.

In this app, you can prophesy several games. Nostra Pro app has fantasy cricket, fantasy kabaddi, or fantasy football, but it also has some other games like fantasy basketball, fantasy volleyball, or fantasy handball. So we will need the best Nostra Pro and top Nostra Pro alternatives.

In India, Nostra Pro App is one of the best Fantasy apps. This Nostra Pro app is the same as Dream11. In Dream11, you have to select 11 players; in Nostra Pro, there is no need to select the players. You predict the answer to the questions. You will get negative points for a false prediction and positive points for a true prediction.

Gambit Sports Private Limited has owned, operated, and registered the Nostra Platform, which respects the customer’s privacy and the policy they commit to protecting compliance. Before using Nostra Pro App, carefully read the policy. There is an alternative to the Nostra Pro App, which is Dream11.

Best Alternative of Nostra Pro

Nostra Pro Fantasy cricket app also offers the best refer and earn program where you can get real cash by referring. You can choose your preferred sport from a diversity of tournaments. You can play fantasy cricket, fantasy hockey, fantasy football, fantasy handball, and fantasy basketball on the Nostra Pro platform.

There were many Nostra Pro alternatives, many of which were replaced, but many also failed. Below are the Best Nostra Pro Alternative apps, which are growing fast these days with less competition.

Best Fantasy Apps Like Nostra Pro

Fantasy similar websites such as MyTeam11, MyFab11, Vision11, and more and more of the Nostra Pro similar apps in 2023. These fantasy cricket apps offer multiple games and special and unique features and will also be the best Nostra Pro alternative apps.

Nostra Pro Similar Websites

Multiple fantasy apps are offering free contests or low-paid contest leagues. Fantasy cricket apps like user-friendly, low competition, and so on. These apps are the latest fantasy apps on the market and are a free alternative to Nostra Pro fantasy apps. Also comes under the best Nostra Pro alternative apps.

Nostra Pro Free Alternatives

Likely, MyFab11, Fan2play, and Vision11 are all the best fantasy apps, such as Nostra Pro. 11 Challengers and MyTeam11 are also the best fantasy apps or the best Nostra pro alternatives. It was the trending fantasy cricket app in India and was launched recently.

Fantasy apps also provide some Nostra Pro free alternatives to playing the leagues. Nostra Pro is a free fantasy sports gaming app developed by Nostradamus fantasy sports. The app also gives you multiple options, like adding your friends and relatives, which offers the players a bonus and rewards.

Due to some withdrawal issues, we needed the best Nostra Pro alternatives. In searching for this solution, we chose the top alternatives of the Nostra Pro fantasy app, the best Nostra Pro alternatives, and free Nostra Pro alternatives. Here are the top and best alternative to Nostra Pro:

  • Alternative #1 – MyFab11
  • Alternative #2 – Fan2Play
  • Alternative #3 – Vision11
  • Alternative #4 – 11 Challengers
  • Alternative #5 – MyTeam11
  • Alternative #6 – Dream11

Alternative #1: MyFab11

MyFab11 fantasy app is one of the most recent apps providing online fantasy games. With this app, you can play fantasy cricket and win several cash prizes. It is an application that permits users to make their own fantasy sports teams with some of the
lowest commission rates.

MyFab11 boasts the broadest range of sports and associated leagues to give you higher earnings and different leagues to play in. On completing the MyFab11 login, you’ll be in an engaging online environment.

MyFab11 offers fantasy cricket like fantasy kabaddi, fantasy cricket, fantasy basketball, fantasy handball, fantasy football, and fantasy volleyball. MyFab11 is the best Nostra Pro alternative. MyFab11 is considered the best Nostra Pro alternative.

Why Is MyFab11 The Best Nostra Pro Alternative?

Reason #1: Features

Flat 20% commission on all paid games in which your referrals participate. This platform permits you to play 6 different types of sports games cricket, football, kabaddi, basketball, volleyball, and handball.

Reason #2: Minimum Withdrawal

MyFab11 minimum withdrawal has Rs.100 for every winning section. You can get the withdrawal at any time if you have at least Rs.100 in your winnings. Considering these reasons, we are needed for the best Nostra Pro alternatives.

Reason #3: Get A Cash Bonus Daily

MyFab11 is still providing new cash bonus offers every day. You will be providing a cash bonus of Rs.100 and a contest commission for each contest. Also, 5-10 percent bonus cash for small leagues. You can use the cash bonuses to play in other contests and leagues.

Reason #4: Easy Cash Withdrawal

MyFab11 provides you with three options to withdraw cash.

  • Instant Withdrawal: cash withdrawal of up to 5 lakhs per day instantly.
  • Normal Withdrawal: cash withdrawal of up to 9 lakhs per day.
  • Paytm Withdrawal: same as instant here, you can withdraw up to 5 lakhs per day directly in your Paytm wallet.

Reason #5: Customer Support

You can clarify your queries regarding the app through the official email id of the MyFab11 fantasy app. They offer the best customer support service. Customer care email for MyFab11 is

Features Of MyFab11

  • MyFab11 provides UPI, Amazon Pay, and Bank Withdrawal
  • Best refer and earn program.
  • Straightforward user interface.
  • 100% bonus on the first deposit
  • 100% bonus uses leagues.


  • Less competition.
  • Instant Withdrawal.
  • Trustable app.
  • MyFab11 Offers multiple games.


  • Few mega contests are only available.
  • No IOS app has yet launched.

MyFab11 FAQ

What People Say About It: I am a passionate user of the MyFab11 app. It is an easy and user-friendly app that gives many cash bonuses. It is user-friendly, safe, and trustable.

Buying Guide

  • First, download the app from the official website.
  • Open the app and click on “enter code”.
  • Enter your MyFab11 referral code.
  • Enter your mobile number, email id, and a secure password.
  • Select “register” to complete the process.
  • Click the “login” icon on the app.
  • Enter your registered email address, mobile number, and password.

Alternative #2: Fan2Play

Presently, Fan2Play is a leading online fantasy game platform for all fantasy fluky, constructed with the task of reformulating the world of fantasy sports. Fan2Play introduces a unique method of playing and enjoying fantasy sports.

Fan2Play is a fantasy gaming tournament where players pick their teams and challenge each other. With playing on Fan2Play, picking a complete playing xi is more than just concerning. But you can create a team consisting of 2 or 3 or 4 players.

Fan2Play is a fantasy cricket game that is entirely different for earning money. This app lets you play with the classic 11-player team, and you can also play with 2/3/4 players having a 50% probability of winning. It is considered one of the best Nostra Pro alternatives.

Why Is Fan2Play The Best Nostra Pro Alternative?

Reason #1: Daily Withdrawal Limit

On Fan2Play, the minimum amount you can withdraw from the winning balance is Rs.100, and the maximum amount you can withdraw in a day is Rs.1,00,000. Because of these aspects, we searched for the best Nostra Pro alternative.

Reason #2: Competitor Tracker

Users can verify the score on their challenge card through this app’s live feed, so one should be confident about the points scored by them and the opponent. You can cross-check the scores by visiting the ‘scoring’ on the Fan2Play app.

Reason #3: Safe And Secure Payments

Fan2Play strives to verify the safety and security of their user’s payments and information. So, they have partnered with trusted third-party payment gateways with 3-d secure authentication. And also, they did not store users’ credit or debit card details with them.

Reason #4: Pricing

On Fan2Play, one can play free games to enjoy and test their gaming skills and knowledge. Play Fan2Play fantasy cricket and feel the winning feeling, and it offers you a 50% chance of winning every single time.

Reason #5: Support

Fan2Play does not have a call-on service, but you can email It has a dedicated support team that answers your KYC or withdrawal queries.

Features Of Fan2Play

  • This app is India’s quickest fantasy game.
  • Creating your teams with 2 or 3 or 4 players to enjoy fantasy gaming.
  • Users can pay a 100% sign-up bonus to join contests.
  • Users get 50% higher chances of winning every single time.
  • Users can get a 200% welcome bonus of up to Rs.1000 on their first deposit.
  • In this app 11-player game, users will find the lowest credit scores for all the players.
  • It has a dedicated customer support team.


  • Fan2play has 3m+ registered users.
  • It has the lowest platform fees.
  • It has 24/7 user customer support.
  • It is a 100% safe and secure platform.


  • Heavy competition to win.
  • Have a complicated referral program.

Fan2Play FAQ

What People Say About It: Fan2Play is a fantastic app and very interesting. It is easy to use, gives a signing bonus, and allows users to play with 2-3-4 players.

Buying Guide

  • Go to the Fan2Play official website from your android mobile devices to download Fan2Play.
  • Click on the “download the app” button on the website’s homepage.
  • After downloading, open the Fan2Play app download or Fan2Play download file and tap on the “install” button.
  • Click on join to create your account.
  • To create a new account, enter the details: name, mobile number, email, and state.
  • Now you can play the game as you wish.

Alternative #3: Vision11

Vision11 is a flagship product of fantasy sports Vision11 Pvt Ltd, and it is India’s biggest sports gaming platform with users playing fantasy cricket. Vison11 fantasy sports management platform offers Indian sports fans a platform to showcase their sports knowledge.

Please create your fantasy cricket team with real-life players from upcoming matches, score points based on their on-field performance, and compete with other fantasy teams. You will become a part of the game you love and get a chance to win real cash prizes and more impressive rewards.

Vision11 app is a safe and secure platform to enjoy fantasy sports. This app will also be the best Nostra Pro alternative app. Vision11 takes you to the world of fantasies, where you play alongside the game stars.

Why Is Vision11 The Best Nostra Pro Alternative?

Reason #1: Advantages

Here are the reasons that prove Vision11 might be the best Nostra Pro alternative:

  • Enjoy low-competition sports contests and leagues.
  • Vision11 offers free entries, giveaways, instant withdrawals, deposit bonuses, and more.
  • Earn unlimited cash by playing on the vision11 fantasy platform.

Reason #2: Additional Benefits

  • Game bettor fans are given gifts for those who correctly guess the scoring segments.
  • 3-50% Increase in the winning cash prizes in betting on the express train.
  • The bettor can offer a bookmaker, which is not given in the betting constructor.

Reason #3: Referral Bonus

Vision11 also offers you a cash bonus by referring your friends and family members. When you invite new members by referring to your Vision11 referral code, you will get Rs.100 as a cash bonus, and Vision11 also provides many users with a 20% commission free for a lifetime.

Reason #4: Pricing

Vision11 users can participate in free contests with a minimum entry fee. You can earn cash prizes with almost zero investment at Vision11. In public contests and leagues, paid contests start from Rs.1-1000. The participation of invited users is restricted in private contests, users can create private contests, and they should submit the fee for the contest.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Vision11 customer support service works around the clock, and users can ask their queries anytime regarding Vision11 games, withdrawal process, or apps. You can contact them through their official mail id, and they help you with most grievances.

  • Customer Support Number: +91 98870 83333
  • Mail ID:
  • Business Inquiries:

Features Of Vision11

  • Best refer & earn program with a cash bonus of Rs.100.
  • Compete with other teams in a single tournament.
  • Contests for batting and bowling fantasy sports cricket.
  • Play multiple fantasy games and contests.
  • Player and user profiles are available.


  • Safe and trusted app.
  • Having good brand value.
  • High initial credit.
  • Good refer & earn program.
  • 24/7 Customer support services.
  • Gain extra commission.


  • The prize pool is not big.
  • Id verification is a must for a withdrawal process.

Vision11 FAQ

What People Say About It: On vision11, sports enthusiasts can play multiple sports, like basketball, Football, cricket, etc., for free. On downloading the app, you get a bonus of Rs.300, which you can use to play games without worrying about the investment.

Buying Guide

  • Vision11 is available on the app store, iOS users can download the app from the app store.
  • Android users can download the Vision11 APK from the Vision11 website.
  • Install and open.
  • Click on the refer and earn option and do registration with your mobile number, date of birth, email, and Vision11 account passwords.
  • Enter your Vision11 referral code and get a welcome bonus.
  • Verify your account with otp, then select a match and create your team of 11 real-life players.
  • Also, select wicket-keepers, all-rounders, batsmen, and bowlers, and select the captain and vice-captain of your team.
  • Click on the account option and add the amount of cash.
  • Select your payment method, add your cash, and play the game.

Alternative #4: 11 Challengers

11 Challengers is the leading online fantasy sports gaming platform in India, with 10 million users. 11 Challengers qualify the users to earn winnings using their skills and sports knowledge from online fantasy sports gaming.

11 Challengers platform is the site that makes your favourite sports come alive. Select teams of your choice and play your daily fantasy sports. Fantasy games boost your skill level, and you can win real cash rewards.

11 Challengers is a safe and secure platform to enjoy fantasy sports at your convenience. Get started and join with the lowest entry fees in the fantasy sports market and be a part of them. 11 Challengers is the best Nostra Pro alternative.

Why Is 11 Challengers The Best Nostra Pro Alternative?

Reason #1: Features

11 Challengers can take full advantage of the entire scope of features and services offered to you, and they reserve the right not to provide you with their services.

Reason #2: Cash Bonus

The cash bonus can be defined as an amount awarded to the users by 11 Challengers under various schemes. The users can receive a cash bonus when they join 11 Challengers for the first time. The cash bonus has no expiration time.

Reason #3: Add Funds

In 11 Challengers, the users can add an amount by using various transaction methods such as debit cards, credit cards, net banking, and digital wallet services. Considering these issues, we chose the best Nostra Pro alternative.

Reason #4: Pricing

Users may participate in the contest by paying the pre-designated amount on the relevant contest page. Here are paid versions of the contest made available on the 11 Challengers platform.

Reason #5: Contact

If there are any issues or other technical faults and you are inconvenienced while playing on 11 Challengers. You can mail

Features Of 11 Challengers

  • 11 Challengers provides a wide variety of contests with lower entry fees on the flatform
  • Invite your friends and families to play; you will get 20% of the profit commission every time your referral joins a paid contest.
  • 11 Challengers gives a Rs.100 sign-up bonus for newly joined users.
  • For any issues, users can contact their 24/7 support by mail.
  • Enjoy all fantasy sports with the 11 Challengers standard fantasy point system.
  • It is an entirely skill-based fantasy sports app that gives no % selection and helps to avoid clashes.


  • Fewer entry fees.
  • 24/7 user support.
  • Skill-based game.
  • Legal and safe to use.
  • Get a reference and sign up bonus.


  • High competition among users leads to loss of money.
  • It leads you to some mental pressure.

11 Challengers FAQ

What People Say About It: The 11 Challengers app is fantastic!! Also, this app has low entry fees and is too good.

Buying Guide

  • Tab on the download button.
  • Now you can install the app by giving the required permission.
  • You can open the app.
  • If you have a referral code, click on “Have a referral code?”.
  • Enter your mobile number and further details required.
  • Enter the 11 Challengers referral code.
  • Now, register on the app.
  • Create your team and select the match that your wish.
  • Join the contest, play the game, and earn money.

Alternative #5: MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is india’s second-largest market leader and the most trusted fantasy sports brand. MyTeam11 was launched in 2016 and presently acquires a user base of 18 million+.

MyTeam11 makes online fantasy sports gaming a thrilling experience among sports lovers and brings a revolution in the online fantasy sports gaming industry. MyTeam11 is the best Nostra Pro alternatives.

MyTeam11 plans to expand the magic of online fantasy sports gaming to the boundaries of top-2 and top-3 cities. They work with a simple motto of allowing people to gel with real-time matches and feel the same thrill and amazement at their fingertips.

Why Is MyTeam11 The Best Nostra Pro Alternative?

Reason #1: Features

MyTeam11 gives online fantasy sports gaming in India. They help millions engage in different sports. It has 10 significant sports, dual languages, quiz contests, and exciting winnings.

Reason #2: Private Contests

After selecting the match you wish to participate in, you can find the choice of creating a private contest for live fantasy and 2nd innings. You can invite your friends and families to the private contest to play.

Reason #3: Cash Contest

In cash contests, the users can participate by paying a predefined contest entry cash and can compete with other users to earn winnings, but whose team scores the highest points will be declared the contest winner.

Reason #4: Pricing

MyTeam11 offers paid versions of the contests wherein the users can participate by paying a predefined amount on the relevant contest page as a part of the contest entry amount. Because of these reasons, we needed the best Nostra Pro alternative.

Reason #5: Support

MyTeam11 has 24×7 support and looks for assistance with their highly professional and experienced fantasy sports support executives. You can send any doubts or comments to

Features Of MyTeam11

  • It is legal and secure.
  • MyTeam11 has a 24/7 customer support system.
  • It follows strict fair play policies.
  • Has an instant withdrawal method.
  • It gives exciting offers.


  • It has 18m+ users.
  • It makes 5cr+ winnings every day.
  • Multiple mega contests are available.
  • Covers match worldwide.


  • It gets you addicted.
  • It involves financial risk.

MyTeam11 FAQ

What People Say About It: I have been playing on MyTeam11 since it was launched in 2016. My journey with MyTeam11 has been incredible, mainly because the UI and the leagues they offer are outstanding.

Buying Guide

  • Open the official and tab on the “download for android” button.
  • Wait for the APK to download and tap on “open.”
  • The tab “allow for this source” prompts you to click on install.
  • After getting installed, you can fill out the registration with your details.
  • Then create your team with a captain and vice-captain.
  • You wish to choose the match, play and earn cash.

Alternative #6: Dream11

Dream11 took the largest and first markets among the Nostra Pro competitors. Mahendra Singh Dhoni endorsed this platform and started to support the sporting event cricket fantasy league. However, more games like Kabaddi, Football, and Baseball were introduced over time.

In upcoming matches with a small investment, this platform will be useful to create your team. You can choose the top players for your team and assign a position like Captain and Vice-Captain. When you win in the match, the payout on the Dream11 is substantial, which is a huge benefit. Additionally, you will get a bonus reward when a captain or Vice-captain surprises expectations.

Why is Dream11 The Best Nostra Pro Alternative?

Reason #1: Features

For Fantasy Sports games, Dream11 is an excellent strategy based, which provides one of the best sports experiences. Players can win real money while playing the game. They not only enjoy the sports spirit.

Reason #2: Advantages

For the users to sign up, there will be a penalty of contests for the users, and you can join free of the cost offered by Dream11. It is important to understand with the favor how the contests are going, which attracts every player.

Reason #3: Loads of Entertainment

While playing Fantasy Cricket, many people were involved because it offers entertainment value. There will be loads of entertainment, like watching a live game; if money is involved there, it will be more interesting.

Reason #4: Pricing

Investing a little is easy to catch, as most users believe, and they will win a huge amount. There will be a major factor in the monetary benefits of the Dream11 app like the age under-18 players were involved in this. By paying a low amount, you can start playing Fantasy sports matches.

Reason #5: Customer support

You can clarify the queries through the official email id of the Dream11 fantasy app regarding app. They will offer the best customer support service. For Dream11 customer support, use

Features of Dream11

The user’s features are essential for a Fantasy Gaming App to act dependable and possibly are given.

  • Registration/Login
  • Profile setup
  • View player statistics
  • My offers/Rewards
  • Create/join tournaments
  • Select upcoming leagues/tournaments
  • As per points/skills/formats, create a team page.


  • Invest in the players and win the cash/rewards.
  • You can go anywhere and earn in the game while enjoying
  • Withdrawal on the Bank and any UPI.
  • One of the common advantages of Dream11 will be Convinced.


  • Losses Can be Discouraging consecutively.
  • Quickly, you can lose money.
  • Issues like cash out.

Dream11 FAQ

Buying Guide

  • Open the App Store
  • Search for the Dream11 application
  • Download the Dream11: Fantasy Cricket App
  • Using an email ID or phone number to register on the application
  • To the application, add a bank account for adding funds.

Winner Of Best Nostra Pro Alternative

Vision11 might be the #1 position of the top and best Nostra Pro alternative. Here we have discussed the top Nostra Pro alternative sites and top alternatives for Nostra Pro in 2023.

While analyzing #5 fantasy sports apps with the best Nostra Pro alternative, Vision11 is considered the best. Because it is the biggest fantasy sports gaming platform with users playing fantasy cricket, they are the best program and trusted app.

Best Nostra Pro Alternative FAQ

1. Can we play games in Nostra Pro app?

Yes, you can play Poker and Rummy in Nostra Pro.

2. What is the minimum deposit in Nostra Pro?

Minimum deposit is Nostra Pro app is Rs.1.

3. How many fantasy apps does Nostra Pro app supports?

Nostra Pro supports around 9 fantasy sports starting from cricket to formula one.

4. Can we get referral bonus in Nostra Pro?

Like all fantasy apps, Nostra Pro also provides a referral bonus whenever you refer a new user.

Conclusion – Best Nostra Pro Alternative Apps

Here we have seen the best Nostra Pro alternative with #5 fantasy apps, considering Vision11 is a winner of best Nostra Pro alternatives to other fantasy apps. They have less competition and allow multiple teams to play in the leagues.

Vision11 provides multiple games and unique/excellent features to the users. Reviews are good on Instagram and Youtube of this fantasy app. For a chance, try the fantasy sports apps to get better playing experiences.

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