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Best 11 Wickets Alternative 2023 – #4 Is The Best & Winner

In this article we will be seeing which is the best 11 Wickets alternative. 11 Wickets, the best and trending fantasy cricket leagues app in India, offers all types of cricket tournaments in different languages suitable for android and iOS mobile users. With selecting the 12th players, 11 Wickets provides a gaming experience, security, privacy, customer support, and a withdrawal process between the other famous fantasy apps.

As per the regulations of the Indian High court, 11 Wickets is completely legal in India. You’ll also get detailed player performance statistics from 11 Wickets. Playing online cricket on 11 Wickets is simple. Just select the players and create your dream team of 11 players. Also, keep the 12th player in hand if any 11 players become a defaulter. Choose your favorite contest and start playing the game.

Best 11 Wickets Alternatives 2023

Here are the best 11 Wickets alternatives apps, top 11 Wickets alternative sites, and some 11 Wickets similar apps in 2023 that might be useful to everyone, which are exciting and will help you earn more. People are currently very fond of Fantasy apps. People are interested in playing fantasy games for some reasons are follows:

  • Fantasy apps make money by winning and giving cash prizes and rewards to the winners.
  • Fantasy apps are easy to play and with a user-friendly interface.
  • It’s most trustable, and customer care support is available.
  • Fantasy apps offer multiple games like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy kabaddi, fantasy handball, etc.

Best Alternatives Of 11 Wickets

11 Wickets’ mission is to provide fun and be India’s most trustable fantasy sports app platform, and they are just at the start of our incredible journey. 11 Wickets is developed and programmed by Ability Games Pvt. Ltd.

11 Wickets is constantly improving the quality of providing a wide range of services, resulting in 11 Wickets developing into a well-known brand quickly. The best 11 Wickets alternatives apps are listed below, growing fast these days with less competition.

Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
GamezyYesYes4.6Visit Website
Vision11YesYes4.7Visit Website
MyFab11YesYes4.3Visit Website
Dream11YesYes4.9Visit Website
BatBall11YesYes3.9Visit Website

Best Fantasy Apps Like 11 Wickets

11 Wickets is one of the most important trending Sports Fantasy platforms in India. Here Dream11, Vision11, BatBall11, MyFab11, and Gamezy are all the best fantasy apps like 11 Wickets.

11 Wickets is the perfect gaming platform for spirited sports to show off their sports forecast skills and earn huge cash in return for showing their imaginative skills by selecting their ideal line-ups and winning prizes.

11 Wickets Similar Websites

11 Wickets is the top sports fantasy app preferred over many similar websites such as BalleBaazi, MyFab11 & PlayerzPot. Enjoy superfast withdrawals and use a higher percentage of cash bonuses and rewards with minimum investments.

11 Wickets Free Alternatives

11 Wickets free alternative apps are Dream11, Vision11, BatBall11, and MyFab11. No matter which team wins the live match, your points will relate entirely to the individual performances of your selected players in the live match. Because of some drawbacks, we refer to the Best 11 Wickets alternatives. Here are the top and best 11 Wickets alternatives apps.

  • Alternative #1: Gamezy
  • Alternative #2: Vision11
  • Alternative #3: MyFab11
  • Alternative #4: Dream11
  • Alternative #5: BatBall11

Alternative #1: Gamezy

Gamezy is an online fantasy gaming cricket app developed for enjoying and playing fantasy cricket. It is one of the top fantasy cricket apps and is the best 11 Wickets alternatives app.

Everyone can have the same benefits in the Gamezy app, even if you are a beginner or a regular player. It comes with an easy interface which makes it easier for you to handle the games and app. It also offers many features.

The app has over twenty lakh downloads and is safe and trusted like other fantasy apps. This platform provides huge cash prizes and many different matches and tournaments. Also, you can play rummy, poker, and other exciting games on this platform.

Why is Gamezy the Best 11 Wickets Alternative?

Reason #1: Available In 8 Languages

Gamezy app provides you with 8 different languages. You can choose the language which you are most comfortable with and can play fantasy cricket. Gamezy is a more convenient option for players.

Reason #2: Play All 4 Innings

Gamezy offers you the best feature. You don’t have to wait until the test match finishes. You can create teams and play each inning as it happens, maximizing your chances of winning during a test match by playing all 4 innings.

Reason #3: Second Innings Contest

When you realize midway through the first innings that your team will not earn you any money, you can play the second innings contest, and this is another feature created by Gamezy, which creates huge chances of winning. Just make the team for the second innings and play the game.

Reason #4: Play During Game

If you missed the chance to join a match at the beginning, you can play the second innings and live fantasy games for five overs. Gamezy allows you to play during the game. This feature you cannot find in other apps. So it might be the best 11 Wickets alternatives app.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Suppose You have any complaint or grievance related to any aspect of the Services of the Gamezy app. In that case, you can approach Gamezy’s customer support service and grievance redressal team to resolve such problems by writing to Gamezy’s official customer care email id. Gamezy’s official email id: is

Features of Gamezy

  • Gamezy is not only for fantasy cricket; you can also play rummy and poker.
  • Now the Gamezy app offers you to play fantasy football and fantasy kabaddi like other apps.
  • You will get your winnings quickly, within 15 minutes, and don’t need to wait long.
  • The withdrawal process is easier and faster.
  • You can also try your luck in the personalized missions provided by the Gamezy app.


  • Make more exciting matches.
  • Chances to win exciting cash prizes.
  • Earn bragging rights with your friends.
  • Trusted app.
  • Low competition.


  • Leads to addiction
  • You can’t play national game hockey.

Gamezy FAQ

What People Say About It: Gamezy sports play to build up their gaming skills and help them earn money online. It gives a real-game experience to users.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Gamezy app.
  • Install the app and open it.
  • Type your Gamezy referral code.
  • Enter your phone number, email id, name, DOB, etc.
  • Verify the OTP number with your mobile number and email id.
  • Select a match, join the innings, and play the game.

Alternative #2: Vision11

Vision11 is a fantasy gaming application platform developed by Vision11 Private Limited. It is a free sports app where users can play fantasy sports and analyze their knowledge and skills about sports.

Select your favorite match and play the games. Users must make a team of 11 real-life players after selecting the matches. Then play the game and compete with other teams. Play well and score higher points.

This platform gives you fantastic cash prizes and exciting rewards for scoring more points. Enjoy your favorite sport anytime in the vision11 app because it is safe and secure. Vision11 will be the best 11 Wickets alternatives platform and a free alternative to 11 Wickets sites.

Why is Vision11 the Best 11 Wickets Alternative?

Reason #1: Win Rewards In Three Steps

Select a match from your favorite sport and create your Vision11 team with the best real-life players using your sports knowledge. Join the fee and the cash contest and play the game; Win your game and get cash rewards.

Reason #2: Instant Withdrawal

Vision11 provides you with instant withdrawal payment. A minimum withdrawal from the Vision11 app is Rs.100, and the maximum amount of withdrawal is Rs.50,000 per day from your winnings.

Reason #3: Earn From Referrals

Users can also earn money by adding new members using their Vision11 referral code. Share your referral code with your friends. Using the referral code, you will get Rs.100 as a cash bonus, and Vision11 provides you with a 20% commission for a lifetime.

Reason #4: Pricing

Users can participate in minimum entry fees matches and also free matches. You can earn rewards with almost zero investment at Vision11. Get 20% referral benefits. To join other contests, you can use your bonus amounts.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Issues can be directly reached to the customer support service by the Vision11 app. Reply to all your queries of Vision11 reaches you on time. For business inquiries, you can reach their business id. Vision11 official email id:

Features of Vision11

  • Free giveaways to win free money.
  • Rs.300 on every new signup.
  • Refer and earn the program well, earning Rs.100 as a referral bonus.
  • Compete with other fantasy teams in one tournament.
  • Exciting rewards.


  • Less competition.
  • High initial credits.
  • Good brand value.
  • Good customer support.


  • Cash prizes are not big.
  • ID verification is a must.

Vision11 FAQ

What People Say About It: Vision11 has 1.5 m+ users, and 50m+of total winnings won by the platform. It has become my favorite fantasy app with its quality of services and high cash price. It has an impressive UI.

Buying Guide

  • Download the vision11 app and install it.
  • Register with your phone number, email address, DOB, account id, and password.
  • Verify your number with OTP and submit.
  • Select a particular match and make a team of 11 players.
  • Choose a captain and vice-captain, add the cash, and play the game.
  • Score more points and grab your winnings.

Alternative #3: MyFab11

MyFab11 is India’s most trustable fantasy sports platform, with multiple games like fantasy cricket, fantasy football, fantasy volleyball, fantasy hockey, fantasy basketball, fantasy handball, fantasy kabaddi, and so on.

You can also participate in live matches and any league matches for entertainment and earn real cash prizes and great rewards. The MyFab11 is the best 11 Wickets alternative.

Why Is MyFab11 The Best 11 Wickets Alternative?

Reason #1: MyFab11 Refer & Earn Program

Myfab11 is giving Rs.100 cash bonus after your referral verifies his mobile number and 25% of their contest commission for every cash contest they join in their lifetime. The referred user must be new to MyFab11. There is no limit on the referral bonus.

Reason #2: Promo Code & Deposit Offer

You can get 100 percent bonus cash prizes added to your account. You will get the cash bonus in your account within a few days. To avail of this deposit offer, you need a number promotional code. This offer is valid for one year.

Reason #3: 25% Commission Option

MyFab11 offers you can get 25% commission option by inviting your friends and relatives to this app. If they join the app, you will receive 25 percent of the commission amount automatic deposits into your account.

Reason #4: Minimum Withdrawal

In the MyFab11 fantasy sports app, the minimum withdrawal is Rs.150 only. Make sure you refer to the account balance details, then withdraw the amount. Because of these reasons, we recommend the best 11 Wickets alternatives.

Reason #5: Customer Support

If you have any questions or queries or double about MyFab11, you can quickly contact them through email, and the mail id is below. Customer care email for MyFab11 is

Features of MyFab11

  • Paytm withdrawal option.
  • You can use up to 100% bonus.
  • MyFab11 offer instant bank withdrawal.
  • User-friendly interface.
  • Best refer and earn the process.


  • Low competition.
  • Easy to use.
  • Multiple games are available.
  • Charge the lowest commission.


  • The IOS app is not available.
  • Fewer grand leagues and contests.

MyFab11 FAQ

What People Say About It: You can get small withdrawals but can’t get massive amounts. In MyFab11, our money directly goes into their savings account.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the MyFab11 Fantasy app.
  • Click on REGISTER and sign up for your ID.
  • Enter your mobile number and email id.
  • Click on send OTP.
  • Enter the referral code.
  • Verify your mobile number by WhatsApp or SMS.
  • You will get your MyFab11 account.

Alternative #4:Dream11

Dream11 is an Indian fantasy sports platform and is the Best 11 Wickets Alternative. That permits the users to play fantasy cricket, hockey, football, handball, kabaddi, baseball, rugby, American football, futsal, and volleyball. It provides detailed information on all the matches.

Dream11 is a user-friendly website that helps new users navigate quickly and consists of many sports to play. Users are allowed to play a variety of contests and leagues. They can compete with other teams with their team of players.

Playing games in the dream11 fantasy app is the best way to show your skills and ability in gaming. Score more points and win the game. A user with maximum scores achieves the foremost rank on the leaderboard. This platform will be the best 11 Wickets alternatives and placed on the top of fantasy apps.

Why is Dream11 the Best 11 Wickets Alternative?

Reason #1:Easy Earning Money

People believe in investing little money and winning big amounts. Also, they prefer playing on the Dream11 platform because it offers them a better chance of making easy money regularly. This platform provides you with up to Rs.25 Lakhs to the users.

Reason #2: Benefits Of Dream11

  • The easy movement of players earns easy cash rewards.
  • Dream11 provides many categories of sports to play.
  • Biggest sports gaming platform and registered more than 100 Million in 2023.
  • Encash your knowledge and love for sports.

Reason #3: Dream11 History

Dream sports owns Dream11, a sports technology company with brands like DreamSetGo, FanCode, DreamPay, and DreamX. Dream11 is also the official partner of VIVO IPL, and no other firm is as good as the Dream11 platform.

Reason #4: Dream11 Pricing

Adding money to a Dream11 account is safe and simple. Dream11 provides you with many different payment options. That is enabled on dream11 to ensure that users’ details are safe. Only a minimum entry fee is required to join the contests. A Minimum of Rs.25 is needed to enter the contest.

Reason #5: Dream11 Customer Support

Dream11 provides you with 24/7 customer support service. You can clarify all your issues and queries about the dream11 platform with them. You can contact them directly via their customer care number or email them to their official mail id. Dream11 customer care number: +91 226 749 5000 & +911 800 572 9878. Dream11 email id:

Features of Dream11

  • Easy to access and simple withdrawal process.
  • Players under 18 are also involved in fantasy sports in the dream11 app.
  • Earn money by referring your friends.
  • A variety of gaming options are available where you can play multiple games.


  • Entertainment package.
  • Genuine platform.
  • Low entry fee.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy earning money.


  • Heavy competition.
  • No Poker and Rummy to play.

Dream11 FAQ

What People Say About It: Dream XI team is quite transparent in the way they conduct contests. Once the deadline to submit teams is over, you will have the option to download all teams in a PDF format. This way, you can check if the winning team was already present there or if they did something fishy.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Dream11 APK and install the app.
  • Sign up with your mobile number and email id, and verify with OTP.
  • Enter your Dream11 referral code and get a referral bonus.
  • Choose a match from an upcoming match that you want.
  • Make a team of 11 players from real-life players.
  • Choose different contests and leagues.
  • Add cash.
  • Play your game and check your score at last.
  • Grab your winnings.

Alternative #5:BatBall11

BatBall11 is a fantasy sports application to play fantasy cricket, and you can use your knowledge and talent of cricket. It provides a new level of fantasy gaming, allowing you to play fantasy sports with exciting offers and unique features.

The users can make the team win cash prizes and rewards in this app leagues. The BatBall11 is the best 11 Wickets alternative. After making the team, you make payment available in your deposit account.

Why Is BatBall11 The Best 11 Wickets Alternative?

Reason #1: Refer & Earn Program

Batball11 refer and earn program is also there to earn money from sharing BatBall11 referral code or BatBall11 invite code with friends and relatives so that if anybody sign up for BatBall11, they will earn Rs.50 per referral.

Reason #2: Promo Codes & Offers On Cash Deposit

BatBall11 offers the user to get promo codes. Get 100 percent cashback on your first deposit and enjoy 100 percent bonus cash. You can get up to rewards of Rs 10,000 and continue with the BatBall11 fantasy app.

Reason #3: Minimum Withdrawal

BatBal11 offers you a minimum withdrawal of Rs.20. BatBall11 will reward You and the referred users with Rs.50 each. Considering these reasons, we needed the best 11 Wickets alternatives.

Reason #4: Pricing

BatBall11 apps are free to use and play games. No need to deposit much money. A smaller payment is more than enough to deposit in this fantasy app. It gets Rs.25 to sign up.

Reason #5: Customer Support

Suppose you have faced problems, queries, or questions in the BatBall11. You can easily contact customer care by email: They help you at any time.

Features Of BatBall11

  • The referral amount directly added to your account.
  • Rs.50 as signup bonus & Rs.50 on referral bonus.
  • 24/7 great customer care support.
  • Multiple games option.


  • Low competition.
  • Deposit offer option.
  • User-friendly.


  • ID verification is mandatory for withdrawal.
  • Their app need many permissions on the phone.

BatBall11 FAQ

What People Say About It: I think it is worth it. I have fun with it. I do play the ones for money. I believe you’re playing a game and not having fun trying this. I’m having fun.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the Batball11 App from the official websites or android mobile.
  • Login or sign in with the help of a Facebook Id, Gmail Id, or phone number.
  • Allow referral code of BatBall11 with BB11A01169461 to collect signup bonus, i.e., Rs.50/-.
  • Create your team in the BatBall11 app.
  • Join the fantasy leagues and earn cash.

Winner Of Best 11 Wickets Alternative

Dream11 might be the best 11 Wickets alternative. Here we have discussed the top 11 Wickets alternative sites and top alternatives for 11 Wickets in 2023. While analyzing all these five apps, Dream11 is considered the best. It offers multiple games and teams to play the games, and winning rewards is also significant.

Best 11 Wickets Alternative FAQ

1. Who is the brand ambassador of Vision11?

Indian cricketer Varun Chakravarthy is the brand ambassador of Vision11.

2. What is the minimum withdrawal amount in 11 Wickets?

Rs.250 is the minimum withdrawal amount in 11 Wickets.

3. Can we play 2nd innings in Dream11?

No, we can’t join contest in Dream11 once the match gets started.

Conclusion – Best 11 Wickets Alternative

With these above discussions, Dream11 and Vision11 are the best 11 Wickets Alternatives then other fantasy apps. They have less competition and allow multiple teams and games to play in the leagues.

It provides many features and benefits and also a Paytm withdrawal option. Reviews and Star ratings are also good on YouTube and Google Play store for these apps. The above five apps are the top fantasy apps in 2023.

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