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Best Jeet11 Alternative 2023 – #2 Is Just Amazing And Winner

Jeet11 app is one of the most trending sports fantasy apps because of its referral, signup benefits, and bonus. You can enjoy fantasy cricket, fantasy football, and kabaddi leagues; team creation is different.

Users will get unique features like a user-friendly interface, no need for KYC verification, Paytm withdrawal, easy to use and play, a welcome bonus, unique invite code and coupon code, 24/7 customer care support, and so on. Though they provide all these features let’s look into some of the best Jeet11 alternative which provides the same or more advanced features.

Best Jeet11 Alternative 2023

Jeet 11 is a new fantasy game platform that came into reality in 2015 through the joint efforts of Farid Ahsan, Bhanu Singh, and Ankush Sachdeva. Share Chat decided to start its fantasy game app named Jeet11.

Jeet11 Fantasy app is a gaming app developed and programmed by Mohalla Tech Private Limited and has over 1 lakh downloads & more than 120K verified users. The app is available in more than 13 local languages, along with English which is often spoken all over India. The players can enjoy various games, living games, quizzes, and contests here. There are many top alternatives to Jeet11. In this article, we will see a few.

Best Alternative Of Jeet11 2023

In Jeet 1 1, You can participate in only three competitions. You have to pay some money to enter the competition. Also, the prize pool is very low. So to find the solution to this, you can switch to other fantasy apps which might be helpful to us.

In that search over the review of the users from YouTube and Instagram. We have to reference the best Jeet11 Alternative apps, and which are the best alternative for Jeet11.

Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
My11Circle YesYes4Visit Website
Dream11YesYes4.9Visit Website
BalleBaaziYesYes4.8Visit Website
11 ChallengersNoYes4.1Visit Website
Fan2PlayNoYes3.8Visit Website

Best Fantasy Apps Like Jeet11

Jeet11 is still new in development, considering that it began nearly three years ago compared to its market competitors. We will see the top five best Jeet11 alternatives; it is just excellent and always a winner.

  • Alternative #1: My11Circle
  • Alternative #2: Dream11
  • Alternative #3: BalleBaazi
  • Alternative #4: 11 Challengers
  • Alternative #5: Fan2Play

Jeet11 Similar Websites

Jeet11 is a fantasy app where we can play fantasy sports and games. There are a lot of fantasy apps that have emerged in the market in recent times. A few of the top Jeet11 alternative sites with similar features to Jeet11 are My11Circle, Gamezy, 11 Challengers and BalleBaazi.

The jeet11 fantasy app is the most trendy sports fantasy platform, considered the best Jeet11 alternative to search where we can play fantasy sports through a Jeet11 app similar to the Jeet11 fantasy app.

Jeet11 Free Alternative

There are some free alternative to Jeet11 fantasy app. The reason for choosing the best Jeet11 alternative app, it doesn’t have many types of games like other apps. Because of these drawbacks, here are some best Jeet11 Alternative sites that will be helpful to the users. Jeet11   similar apps 2023 are My11Circle, Dream11, BalleBaazi, 11 Challengers, and Fan2Play.

Jeet11 fantasy apps have a limited number of sports to play and some issues in withdrawing time, so considering these drawbacks, we decided to refer to the best Jeet11 alternative.

Alternative #1: My11Circle

My11circle is an Indian fantasy sports portal. This impressive mobile app allows you to play games like cricket, kabaddi, football, hockey, basketball, etc. It is a virtual fantasy portal launched in 2019. That provides matches 24/7.

This platform launches with the partnership of Bhavin Panda and Trivikraman in India and has a unique fantasy platform that provides different contests for the participants. My11circle also has a chance to put your profession against top players in the industry.

My11circle app grants a complete range of many fantasy leagues, which makes it an excellent place to play fantasy football and cricket. You can also claim some fantastic bonuses, and that’s why this is the best Jeet11 alternative platform.

Why Is My11Circle The Best Jeet11 Alternative?

Reason #1: My11Circle Bonus

My11circle is similar to other apps and provides the best referral & earn program. Plenty of bonuses are available to players. Move to the referral part of your account and click and get the link to require cash bonuses. After sharing the link with your friends, you will get a cash bonus of Rs.500 for every referral.

Reason #2: Less Loading Time, More Fun

My11Circle is technically advanced, so the loading time is significantly less when you open it using a computer or mobile device. This site is well-designed, so anyone can easily organize and understand online matches. There are some simple manuals that you can follow and conduct the game easily and get a chance to build a team.

Reason #3: Seems Real And Engaging

You can create a fantasy team with all players, which must be very exciting. You will be excited about these online matches. The best passion is to use the best strategy to help your team win.

Reason #4: Earn Money

My11Circle platform allows you to find an extra income stream regularly. You can use your free time to create a good experience simultaneously, so this platform helps you in two valuable ways. Considering these features, this app will be the best Jeet11 alternative.

Reason #5: Customer Support

This platform has always maintained secure transactions. My11Circle gives you the best response through customer support service. You can clarify your doubts anytime because My11Circle offers you 24/7 customer service. My11Circle official email id:

Features of My11Circle

  • You can play your favourite fantasy cricket games & choose from regular fantasy tournaments.
  • Play real matches with real teams.
  • Execute your skills in playing games and win real cash.
  • Provides exclusive offers and promotions designed for you.
  • This platform is with great user interface.


  • Operate fast, smooth, and effortless.
  • Provides real-time updates.
  • Safe and secure transactions.
  • Instant payment.
  • Fast customer support.


  • ID verification is a must.
  • Ludo game is not available.

My11Circle FAQ

What People Say About It: Here, you can create your fantasy cricket team of real-life players and score points based on their performance in the actual game. Their brand ambassadors are Sourav Ganguly, the Dada of Indian Cricket, and Shane Watson, former Australian captain.

Buying Guide

  • Download the latest My11Circle fantasy APK.
  • Install the application on your phone.
  • Complete your signup process.
  • Enter your username, email id, and password to your registration.
  • You will get Rs.500 as a signup bonus.
  • By sharing your referral code, you will also get a referral bonus.

Alternative #2: Dream11

Dream11 is a fantasy platform that allows you to create a team of real-life players for an upcoming match and compete with other fantasy sports enthusiasts. Users can join organized contests and leagues and create private fantasy sports contests with their friends and families.

In 2016, Dream11 had 2 million users, whereas it grew to 100 million users in 2020 in its platform. The company’s data-driven culture can detect this extraordinary growth.

Dream11 differentiates its platform from competitors with its rich social offering. It offers multiple opportunities for interaction. It gives you the best experience and will be the best Jeet11 alternative platform ever.

Why Is Dream11 The Best Jeet11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Easy Registration And Login

Dream11 platform is very simple-to-use software that you can download off the internet and install on your smartphone without effort. This website allows you to sign up using your email address, phone number, and Facebook profile.

Reason #2: Refer And Earn Commission

In the Dream11 referral scheme, you can use an invite code to sign up for the app and get exciting cash bonuses. Make use of your Dream11 bonus on your first purchase. While using your referral code, you may get a Rs.100 cash incentive. Dream11 will add that to your Dream11 account balance.

Reason #3: Variety Of Gaming Options

With the help of this Dream11 platform, you can participate in various fantasy games online. This platform offers a variety of choices and flexibility, including football, cricket, kabaddi, and others. Because of this reason, we are referring to the best Jeet11 alternative.

Reason #4: Simple Withdrawal Process

Check your account balance after completing your game. The withdrawal process in Dream11 is straightforward. To complete your withdrawal process, do your verification with your bank account and PAN address. Submit your request, and now you can withdraw your winnings.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Dream11 provides you with 24/7 customer support service. You can directly contact the Dream11 customer care number and can verify your doubts. Also, they are willing to help through their official email id. Dream11 contact number: 1800-572-9878. Dream11 official email id:

Features of Dream11

  • Users can enter a contest with more teams.
  • Users can create 11 different teams.
  • Easy earning money by executing your sports skill and knowledge.
  • It is more convenient to play on the Dream11 platform.
  • Can gain loads of entertainment.


  • Best refer and earn program.
  • Easy withdrawal process.
  • Sign up bonus.
  • Easy to make money.


  • Leads to addiction.
  • Provide fake winners in mega contest.

Dream11 FAQ

What People Say About It: Dream11 is a good cricket fantasy game website where you will earn a handsome amount. Just need some skill and knowledge about cricket. Start it with little money, then go for a big shot. One crucial thing is wasting your money by continuously playing without knowing anything about it.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Dream11 pro APK app.
  • Install and open the app.
  • If available, enter your Dream11 referral code.
  • Verify your mobile number with OTP, and Dream11 will add the signup bonus to your wallet.
  • Select a match, choose your 11 players, and choose a captain and vice-captain.
  • Now your team is ready to play the contests and leagues.

Alternatives #3: BalleBaazi

Fantasy online games where users make imaginary teams of players in professional sports. Those games may be cricket, kabaddi, hockey, or football. Same way BalleBaazi app is also an online gaming fantasy app or website.

Where you can earn real cash prizes by playing fantasy leagues and contests, this fantasy game is designed for fans who like to show their gaming analytical skill and knowledge.

It is a genuine platform that pays its customers according to their player performance and winnings. It is considered the best Jeet11 alternative platform. It is better than other fantasy platforms.

Why Is BalleBaazi The Best Jeet11 Alternative?

Reason #1:Play Fantasy Premier League

Sign in and move to the game lobby. Pick your favourite sport and select a match from the fantasy premier league. Choose the stakes and make your fantasy team of 11 players from real-life players. Then watch the game and check your score. You can earn rewards and extra cash prizes.

Reason #2: Easy Withdrawal Process

You can withdraw your winnings and retrieve them for real cash directly into your bank accounts or e-wallets. Your account on the best fantasy game app or website should be KYC verified to move the legal withdrawal process.

Reason #3: Skill And Knowledge

Many say fantasy games require luck, but they do not. Luck will not favour you anymore. It’s all about your knowledge, expertise, and study on the subject of sport that will guide you to make the best decisions for your fantasy gaming team. You must be skilful in your sport. That will boost your chances to win in online fantasy games. Because of these reasons, BalleBaazi is the best Jeet11 alternative.

Reason #4: Decision-Making Ability

While playing these fantasy games, you will learn to make quick decisions and analyze the strategy for further actions. BalleBaazi will be helpful for people of all ages. You may train your brain to make good decisions. Many parameters of players’ records are available to help you grow your confidence and make better decisions.

Reason #5:Earn Real Money And Rewards

BalleBaazi allows you to enjoy several promotions and win real cash along with stunning loyalty rewards. The feeling of first earning your win is incredible. You can convert your knowledge into profit anytime you want, which is the core benefit for the fans.

Features of BalleBaazi

  • Games in BalleBaazi are realistic and increase the immersive experience.
  • Earn real money and rewards.
  • Helps to start a friendly competition.
  • Win cash prizes on each game and unlock premium loyalty rewards like gadgets, gift vouchers, and paid vacations over time.
  • Over 80+ lakh users actively enjoy their favourite games on BalleBaazi.


  • Trusted app.
  • Fast withdrawal process.
  • Good customer support.
  • Lots of games available.


  • The BalleBaazi app is not available in the google play store.
  • Only limited fantasy sports available.

BalleBaazi FAQ

What People Say About It: If you just google Best Fantasy Sports Websites, you get more than 100+ results. I prefer those platforms where winning opportunities are very high, competition is very low, and BalleBaazi will be the best app.

Buying Guide

  • Download the BalleBaazi app.
  • Install it.
  • Signup with your phone number and email address and select any upcoming matches.
  • Create your team of 11 players and choose a captain and vice-captain.
  • Join the contest and play the game.
  • Check your score after completing your match.

Alternatives #4: 11 Challengers

11 Challengers is the latest growing fantasy app in India where you can win real cash daily with the help of your gaming talent and skill. It includes fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy basketball, fantasy hockey, and fantasy handball.

In this app, the winning possibility is very high as the competition between the users are very low, so that you can earn a lot of real cash daily. You can also earn cash through referring and earning aspects by sharing your invite code or link with your friends or family members.

The 11 Challengers app is a pausing monster in the Indian sports fantasy industry. You can also claim some awesome bonuses, and they are the best Jeet11 alternative platform.

Why Is 11 Challengers The Best Jeet11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Features & Benefits

One minute extra timeline is also added in cricket fantasy, a unique feature. Like features are needed for leagues like IPL, where you can take league-winning verdicts at the end moments like joining more leagues and returning the players at the end moments.

Reason #2: Cashback

You can enter a league for free using the 11 Challengers free contest code. Coupons Wala may receive amazing rewards and cashback deals on every fantasy game you play daily. Because of these reasons, we are referring to the best Jeet11 alternatives.

Reason #3: Paytm Withdrawal

Instant withdrawal in Paytm and bank account is accessible but has few limits and charges, which are nominal but disappointing. Additionally, the minimum withdrawal limit is Rs.200, and the maximum withdrawal limit is Rs.50 Lakhs.

Reason #4: Discount Benefits

Create your fantasy team/league, choose your 11 players for the team, and next, use your favourite 11 Challengers promo code, 11 Challengers coupon code or 11 Challengers discount from the list follows for cash prizes.

  1. Up to Rs. 20 is a bonus for joining any league.
  2. Get more than 100 cashback using online Paytm payment.

Reason #5: Customer Support

If you have any questions or queries about the 11 Challengers fantasy app, you can contact customer care, and they will help you. The customer care number is 8799899093(10 AM to 7 PM). The email support system is also available. The Id is

Features Of 11 Challengers

  • User-Friendly Interface.
  • Paytm withdrawal is available.
  • Multiple games are available.
  • Low entry fee.
  • The lifetime referral bonus is 20%.


  • Multiple languages are supported.
  • Great customer care support.
  • Rs.200 is the minimum withdrawal.
  • App support in iOS and android.


  • Hockey is not available to play.
  • Can’t withdraw without verification.

11 Challengers FAQ

What People Say About It: 11 Challengers app is incredible and trustable. Also, this app has low entry fees, multiple languages are here, and this app is too good. And also, inducing the Paytm withdrawal option it’s too safe and secure.

Buying Guide

  • Download the 11 Challengers app from the official website or download from this link 11 Challengers app.
  • Then install the 11 Challengers app.
  • This app also supports both iOS and android.
  • Enter the referral code of your friends or family members and earn the bonus.
  • Login/Register with the Mobile number, email address, and password.
  • Your 11 Challengers account has been successfully created.
  • Click on the Join 11 Challengers option.
  • Create your team with 11 players, including the captain and vice-captain.
  • Select your games/league, then play with your team.
  • Click on next and play the games with your team.

Alternative #5: Fan2play

Fan2play is one of the online fantasy game platforms for all fantasy fluky. It is built with a mission to reanalyze the world of fantasy sports and establish a unique way of playing and enjoying fantasy sports.

Fan2Play is the best Jeet11 alternative app for fantasy gaming contests where players choose their team/s and challenge each other.

Fan2Play is not only concerned with collecting a complete playing XI. Here one can also create a team containing 2 or 3, or 4 players, and one can all set to take the panga. You can also claim some terrific bonuses, and they are the best Jeet11 alternative platform.

Why Is Fan2play The Best Jeet11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Safe And Secure Payments

Fan2Play strives to ensure users’ funds and information safety and security. So they have partnered with trusted third-party payment gateways with 3-D secure authentication.

Reason #2: Limit Withdrawal

On Fan2Play, the minimum amount you can withdraw from the winning balance is Rs.100 and the maximum amount you can withdraw in a day is Rs.1 lakhs. One can place a maximum of 3 withdrawal requests in one day.

Reason #3: Withdrawal Of The Winning Amount

Fan2Play credits the winnings amount to your Fan2Play app wallet within a few hours after the live match is completed and the result is declared. You can transfer the amount from your Fan2Play wallet to your bank account.

Reason #4: Pricing

Fan2Play charges a 15% fee from the total challenge pool. Suppose you participate against one, with a betting amount. Thus the challenge amount is settled, and Fan2Play shall charge 15%.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Currently, they do not have an on-call service. If there is any complaint or feedback, you can email or through the FAQs to resolve your queries. Because of these reasons, we are referring to the best Jeet11 alternative.

Features Of Fan2play

  • You can create your teams with 2/3/4 players to enjoy fantasy gaming.
  • Play free entry leagues and use 100% of your signup bonus to join the contests.
  • Fan2play offers you 50% winning chances every single time.
  • Get an instantly 200% welcome bonus of up to Rs.1000 on your first deposit.
  • In an 11-player game, you will see the lowest credit scores for all the players.
  • The dedicated support team answers your kyc or withdrawal queries across email and social handles.


  • It has 3m+ registered users.
  • It has the lowest platform fees.
  • It has 24/7 user support.
  • This app is completely 100% safe and secure.
  • They do not store users’ credit/debit card details with them.


  • One cannot delete their Fan2Play account on their own.
  • Only three fantasy sports available.

Fan2play FAQ

What People Say About It: Fan2Play is a fantastic app. I quite enjoyed it while using it. It has provided us with some best features. I am delighted with using the Fan2Play app.

Buying Guide

  • Apple mobile users can download the official app from the app store.
  • Android mobile users can download the official app from the download the link on the Fan2Play Website.
  • Correctly, download the app.
  • After that, install the app.
  • And tab on join to create your account.
  • Enter the name, mobile number, email, and state.
  • Finally, enter the username and password.
  • Successfully, you have joined a Fan2Play account.

Winner Of Best Jeet11 Alternative

With the above discussion, Dream11 is among the best fantasy cricket websites among other websites or apps. They provide the details of the matches. Dream11 clone app is newly launched among all the latest fantasy apps in the market.

More apps are available in this app, and it is considered the best Jeet11 alternative app. Cash prizes and rewards are big too. It is safe, trustable, secure, and fun unlimited.

Best Jeet11 Alternative FAQ

1. Can we play rummy in Dream11?

No, you can’t games in Dream11. It supports only fantasy sports.

2. Who is the brand ambassador for BalleBaazi?

Indian left-arm fast-bowler Zaheer Khan is the brand ambassador of BalleBaazi.

3. How many fantasy sports available in My11Circle?

You can play fantasy cricket, football and kabaddi in My11Circle.

Conclusion – Best Jeet11 Alternative

With these above discussions, Dream11 and 11 Challengers are the best ones to choose from first. They have less competition and allow multiple teams to play in the leagues. Provides many features and also offers the details of all matches.

These apps are also very much welcome on YouTube and Instagram. Reviews are also good on YouTube for these apps. The above apps are the best Jeet11 alternative platforms.

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