Kolkata Knight Riders Players List

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The Indian Premier League for the 2024 season will be ongoing in just a few weeks. The Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) are one team who doubled the excitement of IPL by buying an most expensive players in the history of IPL. They brough Mitchell Starc for ₹24,75,00,000 after the tight bidding war with Gujarat Titans.

KKR will have the help of Gautam Gambhir as a mentor for IPL 2024. With this post, you can find the complete details of the Kolkata Knight Riders players list with their squad’s review, information on overseas and retained players, mentors, coaches, and so on.

Kolkata Knight Riders Players List

KKR team today players list has endured high-profile teams in the Indian Premier League IPL, and the KKR team is co-owned by Bollywood superstar Shah Rukh Khan. IPL team of KKR is the victorious team in IPL by winning the IPL title 2 times.

KKR Squad 2024

People who are fans of KKR are eager to know the final squad of KKR for the IPL 2024. Kolkata Knight Riders have strengthened their squad after the mini auction took place at Dubai on December 19, 2023. They fought hardly till the last minute for the world cup winning fast bowler Mitchell Starc who proved his presence in both semi final and final match of the tournament. After the auction, now have a look at the KKR team 2024 players list.

1Phil SaltBatsman
2Nitish RanaBatsman
3Rinku SinghBatsman
4Shreyas Iyer (C)Batsman
5Manish PandeyBatsman
6Angkrish RaghuvanshiBatsman
7Sherfane RutherfordBatsman
8Rahmanullah GurbazWicket-keeper
9Srikar BharatWicket-keeper
10Andre RussellAll-Rounder
11Anukul RoyAll-Rounder
12Sunil NarineAll-Rounder
13Venkatesh IyerAll-Rounder
14Ramandeep SinghAll-Rounder
15Harshit RanaBowler
16Suyash SharmaBowler
17Vaibhav AroraBowler
18Varun ChakaravarthyBowler
19Chetan SakariyaBowler
20Mitchell StarcBowler
21Mujeeb Ur RahmanBowler
22Dushmantha ChameeraBowler
23Sakib HussainBowler

KKR Auction 2024 Players List

Going into the auction of IPL 2024, they have nine places left and had a purse of INR 32.7 crores. In the squad of Kolkata Knight Riders, they had the vacancy for four overseas slot and five Indian players slot. For Indian players they didn’t go much because they already had a settled players like Rinku Singh, Shreyas Iyer, and Nitish Rana.

They were clear to whom they going to fight and waited for the opportunity to come. They three overseas players for base price and made a masterstroke of the auction. They took Dushmantha Chameera, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Sherfane Rutherford for their base prices which made them to have a look of purse left to complete the KKR 2024 squad.

Being left with only one overseas spot, KKR went in full for the hero of the IPL auction Mitchell Starc. They needed a bowler like Starc who can pick wickets at any point of time during the match. The only department that KKR team squad was lagging was the fast bowlers who can restrict the opponent during the death overs. So they made a plan and took the player who has lot of experience in doing here and on for Australia. Here is the KKR team 2024 players list with price.

PlayersPlaying RolePrice
Phil SaltBatsman₹1,50,00,000
Nitish RanaBatsman₹8,00,00,000
Rinku SinghBatsman₹55,00,000
Shreyas Iyer (C)Batsman₹12,25,00,000
Manish PandeyBatsman₹50,00,000
Angkrish RaghuvanshiBatsman₹20,00,000
Sherfane RutherfordBatsman₹1,50,00,000
Rahmanullah GurbazWicket-keeper₹50,00,000
Srikar BharatWicket-keeper₹50,00,000
Andre RussellAll-Rounder₹12,00,00,000
Anukul RoyAll-Rounder₹20,00,000
Sunil NarineAll-Rounder₹6,00,00,000
Venkatesh IyerAll-Rounder₹8,00,00,000
Ramandeep SinghAll-Rounder₹20,00,000
Harshit RanaBowler₹20,00,000
Suyash SharmaBowler₹20,00,000
Vaibhav AroraBowler₹20,00,000
Varun ChakaravarthyBowler₹8,00,00,000
Chetan SakariyaBowler₹50,00,000
Mitchell StarcBowler₹24,75,00,000
Mujeeb Ur RahmanBowler₹2,00,00,000
Dushmantha ChameeraBowler₹50,00,000
Sakib HussainBowler₹20,00,000

Kolkata Knight Riders Match List

Here is the kolkata match schedule for the IPL 2024.

April 6, 2023Match 9 vs Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)Eden Gardens, Kolkata7:30 PM
April 14, 2023Match 19 vs Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH)Eden Gardens, Kolkata7:30 PM
April 23, 2023Match 33 vs Chennai Super Kings (CSK)Eden Gardens, Kolkata7:30 PM
April 29, 2023Match 39 vs Gujarat Titans (GT)Eden Gardens, Kolkata3:30 PM
May 8, 2023Match 53 vs Punjab Kings (PBKS)Eden Gardens, Kolkata7:30 PM
May 11, 2023Match 56 vs Rajasthan Royals (RR)Eden Gardens, Kolkata7:30 PM
May 20, 2023Match 68 vs Lucknow Super Giants (LSG)Eden Gardens, Kolkata7:30 PM

KKR Team Players Analysis

Here is the Kolkata Knight Riders team player after the IPL auction.

KKR 2024 Batsmen – Manish Pandey, Rinku Singh, Shreyas Iyer (C), Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Nitish Rana, Phil Salt, and Sherfane Rutherford.

Shreyas Iyer has made him comeback to IPL 2024 with back in the captaincy too. 2024 KKR player list has the some of the best batsman of the Indian players. Pick of Manish Pandey for the base price adds an advantage that they can replace easily if any of the Indian batsman didn’t perform to the expectations.

KKR 2024 Wicketkeepers – Rahmanullah Gurbaz and Srikar Bharat.

KKR current squad has lot of power hitters in their squad. Out of those a player to watch in the IPL 2024 is their wicket keeper Gurbaz. The intent and quick fire runs he provide in the power play is an base for the power hitters following him. They also have a backup Indian wicket keeper Srikar Bharat who has single handedly won many matches for his previous franchise.

KKR 2024 All-Rounders – Andre Russell, Venkatesh Iyer, Anukul Roy, Ramandeep Singh, and Sunil Narine.

KKR player list 2024 has two best West Indies all rounders Andre Russell and Sunil Narine. They both can win match for their franchise from any situation. They can also restrict opponents from scoring quick runs using lot of variations they bring in their bowling. With them they have Venkatesh Iyer, Indian all rounder who scored a century in IPL 2023.

KKR 2024 Bowlers – Mujeeb Ur Rahman, Sakib Hussain, Varun Chakaravarthy, Harshit Rana, Vaibhav Arora, Dushmantha Chameera, Suyash Sharma, Chetan Sakariya, and Mitchell Starc.

After the auction KKR list in bowling unit looks very threatening, they have best fast bowlers and spinners in their squad. Knight Riders players consist of Mitchell Starc and Chetan Sakariya for fast bowling and Varun Chakaravarthy, Mujeeb Ur Rahman and Suyash Sharma for the spin department.

Kolkata Team Player SWOT Analysis

Here is the Kolkata players SWOT analysis for the IPL 2024.

Strength: Kolkata opening batsman Gurbaz and Roy can provide the quick fire runs in the power play. Following that they have Shreyas Iyer, Nitish Rana to score sensibily during the middle phase. Next they have Rinku Singh cricketer and Andre Russell who can take any bowling into shatters.

Weakness: Apart from Mitchell Starc, 2024 KKR squad doesn’t have any fast bowlers who can restrict runs during the death overs. They have only Chetan Sakariya in the fast bowling department to the duty. He too doesn’t have much experience so this will be a very big weakness going to the IPL 2024.

Opportunities: 2024 KKR team has lot of youngsters like Rinku Singh, Suyash Sharma, and Srikar Bharat, who can use this opportunity and get a confirmed place in their international team. Rinku and Srikar has proved their importance in the team last year, performing continuously will increase their brand of cricket and might get a bidding war going to the next year mega auction.

Threat: Mitchell Starc being the only recognized fast bowler in Knight Riders team list, he might leave the team during the midway of IPL to take care of his wife who is pregnant. So this might be the biggest threat for KKR if he would like to go to Australia. Apart from this KKR team list looks comfortable and can take any team on their day.

Kolkata Knight Riders Captain

Shreyas Iyer who didn’t play IPL 2023 due to injury has returned to IPL 2024 and will be the KKR captain this year. Shreyas didn’t play IPL 2022 and 2023. Nitish Rana was the Kolkata Knight Riders captain 2022 and he couldn’t perform with the captaincy pressure. Comeback of Shreyas has not only added value to the team in batting and also his captaincy skills with the settled team, KKR can reach the playoff this year.

KKR 2024 Players List – Foreign

KKR full squad has eight overseas players. Here is the list of the overseas players with their salary for IPL 2024.

S.NoPlayers NameCountryRolePrice
1Phil SaltEnglandBatsman₹1,50,00,000
2Sherfane RutherfordWest IndiesBatsman₹1,50,00,000
3Rahmanullah GurbazAfghanistanWicket-keeper₹50,00,000
4Andre RussellWest IndiesAll-Rounder₹12,00,00,000
5Sunil NarineWest IndiesAll-Rounder₹6,00,00,000
6Mitchell StarcAustraliaBowler₹24,75,00,000
7Mujeeb Ur RahmanAfghanistanBowler₹2,00,00,000
8Dushmantha ChameeraSri LankaBowler₹50,00,000

Indian KKR Team Players List

Here’s the Indian KKR team players name with their salary for the IPL 2024.

S.NoPlayers NameCountryRolePrice
1Nitish RanaIndiaBatsman₹8,00,00,000
2Rinku SinghIndiaBatsman₹55,00,000
3Shreyas Iyer (C)IndiaBatsman₹12,25,00,000
4Manish PandeyIndiaBatsman₹50,00,000
5Angkrish RaghuvanshiIndiaBatsman₹20,00,000
6Srikar BharatIndiaWicket-keeper₹50,00,000
7Anukul RoyIndiaAll-Rounder₹20,00,000
8Venkatesh IyerIndiaAll-Rounder₹8,00,00,000
9Ramandeep SinghIndiaAll-Rounder₹20,00,000
10Harshit RanaIndiaBowler₹20,00,000
11Suyash SharmaIndiaBowler₹20,00,000
12Vaibhav AroraIndiaBowler₹20,00,000
13Varun ChakaravarthyIndiaBowler₹8,00,00,000
14Chetan SakariyaIndiaBowler₹50,00,000
15Sakib HussainIndiaBowler₹20,00,000

Today KKR Squad Jersey Numbers

Here is the KKR team 2024 players list today with their jersey numbers.

Players Jersey number
Phil Salt61
Nitish Rana27
Rinku Singh3
Shreyas Iyer (C)41
Manish Pandey37
Angkrish Raghuvanshi
Sherfane Rutherford50
Rahmanullah Gurbaz21
Srikar Bharat14
Andre Russell12
Anukul Roy6
Sunil Narine74
Venkatesh Iyer25
Ramandeep Singh
Harshit Rana22
Suyash Sharma5
Vaibhav Arora14
Varun Chakaravarthy29
Chetan Sakariya28
Mitchell Starc56
Mujeeb Ur Rahman88
Dushmantha Chameera29
Sakib Hussain2

Today KKR Players List 11

Here is the probable playing 11 for the matches from KKR squad 2024.

  1. Rahmanullah Gurbaz
  2. Venkatesh Iyer
  3. Shreyas Iyer
  4. Nitish Rana
  5. Andre Russell
  6. Rinku Singh
  7. Ramandeep Singh
  8. Sunil Narine
  9. Harshit Rana
  10. Mitchell Starc
  11. Varun Chakravarthy 

Kolkata Knight Riders Owner

The Kolkata Knight Riders team play a part in the IPL, one of the world’s most popular T20 cricket leagues, and it is owned by Juhi Chawla, Jay Mehta, Shah Rukh Khan, and Red Chillies Entertainment.

Kolkata Knight Riders Coach

IPL 2024 for Kolkata cricket team players, Chandrakant Pandit is the head coach and Gautam Gambhir will be the mentor and batting coach for IPL 2024. Abhishek Nayar will be the assistant coach, whereas Bharat Arun will be the KKR bowling coach. Ryan Ten Doeschate will be the fielding coach for the team.

Kolkata Knight Riders Sponsor

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR), in preparation for the 2024 Indian Premier League (IPL) season, have secured an impressive roster of sponsors and partners, showing they possess an extensive and robust support network. BKT (Balkrishna Industries Limited), while MyFab11, an online fantasy sports platform, have joined as two principal sponsors and front-of-matchday shirt sponsors respectively.

Official Sponsors include such well-known entities as Reliance Jio, Joy Personal Care, Lux Cozi, Acko Royal Green Money9 SRMB Steel; Thums Up and boAt have returned as Official Partners; new additions include LIT AF, FanCode Shop, Souled Store, EUME, and HRX Bira91 Amul Organic will serve as merchandise licensing partners this season.

Fever FM, 94.3 Radio ONE, The Telegraph and Sampark provide diverse platforms for fan engagement; while Woodlands Hospital was selected as their Official Health Partner reflecting an all-inclusive support structure for the team in 2019.

Kolkata Knight Riders FAQ

1. Who will be the captain for kolkata knight riders full team in IPL 2024?

Shreyas Iyer will be the captain for the KKR team in IPL 2024.

2. Who was the KKR captain 2022?

Nitish Rana was the captain of KKR during IPL 2022 due to the absence of Shreyas Iyer.

3. Who is the expensive player in the Kolkata player list?

Australian fast bowler Mitchell Starc is the expensive player in the kolkata team list.

Conclusion – Kolkata Knight Riders Players List

I have concluded the entire information of the Kolkata Knight Riders Players List. Thank you for visiting our website. Please comment on which team you support in the IPL and who is your favourite player among KKR all players.

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