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Best Fan2Play Alternative – Found The Best Money Making App

Fantasy cricket is a role of the fantasy sports category. Fantasy cricket is one of the online games in which an effective team of real cricket players is created, and points are scored depending on how those players perform in real-life matches.

Last October, Karnataka state passed a ratification that banned all online gaming apps. But last month, that order was struck down by the state court, indicating that fantasy gaming was skill-based and did not fall under the boundary of a wager.

The circumstances are challenging because more companies work full time. Here are some fantasy platforms with less competition than Fan2Play, which are the best Fan2Play Alternative and have some unique features that make you win.

Best Fan2Play Alternatives

Fan2Play platform contributes to fantasy gaming championships where players can select their teams and challenge and engage against each other by choosing multiple players.

It is an online game where you generate a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your selected players perform in real-life matches. Players can enjoy and earn rewards and cash prizes by winning the game.

Fan2 Play is legal and safe to play because the applicable law in India has made it clear that the Fan2Play app. But, some features that make this app are growing fast with less competition.

Best Fantasy Apps Like Fan2Play

Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
Dream11YesYes4.9Visit Website
Myfab11YesYes4.3Visit Website
BalleBaaziYesYes4.8Visit Website
PlayerzPotYesYes4.0Visit Website
GamezyYesYes4.6Visit Website

Fan2Play Similar Websites

Fan2Play Free Alternatives

Best Alternative of Fan2Play

Fantasy apps also furnish some Fan2Play free alternatives to playing the category. Fan 2 Play is a free Fantasy sports app that also gives users options like adding friends and family members, which provides the players with a bonus. But some drawbacks lead to letting it go down. Some drawbacks are:

  • The number of sports is insufficient.
  • Lacking in the user interface.

One of the five best Fan2Play alternatives is impressive and always a winner. The mentioned below are alternatives for Fan2Play. Here are the top Alternative to Fan2Play

  • Alternative #1: Dream11
  • Alternative #2: MyFab11
  • Alternative #3: BalleBaazi
  • Alternative #4: PlayerzPot
  • Alternative #5: Gamezy

Alternative #1: Dream11

Dream11 is a fantasy sports gaming application you can download on the iOS and Android Play stores. Players must move to their respective app stores, search dream11 applications, and hit download.

Users play in the dream11 fantasy app every day. This app permits users to play fantasy games and win many cash prizes. Dream11 must be the best Fan2Play alternative in 2023. This app provides many sports to play.

Like other fantasy applications, the player needs to create a team of their choice in a particular sport and play in a contest where they can compete with a vast majority of people. Also, we can battle with our friends and family members.

Why Is Dream11 The Best Fan2Play Alternative?

Reason #1: Invite Your Friends

Dream11 allows you to invite your friends and family to play the games. You can also communicate with them. Dream11 provides exciting cash prizes and bonus amounts.

Reason #2: Ease-To-Use

10million+ users have still been playing this app. It is an effortless way to sign up for this app. Just sign up and create your team by selecting 11 players. Select a match and play the games. A minimum amount is needed to join the contest.

Reason #3: Safe-To-Play

Adding cash to your Dream11 account is a simple process and safe. Dream11 has several payment options permitted on Dream11 to ensure that your details are safe and secure. Considering all these advantages, Dream11 will be the best Fan2Play alternative app.

Reason #4: pricing

Dream11 contests and leagues are free, and some are paid. The entry fee of the paid contest ranges from Rs.30-60. Also, you can win cash rewards of over 2 lakhs.

Reason #5: support

Dream11 provides you with customer support. If there are any issues, you do not need to wait for you to directly send a complaint or feedback to their official mail ID or customer service contact. They provide you with the best service.

Features of Dream11

  • It is easy to sign up.
  • Variety of gaming options.
  • Test and increase your team-making skill.
  • Refer to a friend or a family member and earn a commission.
  • Withdrawal procedures are simple.


  • Easy to get money.
  • Have loads of entertainment.
  • Have the best gaming experience.
  • Convention and convenience.
  • Easy to get started.


  • Competition is heavy, which reduces your chances of winning.
  • You can lose money quickly.

Dream11 FAQ

What People Say About It: Dream11 is a good cricket fantasy game website where you will earn a handsome amount. You just need some skills and knowledge about cricket.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Dream11 app from the website.
  • Install the application.
  • Register to create a new user id.
  • Enter your mobile number and email address details and create your Dream11 account.
  • Verify with OTP.
  • Once your account is ready, click on any match you like to join.
  • Select 11 players of your team from real-life players to play cricket to form your fantasy team with 100 credit points.
  • Now you can enter any league by placing the entry fee.

Alternative #2: MyFab11

MyFab11 will be the best Fan2Play alternative. It is a free fantasy and strategy-based sports gaming app developed by Fantasy Sports My Fab 11 Pvt Ltd. playing this app, you will surely get the best gaming experience.

This app allows you to participate in all age types of contests. Users must register on this app with their email IDs to play games. You can play real matches and get cash prizes for scoring the highest points.

Also, they provide you with the best features, and the withdrawal process is simple. So you can withdraw your money anytime. Customer support is also available anytime. Here are some reasons why MyFab11 is best alternative for Fan2Play.

Why Is MyFab11 The Best Fan2Play Alternative?

Reason #1: Withdrawal Process

MyFab11 provides you with three options for the withdrawal process.

  • Instant Withdrawal option, where you can withdraw cash up to 50,000 per day instantly.
  • Normal Withdrawal option, where you can withdraw cash up to 99,999 per day. It’ll reach your account in the bank within 2-3 working days.
  • Paytm Withdrawal/UPI Withdrawal option is the same as the Instant process where you can withdraw up to 50,000 per day directly in your Paytm Wallet.

Reason #2: Cash Bonus

MyFab11 still keeps introducing new Cash Bonus offers every day in the market. In every contest, you can use your cash bonus. Also, you can use it for small leagues and contests too.

Reason #3: Trusted App

MyFab11 is India’s most trusted fantasy sports platform with a rapid user base actively playing Cricket, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Kabaddi, Baseball, Handball, and Rugby. Since they have multiple fantasy sports for many users, MyFab11 is the best Fan2Play alternative.

Reason #4: Pricing

You can also perform real-time quizzes for entertainment and earn some cool bucks. Minimum entry fees are guaranteed, and a 100% cash bonus is available on the first deposit up to Rs.5,999.

Reason #5: Support

If any issues occur, you can directly contact their official mail ID. You can send your complaint or feedback in this way. They provide you with the best customer support.

Features of MyFab11

  • Play different sports games which you like.
  • Play real matches and contests.
  • Cash prizes for scoring the highest points.
  • 24×7 instant withdrawal process.


  • Providing a cash bonus.
  • 24/7 withdrawal process.
  • Providing 20% commissions.
  • Low entry fee.
  • Providing a giveaway contest.


  • Commission will be lower.
  • Will publish the results with a delayed duration.

MyFab11 FAQ

What People Say About It: MyFab11 is one of the Best Fantasy Sports Apps. It is a user-friendly app that regularly tries to give free Giveaways and regular improvements in the app.

Buying Guide

  • Download the MyFab11 app and install it.
  • Open the app and click on the LET’S PLAY button.
  • Register using Facebook, email, or mobile number.
  • Select your sport and create your team with minimum players or 11 players.
  • Join the contest and play the game.

Alternative #3: BalleBaazi

BalleBaazi is a game prediction app developed by Sports11 Arena. It is a free sports gaming app. Here we can easily collect the prediction statistics of all the prediction experts. We can consider this app as a best Fan2Play alternative.

Players must get fantasy predictions and tips to win the fantasy cricket leagues. BalleBaazi app provides detailed analysis and pitch analysis and offers a match preview. It provides all alerts of fantasy cricket series like T20 matches, Big Bash League, and IPL. With the help of these features, users can quickly get match predictions from experts without watching the videos.

Why Is BalleBaazi The Best Fan2Play Alternative?

Reason #1: Variety of Leagues

BalleBaazi gives a vast pool and variety of leagues over the sports it features on the platform. The league structures comprise micro leagues, mega leagues, Rs.10,000, Rs.20,000, Rs.50,000, etc.

Reason #2: Minimum Withdrawal of Amount

You need to add an amount of a minimum of Rs.10 at least once to your BalleBaazi account to make a withdrawal possible. The minimum withdrawal amount is Rs.10 for Paytm and Rs.100 for the bank account. BalleBaazi has less withdrawal than all other fantasy apps, making this the best Fan2Play alternative.

Reason #3: Free Cricket App

BalleBaazi is a free fantasy cricket app that everyone can download. It provides the best from the world of fantasy cricket and is all-inclusive.

Reason #4: Pricing

Just 49 likewise, it has certain Bonus leagues where users can use the amount in such leagues if they get a promotion bonus through the deposit codes. The app mentions that users can use up to 100% of their bonus in such leagues.

Reason #5: Support

BalleBaazi provides customer service anytime. You no need to look at the clock to refer BalleBaazi fantasy game support system. Issues can be recovered directly at any time through customer support.

Features of BalleBaazi

  • Gives predictions and tips.
  • Multiple prediction experts are there.
  • Provides explained analysis and pitch analysis.
  • Previews of matches are shown.
  • Notifications are provided for all cricket series.


  • Low competition.
  • Having good brand value and trusted apps.
  • Ballebaazi is promoted by Yuvraj Singh.
  • The withdrawal process is faster.
  • Quick customer support services.


  • ID verification is compulsory for the withdrawal of an amount.
  • The referral program is complicated.

BalleBaazi FAQ

What People Say About It: I think it is worth it. I have fun with it. I do play the ones for money. I believe if you are playing a game and you are not having fun, try this. I am having fun.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the app through the Ballebaazi website.
  • Sign up with a mobile number or email id.
  • Select matches.
  • Create a team of 11 players.
  • Choose a captain and vice-captain for your team.
  • Join the contests.
  • Score more points.
  • Check your score after finishing the match.

Alternative #4: PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot fantasy sports gaming app developed by Playerz Pot Media Private Limited. It is a free strategy and fantasy-based gaming app. Here, cricket and football are considered the best Fan2Play alternative apps.

You can choose your favorite players and create your team of 11 players from real-life players within the budget of 1000 gems. Selecting players and creating teams is compulsory before choosing the match.

This app provides some tasks to complete every week. When you complete these tasks, they will provide you with bonus amounts and rewards. You can withdraw your money from various platforms.

Why Is PlayerzPot The Best Fan2Play Alternative?

Reason #1: Ease-To-Use

Playerzpot is easy to use and includes a variety of sports. Its system is sportive and competitive. The score updates are timely, and the point system is logical. It is a fantastic option for playing with friends or family members.

Reason #2: Minimum Withdrawal Rs.150

Withdrawal from the bank is the minimum limit of Rs.150 and a maximum of Rs.5,000. For Instant Withdrawal amount, the minimum limit is Rs.150.

Reason #3: Cash Bonus

The cashback amount will be credited into PlayerzPot Bonus Cash within 48 hrs of deposit/transaction. Users should make use of the cashback within 30 days of being credited. After that, the bonus will expire, and the bonus will no longer be available.

Reason #4: Second Innings

PlayerzPot is the only 2nd Innings fantasy app. After their enormous success in this new concept, the other fantasy apps also started providing this feature to gain more users on their platform. So this is considered the best Fan2Play alternative.

Reason #5: Referral Code

While referring, you should verify your PAN within 30 days of registration, or else no bonus will be awarded for PAN verification post 30 days.

Features of PlayerzPot

  • Refer and earn cash prizes.
  • Easy withdrawal schemes.
  • Provides weekly tasks.
  • Multiple languages support.


  • Competition is low.
  • The withdrawal process is fast.
  • Responsive customer service.


  • The referral program is challenging.
  • Limited fantasy sports.

PlayerzPot FAQ

What People Say About It: PlayerzPot is one of the best apps available for fantasy sports. They are genuine. No fake plays. You can trust them.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the application.
  • Complete your registration.
  • Signup by using your email id or mobile number.
  • Enter the referral code for the bonus.
  • Select any matches.
  • Create your team and assign a captain and vice-captain.
  • Join the leagues and play the game.
  • Win the cash prizes, and check your result after finishing the game.

Alternative #5: Gamezy

Another good platform to play fantasy cricket League is none other than Gamezy. Even though it is relatively new, it has 1 million users in just one year and has fascinating and unique features.

Second innings features allow users to create teams and compete only for the second inning of the match, not the whole game. Gamezy will be helpful in situations where you are not confident about how the pitch will play out, and based on all the data you get from the first inning, and you may probably team up for the second inning.

Due to the formation of a real team of real cricket players, this is a fantastic platform for sports. One can get a chance to win money with it. An open door where you can choose your 11 games for both teams. For these reasons, Gamezy is the best Fan2Play Alternative.

Why Is Gamezy The Best Fan2Play Alternative?

Reason #1: Less Competition

The users will get significantly less competition in this app. And this means that they get more chances of winning big rewards using their cricketing knowledge and skills.

Reason #2: Not Compulsory To Play An 11-A Side Match

Playing an 11-A side match in this Gamezy app is not compulsory. It depends on the players to play 11-A side tournaments or 5-A side tournaments. Two options are available for the users to decide this is the best Fan2Play alternative.

Reason #3: Provides a Variety of Contests

Many players sign up for the first time on a fantasy app platform. The Gamezy provides an option with Practice Contests to give them a real-time performance. The user can play any game without using money before joining a cash-based contest.

Reason #4: Pricing

The winning chances in these leagues are much higher, and it is simple to find players on high-priced tables like Rs.1,255, Rs.1,555, Rs.2,333, etc. The Gamezy app is free to download. Also, we can play free practice contests here.

Reason #5: Support

Suppose You have any issues or grievances relating to any aspect of the Services. In that case, You may approach the Gamezy customer care and grievance redressal team to resolve such problems by writing to their official mail id.

Features of Gamezy

  • Quite user-friendly.
  • A user can play a full match, live sports, and second innings in live fantasy cricket.
  • Customer support is available all the time.
  • The users can play multiple games at the same time.


  • This app provides many offers.
  • Easy to use and are in understandable language.
  • Provides multiple team options.
  • The free contest is offered daily.


  • Lack of support for live chat.
  • Support phone number is not provided.

Gamezy FAQ

What People Say About It: I am a passionate user of the Gamezy App. It is an easy and user-friendly app that gives many cash bonuses. It is user-friendly, safe, and secure.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Gamezy app.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Users will get an invite code and get a bonus of Rs.100.
  • Select a match
  • Create a team.
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain of your fantasy team.
  • Now join the contest and play the game.

Winner of Best Fan2Play Alternative

Dream11 might be the best Fan2Play alternative. Here we have discussed the top Fan2Play alternative sites and top alternatives for Fan2Play in 2023. While analyzing all these five apps, Dream11 is considered the best Fan2Play alternative. Because it provides multiple games and teams to play the games and winning rewards is also significant.

Best Fan2Play Alternative FAQ

1. What is the minimum amount of deposits in Fan2Play?

The minimum amount of deposits for Fan2Play is Rs.100.

2. Is Fan2Play safe?

Yes, it is entirely safe and legal.

3. Who is the brand ambassador of Fan2Play?

The brand ambassador of Fan2Play is Ajay Thakur.

Conclusion – Best Fan2Play Alternative

With these above discussions, MyFab11 and Gamezy are the best Fan2Play alternatives. These apps allow us even to play fantasy after the match gets started. Based on their YouTube, Instagram and Quora reviews, more than a million users play this because of their features.

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