11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi

11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi 2023 – Found The Best App To Earn Easy Cash

Fantasy cricket is the most influential cricket match in the world. There is no comparison between 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi because both are the same online fantasy leagues.

But some individual features make one always a winner among sports lovers or fans. Understanding the terms and conditions is a must before playing these games. These applications are accessible from the Google Play Store or the Apple App Store and through APKs.

Here I have listed the comparison post of 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi apps for you to refer to and select which app you want to use to play cricket.

11 Challengers Vs BalleBaazi – Best Comparison

Nowadays, online fantasy sports are popular among sports lovers. Participants assemble their team from professional athletes. Comparing both 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi, the participant’s movements are based on their statistics results in the sport.

11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi games allow players to have fun while displaying their skills and cricket knowledge. These games give you the option of earning money based on your performance.

The participants are hand-selected, and each player builds their team. In the same way, the two teams of eleven battle against one another. The players may also engage in live tournaments and compete for cash rewards.

11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi

To make matters more exciting, the introduction of prediction applications 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi, has given fans a role other than that of the basic observer. And, it has given them a sight of participation.

By the comparison of 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi, both have made them feel more immersed in the game while offering fans the chance to earn money during IPL.

Parameters11 ChallengersBalleBaazi
Referral BonusRs.50 for each referral + 20% lifetime comission1 Mega League Ticket for each referral
Referral CodespoJTWXNGU5D7TF3
Min DepositRs.1Rs.5
Min WithdrawalRs.200Rs.10

Which Is Better: 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi?

I would not say the BalleBaazi app is the best because some grant league contests are minimal, and the app’s interface is a bit sparkly. But Small league contests are sure-shot winning guarantees, and joining fees are less.

Comparing both, in 11 Challengers, if you encourage this application with your colleagues and they participate in matches, you may earn money without participating in any contests.

11 Challengers Vs BalleBaazi Review

11 Challengers has fewer Entry fees, commission, and competition. It has improved customer care and lifetime referral benefits, and they offered in a single 11 Challengers APK. With all these features, it is sure why 11 Challengers APK is trending in India.

The BalleBaazi claims excellent features, but customer care is very tough to reach, and users have trouble getting a timely response. This app has good features and UI but cannot be 100% trusted in case of any issues happening.

BalleBaazi vs 11 Challengers Review

By the comparison of 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi, in the BalleBaazi fantasy app, you may withdraw the user’s winning cash to their Paytm or bank account and withdraw some money from your Paytm Wallet with as small as Rs.10 in your account.

In 11 Challengers, you will receive Rs.100 cash for installing this app and an Rs.50 referral bonus. You will earn a 20% bonus on your winning amount from the deposit and investment of your recommended friends. Let’s see their features and uniqueness in detail below.

#1 11 Challengers

11 Challengers is one of the leading fantasy apps in India. Here you can win real cash with the help of your cricket knowledge and gaming skills. The competition among the users is very low, so the winning prospect is very high, and you can earn a maximum amount of real cash.

In 11 Challengers, you can earn real cash through the Refer & Earn feature by sharing your invite link with your friends. There are various contests for various sports events, and you can easily choose your favorite sports from them.

Fantasy games boost your skill level, and you can win real cash. 11 Challengers give a safe and secure platform to enjoy fantasy sports at your convenience. You can join with the lowest entry fees and be a part of 11Challengers.

Features Of 11 Challengers

  • Users can efficiently operate the interface of this app.
  • It is easy to use due to its simplistic design.
  • There is less competition between the users, so there is a high chance of winning a huge amount.
  • You can quickly withdraw all your winnings from your bank account.
  • It allows users to participate in fantasy cricket, football, and basketball.
  • You may cash out your winning amount using Paytm wallet or bank account.
  • Paytm and bank accounts have a minimum withdrawal limit of 200.
  • The maximum withdrawal restriction is Rs.20,000 in Paytm and Rs.50,000 daily in a bank account.


  • It has fewer entry fees.
  • It includes a lifetime reference bonus.
  • It gives a signup bonus.
  • Have 24/7 support.
  • It has a standard fantasy point system.
  • It is a purely skill-based game.


  • Delay in providing lineups for the matches.
  • Can’t withdraw without verifying the profile.

11 Challengers FAQ

11 Challengers Verdict

By comparing 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi, I believe 11 Challengers is amongst the top apps for making money. I am impressed by the numerous benefits and ease of using the app.

What People Say About It: 11 Challengers is a brand-new fantasy cricket application. I have been a long-time user of this app. There is no dormancy or delayed loading.

#2 BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is a fantasy cricket app to earn money online with your cricket knowledge. It provides Rs 50 for signup and Rs 100 for refer, so you can make money by referring your friends.

In BalleBaazi, one can play fantasy games in three easy modes: Classical Fantasy, Batting Fantasy, and Bowling Fantasy.

You can get an excellent online real fantasy gaming experience on the BalleBaazi fantasy app. You can be the leader of your team and can climb the crash ladder with your passion and earn.

Features Of BalleBaazi

  • It has unlimited practice leagues for beginners.
  • Have multiple fantasy leagues to choose from – Classic, Batting, and Bowling.
  • Have more options to play cricket online and win.
  • Refer your friends and earn Rs.500 on each referral.
  • Classic fantasy is the most popular.


  • It has low competition.
  • Have an instant withdrawal process.
  • Can withdraw using credit cards.
  • 100 seconds withdrawal available.
  • Can play Poker, Rummy.


  • Only cricket, football and kabaddi available in fantasy.
  • Delay in publishing results.

BalleBaazi FAQ

BalleBaazi Verdict

BalleBaazi app is ideal for me. I recommend you utilize this app with one or two other apps to maximize your earning potential.

What People Say About It: When I started to play this app, I didn’t know how to play, but it is easy to understand after joining. It’s a user-friendly app.

11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi Features

Feature #1: Sign Up Bonus – You will get a Rs.50 cash signup bonus after registration on the 11 Challengers and BalleBaazi fantasy app.

Feature #2: Winning Chances – The competition on 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi is very low because it is a newly introduced app, so the chances of winning are not steep.

Feature #3: Offer Leagues – Both the mentioned fantasy apps have offered a huge pool and variety of leagues across the sports it features on the fantasy platform.

Feature #4: Bonus Cash – You get bonus cash in your wallet when you use a promotion code available on 11 Challengers and BalleBaazi. So can save extra money in specific leagues.

Feature #5: Safe And Security – 11 Challengers and BalleBaazi are 100% safe, legal, and secure fantasy cricket app that allows players to stay fully immersed in their favorite sport 24/7.

Winner of 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi

By comparing the 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi quora, the 11 Challengers app is the best and most fantastic. And also, this app has low entry fees, and this app is too good, and surveys are always a winner.

FAQ – 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi

1. What is the signup bonus of both these apps?

Rs.50 is the signup bonus for both of these apps.

2. Are both these apps legal in India?

Both these apps are 100% legal in India.

3. What is the maximum withdrawal amount in 11 Challengers?

The maximum withdrawal restriction is Rs.20,000 in Paytm and Rs.50,000 daily in a bank account.

4. What is the maximum withdrawal amount in BalleBaazi?

The maximum withdrawal amount in BalleBaazi is Rs.5,000.

Conclusion – 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi

This post outlined the competition between the 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi. Fantasy cricket is a game of ability; with some planning and awareness, you can win big.

By the comparison of 11 Challengers vs BalleBaazi, both have the possibility of winning money or prizes from fantasy cricket matches, and you may earn a lot of cash if you score the most points.

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