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Secrets Behind Cricket Ball Weight Used For IPL 2024

Cricket is a sport beloved by millions worldwide; One of its essential components – and one which affects gameplay significantly – is the cricket ball; cricket ball weight plays an instrumental role in its dynamics of play as it impacts bowlers’ performances as well as batsmen. We will explore how the weight of the cricket balls differences across formats, genders and levels of cricket here completely.

Understanding the Weight of a Cricket Ball

Cricket balls are carefully engineered to achieve an ideal combination of durability, visibility and performance. Their weight is specified in official regulations of the game to ensure consistency and fair play during matches. Let’s inspect the weight of balls used in different categories of the game with specifications.

Weight plays a decisive role when it comes to how cricket balls behave when bowled and hit by batsmen, producing both bounce and swing with greater ease for heavier balls while lighter ones provide less movement but may be easier for bowlers to control when bowling or striking at them with bats.

Men’s Cricket Ball Weight

Men’s International cricket ball weight grams will be from 155.1 grams (5.56 ounces) to 163 grams (5.75 ounces), with circumference measurements between 8.81 inches (22.4 centimeters) and 9 inches (22.99 centimeters). These ball specifications are determined by Marylebone Cricket Club (MCC), which operates the cricket laws. World Cup cricket ball weight for men’s will be the same of the ODI cricket ball weight which is around 5.56 ounces.

Women’s Cricket Ball Weight

Women’s cricket utilizes a lighter ball compared to its male counterpart; female cricket ball weight in grams ranges between 140 grams (4.94 ounces) and 151 grams (5.31 ounces), with circumference dimensions measuring 8.25 inches (21 centimeters) up to 8.88 inches (22.5 centimeters). These specifications were chosen specifically to cater to physiological differences among women cricketers as well as playing style preferences. T20 cricket ball weight used in women’s matches will be around 140 grams to 151 grams.

Junior Cricket Ball Weight

Junior cricket ball is specifically for players under 13 years old. Junior cricket match ball weight is 4.69 ounces (133 grams) to 5.06 ounces (144 grams), with circumference measuring between 8.06 inches (20.5 centimeters) and 8.69 inches (22 centimeters). Young cricket players will be playing with lighter balls to enhance their skills without experiencing unnecessary strain on their bodies.

Impact on Bowling

Cricket ball weight carries an important role in bowlers creating pace, swing and spin with their balls. A heavier ball requires greater effort when throwing at high speeds while creating additional bounce for batsmen to deal with; conversely a lighter ball allows bowlers to achieve greater spin by exploiting air or ground movement in flight or off pitch.

Impact on Batting

Not only in bowling, also for batsman weight of cricket balls plays an enormous effect as how fast they need to hit it and plan to hit the ball. A heavier ball often forces batsmen to alter their timing and selection more carefully in order to better navigate, while lighter balls allow more aggressive shots and may take advantage of any variations between line and length.

Evolution of Cricket Balls

Cricket balls have progressed throughout time with advance technologies, materials and playing conditions. Traditional balls were made out of cork core wrapped by tightly wound strings covered with leather covering. Today however, modern balls feature additional features designed to increase performance and durability.

Red, White, and Pink Cricket Balls

Color of cricket ball matters depending on its use in different formats and playing conditions, from shorter formats (Test cricket) to longer formats such as one day cricket matches such as twenty20 internationals where visibility and color retention over extended time periods is crucial for winning games. Red balls have historically been preferred.

White balls, however, are widely preferred for limited-overs cricket matches such as One Day Internationals (ODIs) and Twenty20 Internationals (T20Is), due to their greater visibility under floodlights allowing both players and spectators to track it more easily. White cricket ball weight will be around 5.56 ounces (155.1 grams) to 5.75 ounces (163 grams).

Recent years have witnessed an explosion of pink balls being used during day-night Test matches, particularly those lasting late into evening hours. Their introduction was designed to address visibility issues associated with artificial lighting; providing improved visibility during dusk hours and making this suitable for evening games that continue into darkness.

Cricket Ball Manufacturers

Kookaburra, Dukes and SG are leading manufacturers that create top-quality cricket balls suitable for professional matches as well as recreational play. Each has earned itself an esteemed name within this market due to their longstanding track records of producing balls which meet stringent regulations.


Kookaburra Cricket Balls from Australia has been one of the leading cricket ball manufacturers for more than 125 years and have provided balls for international matches as well as Test matches over that timeframe. Renowned for durability and consistent performance along with superb seam movement capabilities. Weight of kookaburra ball which is used in test matches will be around 5.63 ounces. Whereas kookaburra cricket ball weight for ODI’s and T20’s will be between 5.56 to 5.63 ounces. ICC uses kookaburra balls for the test matches, so ICC cricket ball weight will be same as the kookaburra ball weight.


Dukes Cricket Balls has been making quality balls since the late 18th century in Britain, used extensively throughout England and West Indies matches. Recognized for their exquisite craftsmanship, superior swing, and noticeable seam movement. The duce ball weight will be within 163 grams.


SG Cricket Balls of India has quickly gained prominence across the subcontinent and worldwide, being widely used in test matches played here and beyond. Their balls are known for being durable with excellent grip for spinners as well as providing consistent performance across varying playing conditions. SG ball weight used in cricket matches will be around 155.1 grams to 163 grams.

Cricket Ball Weight FAQ

1. What is the cricket white ball weight?

The weight of white cricket ball will be 5.56 ounces (155.1 grams) to 5.75 ounces (163 grams). Since white balls are used in ODI, the one day cricket ball weight will also be the same.

2. What is the red cricket ball weight?

The cricket red ball weight will be 5.56 ounces (155.1 grams) to 5.75 ounces (163 grams).

3. What is cricket ball weight in kg?

Cricket ball weight kg is between 0.1551 kg and 0.163 kg.

4. What is cricket ball size and weight?

Cricket ball dimensions and weight will be circumference between 22.4 cm and 22.99 cm; weight between 155 gms to 163 gms.

5. What is cricket world cup ball weight?

ICC World Cup ball weight is 5.56 ounces (155.1 grams).

6. What is IPL cricket ball weight?

IPL cricket ball weight in kg will be 0.163 kg.


Weight of the cricket ball decides the fate of the game in modern era. They use balls with different weights for different formats of the game. Ball weight not only changes for the format also it depends on the gender whom going to perform. Knowing which ball that they are going to play helps the whole squad and support staff to understand the flow of the game and make their own strategies with that.

Generally they use red balls for test matches and white ball for limited over matches in International and domestic tournaments for over period of time. From when test matches was played in day and night they introduced pink ball for brighter visibility of the ball. Each ball has unique construction process, material and weight which not only challenges batsman but also the bowler who uses it. The  detailed explanation of each can be found in the above article.

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