Mankading Incidents In Cricket

Mankading Incidents In Cricket – List Of All Distracted Runouts Till 2022

In the last couple of years, specific incidents have caused controversy due to the mankading of a batsman. Let’s look at the detailed article on mankading incidents in cricket. This article includes all the happenings in one-day internationals, test cricket, twenty20 internationals, etc.

Mankading is a particular type and was an unfair mode of dismissal named after legendary Indian bowler Vinoo Mankad. Now it has been moved to Law 38. The wording Mankading, however, remains the same.

Mankading incidents on cricket are a method of running out where a bowler disbands a non-striker by hitting the bails before bowling when the latter is outside the crease; this is a legally permissible release from a bowler, and it is not against the spirit of the game.

Mankading Incidents In Cricket Explained – No More Backstabbing

It means a bowler runs out a non-stinking batsman if the latter leaves the crease before an in-action bowler releases the ball. But the law of cricket allows bowlers to run out a batsman. Many experts and enthusiasts even consider it against the game’s spirit.

Current Law Of Mankading

Non-striker run-out is under the laws of cricket. Mankading is a thoroughly fair and legal action. Even Australian team captain Don Bradman in 1947 insisted back then.

Law 41.16 concerned the non-striker leaving their ground early; this states that if it happens from the moment the ball comes into play until the instant when the bowler would normally disband the ball, the non-striker is liable to run out.

Changes Made By The Mcc To The Mankading Rule

MCC changed the mankading rule to an unfair mode of disbanding, but it has not now, according to Law 38, which is concerned with run-outs. The MCC reported to the media that Law 41.16, running out the non-striker, has been moved from Law 41 to Law 38.

The statement says that the code was well received and had a positive impact on cricket all over the world. Since its publication, even in the five years, the game of cricket has evolved, and the MCC Laws sub-committee has suggested many changes for the 2022 code, which got approval from the Club’s Main Committee meeting.

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Test Cricket

Bill Brown by Vinoo MankadAustralia vs India, Sydney1947-48
Ian Redpath by Charlie GriffithAustralia vs West Indies, Adelaide1968-69
Derek Randall by Ewen ChatfieldEngland vs New Zealand, Christchurch1977-78
Sikander Bakht by Alan HurstPakistan vs Australia, Perth1978-79

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On One Day Internationals

Brian Luckhurst by Greg ChappellEngland vs Australia1974-75
Grant Flower by Dipak PatelZimbabwe vs New Zealand, Harare1992-93
Peter Kristen by Kapil DevSouth Africa vs India, Port Elizabeth1992-93
Jos Buttler by Sachithra SenanayakeEngland vs Srilanka, Edgbaston2014

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Twenty20 Internationals

Mark Chapman by Aamir KaleemHong Kong vs Oman, 2016 Asia Cup QualifierFebruary 2016

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Women’s ODI

Charlie Dean by Deepti SharmaEngland vs India, Lord’s September 2022

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Women’s Twenty20 International

Maeva Douma is the only player to perform mankad in Twenty20 Internationals. She is Cameroon’s fast bowler, who played in the Women’s T20 World Cup African Regional Qualifier against Uganda in Gaborone on Sunday. She ran out four on the opposition batters: Kevin Awino, Immaculate Nakisuuyi, Rita Musamali, and Janet Mbabazi, and she backed up at the non-striker’s end.

Kevin Awino, Immaculate Nakisuuyi, Rita Musamali, and Janet Mbabazi by Maeva DoumaCameroon vs Uganda, 2021 ICC Women’s T20 World Cup Africa Qualifier, Gaborone2021

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Women’s List-A Cricket

Sanjula Naik by Kanika AhujaPunjab vs Goa, Bangalore2021

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Twenty20 Cricket

Dawlat Zadran, Afghan’s right-arm fast bowler, made a mankad on the 4th match of the Shpageeza Cricket League in September 2020. While playing in Twenty20 cricket, Dawlat Zadran dismissed Noor Ali Zadran at the non-striker’s end during a clash against Kabul Eagles. This incident happened during the 3rd ball of the 16th over.

Jos Buttler by Ravichandran AshwinRajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab, IPLMarch 2019
Noor Ali Zadran by Dawlat ZadranKabul Eagles vs Mis Ainak Knights, Shpageeza Cricket LeagueSeptember 2020

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On First-Class Cricket

John Huddlestone by John KinlochVictoria vs New South Wales, Melbourne1864-65
Walter Wilson by Bill HendleyCanterbury vs Otago, Hagley Park, Christchurch1864-65
Richard Powys by Bill HendleyCanterbury vs Otago, South Dunedin Recreation Ground, Dunedin1865-66
Stoddart Campbell by Nat ThomsonVictoria vs New South Wales, Sydney1866-67
Tom Reese by Alexander Downes, CanterburyCanterbury vs Otago, Christchurch1894-38
Joe Hardstaff by Khadim HussainLord Tennyson’s XI vs Sind, Karachi1937-38
A.G. Ramsingh by Narayan SaneMadras vs Central Provinces and Berar, Nagpur1941-42
John Smith by Ray AllenCanterbury vs Wellington, Wellington1943-44
Hanumant Singh by Ashwini ChaturvediRajasthan vs Uttar Pradesh, Udaipur1959-60
Rudolph Cohen by Jamiel AliJamaica vs Trinidad and Tobago, Port of Spain1963-64
Mohammad Bashir by Bashir MianRailways vs Lahore, Lahore1966-67
Anil Khanna by Rajinder GoelNorthern Punjab vs Delhi, Delhi1966-67
Geoff Arnold by Saeed AhmedMCC Under-25s vs Central Zone, Sahiwal1966-67
Ray Gripper by Barry RichardsRhodesia vs Natal, Salisbury1968-69
Douglas Morgan by Raymond Le RouxSouth African University vs Orange Free State, Bloemfontein1968-69
Dilip Sardesai by Kailash GattaniMumbai vs Rajasthan, Udaipur1968-69
Parthasarathy Sharma by Ashok BhagwatRajasthan vs Vidarbha, Nagpur1970-71
Khatib Rizwan by Intikhab AhmedRawalpindi vs Lahore B, Rawalpindi1972-73
Vaman Kumar by Daitala MeherbabaTamil Nadu vs Andhra, Salem1974-75
Albert Padmore by Rex CollymoreBarbados vs Guyana, Bridgetown1974-75
Clive Lloyd by Stanley HindsGuyana vs Windward Islands, Roseau1982-83
Alex Barrow by Murali KartikSomerset vs Surrey, Taunton2012-2013
Sandipan Das by Murali KartikBengal vs Railways, Delhi2013-14

Mankading Incidents In Cricket On Under-19 Internationals

The latest mankad incident in U19 happened during the ICC Under 19 World Cup 2022. This incident took place when Uganda U19 clashed against Papua New Guinea U19. Uganda U19 batted first and scored 123 runs after losing all their wickets.

Chasing this target Noor Ahmad, the left-arm spin bowler of Afghanistan, made mankad during the 16th over. Noor Ahmad ran out Mohammad Huraira at the non-striker’s end. Mohammad Huraira got out for a diamond duck.

Richard Ngarava by Keemo PaulWest Indies U19 vs Zimbabwe U19, 22nd Match, ICC Under 19 World Cup2016
Mohammad Huraira by Noor Ahmad Afghanistan U19 vs Pakistan U19, Super League Quarter-Final 4, ICC Under 19 World Cup2020
John Kariko by Joseph BagumaUganda U19 vs Papua New Guinea U19, 13th Place Playoff Semi-Final 1, ICC Under 19 World Cup2022

Mankading Incidents In Cricket FAQ

1. Is Mankading allowed in cricket?

Yes, it is perfectly allowable and legal according to cricket’s Law.

2. Is Mankading against the spirit of cricket?

No, as a player, it’s mandatory to follow the game’s rules. There is no matter of spirit before the law.

3. Can Mankading done at the strikers end?

No, mankanding can be only at the non-striker’s end before the ball gets bowled.

Conclusion – Is Mankading Incidents In Cricket Is Allowed?

This article covers all the mankading incidents in cricket all over the world. Whether mankading incidents in cricket are allowed or not, it is thoroughly fair and allowed. MCC has decided to de-stigmatize non-striker run-outs in the latest Law updates. That will come into effect at the end of this year.

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