Gamezy vs 11 Wickets

Gamezy vs 11 Wickets 2023 – Comparison Of Two Unique Apps To Find The Best

The comparison post – Gamezy vs 11 Wickets – Gamezy is one of India’s most popular electronic platforms, with 10 Mn+ fantasy users. Encourage is the fastest-extending fantasy sports app with considerable popularity in the private fantasy sports market.

11 Wickets cricket app is a gaming app where you can make a virtual team using your cricket skills and knowledge. As per Gamezy vs 11 Wickets Quora, Google does not allow the apps in play Store which deal in contests including real cash.

Comparison Of Gamezy vs 11 Wickets

This article will find the best by comparing Gamezy vs 11 Wickets. Gamezy has a unique way to earn money, if someone uses the Gamezy referral code for registering in the app, they get Rs.50 as a sign-up bonus, and the user receives Rs.50 as a referral bonus. You can use the bonus amount to play fantasy games.

Also, in Gamezy playing an 11-A side match is not compulsory. It depends on the players to play 11-A side tournaments or 5-A side tournaments. Two options are available for the users to decide.

Whereas across the fantasy apps available on the market, 11 Wickets comes up with the quickest withdrawal. Also, note that immediate withdrawal will be available only for verified users. Famous Indian actor Sanjay Dutt is the 11 Wickets brand ambassador.

Suppose You have any issues or grievances relating to any aspect of the services. In that case, you may approach the Gamezy vs 11 Wickets customer care and grievance redressal team to resolve such problems by writing to their official mail id.

Gamezy vs 11 Wickets

Gamezy fantasy apps were launched in 2018. Initially, it was the popular card game application Rummy culture. This app currently offers fantasy cricket and fantasy sports games for various leagues. At the same time, the 11 wickets app gives you the best gaming experience. 11 wickets is the most excellent and accessible platform.

ParametersGamezy11 Wickets
Referral BonusRs.20 for each referralRs.500 for each referral
Referral CodeC15QL28e7833b
Min DepositRs.25Rs.25
Min WithdrawalRs.25Rs.250

Which Is Better: Gamezy vs 11 Wickets?

When it comes to finding the best between two unique fantasy apps with their advantages, it will always be challenging to pick between them. Let’s see each app’s features below to find the best out of it.

#1 Gamezy Fantasy App

Gamezy app is a sports fantasy app promoted by Indian Cricketer KL Rahul. A major gaming company, Gameskraft, launched Gamezy, which has many other famous apps. In Gamezy apk, you will get the best possible in-app experience.

On Gamezy apk, you can win a massive amount of real money by participating in fantastic nail-biting cricket matches. Gamezy also allows you to join the contests midway, even when the game has started, a neat feature.

Many users have downloaded the Gamezy APK and winning daily cash prizes on it in different World Cup 2022 live matches.

Features Of Gamezy

  • Provides multiple games of option
  • You will be getting a free contest daily.
  • A user can play a full match, live sports, and second innings in live fantasy cricket.
  • The users can play multiple games at the same time.


  • Low competition.
  • Indian Cricketer KL Rahul is promoting Gamezy app.
  • Easy to use and earn cash prizes and reward.


  • Bad customer assistance services.
  • Lagging user interface.

Gamezy FAQ

Gamezy Verdict

In my opinion, Gamezy is a great platform that focuses on offering the best facilities to its users. People say that Gamezy sports play builds up their gaming skills and helps them earn money online. It gives a real-game experience to users.

#2 11 Wickets Fantasy App

11 Wickets Fantasy Cricket Platform that it created in 2018, owned and operated by Ability Games Pvt. Ltd. 11 Wickets is one of the first fantasy apps with a Paytm withdrawal option.

On this platform, you’ll get points based on the runs scored and wickets extracted by your team members. So, if you’ve picked out a non-performer in your team of 11, you may lose out on the points and the money.

Remember, a vital fantasy cricket tip! No affair which team wins the live match, your points will relate entirely to the individual performances of your selected players in the live match.

Features Of 11 Wickets

  • All devices are compatible with gaming applications.
  • User-friendly application that is popular among all fantasy cricket players and platforms.
  • Providing exclusive matches designed for beginners.
  • Conducting free leagues offers prize money as well.


  • Offers big winnings.
  • Providing choices of contests.
  • Get 50% of the profit commission.
  • Best playing experience.


  • Partnership losses are bad.
  • No availability of customer support.

11 Wickets FAQ

11 Wickets Verdict

This app promises to give the best gaming experience. Playing games on the 11 Wickets fantasy platform is fun. The excitement of watching cricket in an 11 Wickets app gets doubled. 11 wickets are the most fantastic app ever.

Gamezy vs 11 Wickets Review

Besides, the most exclusive feature of 11 wickets is the option of including the 12th man in the playing 11. Therefore, if any one player selected by you for your fantasy cricket league plays to play in the live match, then you can return the same with the chosen 12th player as a backup.

Gamezy app is a fantasy league for cricket. Now that the audience cannot view the matches inside the stadiums, they can be one with the players through this application. Gamezy app takes the cake in the cricket fantasy globe by providing players with many unique benefits and playing styles.

11 Wickets vs Gamezy Review

When it comes to the 11 Wickets vs Gamezy comparison, they both have lots of unique features, which makes it our competition tough to pick the best out of those. Let’s look at some of their features to determine the winner.

Feature #1

According to sure job, 11 Wickets is the best compared to Gamezy and other fantasy games because the point system does not work well, and outdated platforms have minimized the return value to their users.

Feature #2

Gamezy is the new global leader in the market of fantasy sports sites and ensures that each user gets benefits and rewards at the end of any contest. Gamezy is better for playing sports like Cricket, Football, and Kabaddi.

Feature #3

11 Wickets app over all other sites because it is wholly new and easily approachable. It offers fascinating deals and offers daily. It has a higher return on investment. Therefore, users think 11 Wickets is much better than other platforms.

Feature #4

In India, 11 Wickets is the only fantasy sports app platform on which users have nine sports available, and users get a chance to join their favorite sports. Fantasy soccer is only available on the 11 Wickets fantasy sports platform.

Feature #5

By joining the competition of user choice, users can use their skills to create their team because when the user enters the competition of their choice, their chances of winning also increase. Joining the league with more teams means their chances of winning are also higher.

Gamezy vs 11 Wickets – FAQ

1. What is the minimum amount for withdrawal for Gamezy And 11 Wickets?

The minimum withdrawal amount was Rs.25 for Gamezy and Rs.200 for 11 wickets.

2. Which is the best app between Gamezy vs 11 Wickets?

Gamezy is the best compared to 11 Wickets and other fantasy games because the point system does not work well, and outdated platforms have minimized the return value to their users.

3. Can we play after match gets started in Gamezy?

Yes, you can join the contest even after the match gets started in Gamezy.

Winner of Gamezy vs 11 Wickets

By the comparison of Gamezy vs 11 Wickets, Gamezy offered benefits to the users on this platform that are just never-ending. From multiple playing modes to dual languages to commissions in private leagues to refer and earn interests. Also, the cash prizes are very high compared with the other sides.

Conclusion – Gamezy vs 11 Wickets

We have discussed the comparison of Gamezy vs 11 Wickets. The World Cup 2022 stretch is fascinating for cricket fans who enjoy playing games through android smartphones, forecast platforms, etc. Some of the top fantasy apps for World Cup are Gamezy, Dream11, MyTeam11, My11Circle, and 11 Wickets.

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