Best My11Circle Alternative

Best My11Circle Alternative 2023 – Found The Best One To Earn Easy Money

My11Circle is one of the online fantasy sports games created for fans. Bhavin Pandya is the co-founder and CEO of My11 Circle. An expert management team manages it with years of introduction in the online games industry.

To Support teamed up with former Indian captain Saurav Ganguly aka Dada, who is currently BCCIs chief and is the brand ambassador of My11Circle. It is all about beating the expert contest. Here are some best My11Circle alternative apps.

Best My11Circle Alternative 2023

My 11Circle is one of the popular fantasy cricket apps. Sourav Ganguly is the brand ambassador. This performance of quick withdrawal was available in My 1 1 Circle. Also, note that quick withdrawal will be available only for verified users. is one of the apps, part of Games(24/7), that gives the best fantasy games at your fingertips. It is performed to present the same gameplay experience as RummyCircle. But the apps require many permissions on the phone.

Best Alternative of My11Circle

Multiple apps are available in the market for playing fantasy, similar to My11 Circle. Let’s see the Best Alternative For My11Circle and compare their advantages and disadvantages to earn effortless money. A few of those are going to be discussed in this article.

Alternative #1: Dream11
Alternative #2: PlayerzPot
Alternative #3: LeagueX
Alternative #4: Faboom
Alternative #5: Howzat

Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
Dream11YesYes4.9Visit Website
PlayerzPotYesYes4.0Visit Website
LeagueXYesYes4.2Visit Website
FaboomYesYes4.0Visit Website
HowzatYesYes4.5Visit Website

Alternative #1: Dream11

Dream11 is a fantasy sports head application. It allows the user to create their football, cricket, hockey, etc., team and matches it against other users. Dream11 is one of the primary apps in the fantasy world.

With over 13 Crore players and a 4.9-star rating by the users, the Dream11 fantasy cricket app permits users to play various cricket layouts and challenge types using their cricketing ability. Users can participate in different challenges to win amazing prizes. Dream11 is the top best My11Circle alternative app.

Why Is Dream11 The Best My11Circle Alternative?

Reason #1: Features

Dream11 app is one of the leading apps in competitive platforms. Some of the features are that it is easy to register, has various gaming options, can refer a friend and earn a commission, and has easy withdrawal procedures.

Reason #2: Safe to Download

It is safe to download the Dream11 App; in the Dream11 app, deposit entry comes with 3D secure authentication to verify the safety and security of all users. Dream11 supports clarity in the process to ensure trust for all users.

Reason #3: Easy to Add Money

Adding money to your Dream11 account is simple and secure. Dream11 has different payment options sanctioned on Dream11 to ensure that their details are safe, so it is the best My11Circle alternative. After the user verifies their details, they can withdraw the money they win on Dream11 directly to their bank account.

Reason #4: Legal and Security

Dream11 fantasy app is 100% safe and legal. According to the Supreme Court of India report, Dream11 is a game of skill that makes it legal to play and win money with them. Also, the security of users’ details is the most important, and be sure that the users’ data stays safe on Dream11.

Reason #5: Risk-Free App

Millions of players use Dream11. They participate in paid matches. It is an entirely risk-free and legal procedure to create income. Dream11 is one of India’s largest fantasy sports platforms, with more than 1 million registered users. So the app will surely be in the market for a long time, making it the best My11Circle alternative.

Features of Dream11

  • It is easy to register.
  • Various gaming options.
  • Refer a friend and earn a commission.
  • Simple withdrawal procedures.


  • Easy to get money.
  • Have loads of entertainment.
  • Conference and convenience.
  • Easy to get started.


  • There is Heavy competition that reduces your chances of winning.
  • You can lose money quickly.

Dream11 FAQ

What People Say About It: If you trust in your cricket ability and understanding knowledge, you can assuredly win on Dream11. Before the match, I always examined the players, pitch arrival, demography, etc. Dream11 has surely helped me win.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the Dream11 app from AppStore.
  • Or you can simply go to the website and click on Download Now.
  • You will get a link on your Android device.
  • Once you open the app, it will prompt you to register to create a new user.
  • Enter the required data and create your Dream11 account.
  • After creating an account, click on any match you like to join.
  • Select 11 players to play for cricket to form your fantasy team with 100 credit points.
  • Once the team is created, you can join any league by placing the entry fee in that match.

Alternative #2: PlayerzPot

PlayerzPot is a Fantasy sports website in India. Users can use their sports knowledge to earn real cash prizes and gifts. PlayerzPot is 100% Legal and secure and is now running on fantasy platforms.

Bhuveneshwar Kumar and Smriti Mandhana joined PlayerzPot as brand ambassadors. Both of them are very famous trending players and are currently in good form. Playerzpot is also the best My11Circle alternative app.

Why Is PlayerzPot The Best My11Circle Alternative?

Reason #1: Features or PlayerzPot App users have availed the online information and database recovery services, including gaming services. They offered involvement in the various pots and fantasy games on PlayerzPot (Pots).

Reason #2: Registration Information

By registering to from a website or app, Users shall hold together all the given appellations for using the services provided by PlayerzPot. Some services are verification of the user, forgetting password by OTP verification, Mobile verification by OTP, etc.

When a DND service is active from the user’s side, the user will receive an SMS from PlayerzPot. So, it is with the full agreement of the users with the received SMS, even if the DND mode is on. This feature makes it to be the best My11Circle alternative.

Reason #3: Withdraw Money From App

Users want to link their Paytm wallet to the PlayerzPot Sports Fantasy League game account, and their winning amount is credited to their Paytm account for withdrawing the amount they won. The Minimum amount of users can withdraw Rs. 150.

Reason #4: PlayerzPot Responsibility

The evidence of playing 11 players for any match is data obtained from a third party. If the exhibited player does not play the corresponding match, then PlayerzPot does not clench any responsibility.

Reason #5: Customer Support

With a customer-significant address, they verify their customers’ greatest possible gain in an easy, dependable and secure way. With confirmed Standard Operating Procedures and processes, PlayerzPot’s Fantasy sports set one heart on to be one of the best management games for cricket. With these above valid reasons, this app must be the best My11Circle alternative.

Features of PlayerzPot

  • Newly Launched Fantasy App.
  • Brand and app interface.
  • Best Head2Head Leagues.
  • 100% Bonus usable in any league.
  • Earn lifetime: 10% by sharing PlayerzPot referral code.


  • Low Competition.
  • Good Brand Value and Trust.
  • Smriti Mandhana and Bhuvneshwar Kumar Promoting PlayerzPot.
  • Fast Withdrawal Process.
  • Responsive customer support service.


  • Minimum Payout: Rs.150.
  • Hard Referral program.

PlayerzPot FAQ

What People Say About It: One of the best fantasy cricket platforms for cricket fans. I am enjoying it a lot on PlayerzPot, and the most important thing is that they have friendly customer service.

Buying Guide

  • Download PlayerzPot APk app.
  • Click on sign up.
  • Enter your email address and fill password.
  • Enter your details and complete the profile.
  • Enter PlayerzPot referral code.
  • You want your account verified by clicking on the link furnished by PlayerzPot in your mailbox.
  • Now, you can log in to your PlazerzPot account with your email id.
  • Now that your account has been opened, you can join leagues and win cash.

Alternative #3: LeagueX

LeagueX was founded in April 2018 and stood up in the top 5 fantasy websites in India by the end of the year. LeagueX is one of the key players in India’s effective gaming site, and they offer fantasy cricket to passionate gamers.

LeagueX stairs the cricket sport up the fans, and to keep them at an all-time high, they offer them the chance to be squad owners themselves on their fantasy platform and are the best My11Circle alternative.

Users must need cricket knowledge and good decision-making skills to build their LeagueX squad within the maximum of 100 Cr. The squad earns points according to the performance of the players selected by the user in real-life matches.

Why Is LeagueX The Best My11Circle Alternative?

Reason #1: Functions and Popularity

LeagueX was established in 2018 in India by Arjun Shetty. The app is legal, and the platform has gathered a loyal following since its launch in India. It is popular among India’s online gaming groups for its fair website design and fine-adjust functions.

Reason #2: Gaming Options

LeagueX presents some matches in different cricket and football formats, including ODI, Test, T20, and World Cup tournaments. Accordingly, there is continual enthusiasm once the player starts the game. The website also presents bonuses and promotions at different game levels. LeagueX not only helps the users stay in their app and also to be the best My11Circle alternative.

Reason #3: Safe to Pay

LeagueX uses only supposed and proven third-party payment entrances that use too many security checks to inspect and follow every law on online transactions to ensure that all user payments are inscribed and secure.

Reason #4: Easy to Withdraw Money

Tab on the user dashboard by going to the ‘Withdraw Money,’ users can take out their LeagueX winnings anytime, making it the best My11Circle alternative. The user will not be charged any clarifying fee to withdraw this amount. LeagueX asks the user to give them their PAN and bank details to transfer the money.

Reason #5: LeagueX Formats

LeagueX provides leagues in two different formats, LeagueX Services are a public League where users can participate in a league with other users without any restriction on participation, and private Leagues, where users can ask particular users into a league and limit participation to such asked users.

Features of LeagueX

  • Users no need to verify their documents for referring and cash bonus.
  • Users can use their 100% cash bonus even in small and 2-member leagues.
  • Free entries in selected leagues.
  • Daily check-in rewards.
  • Quick withdrawal.
  • Good looking interface and is easy to use.


  • LeagueX is fast and smooth.
  • It has a good user-friendly interface.
  • Players get live updates for ongoing matches.
  • LeagueX accepts INR transactions.
  • It allows free entry for cashless matches.


  • The minimum deposit is high when compared to other fantasy apps.
  • The results are displayed late, making us wait a long time.

LeagueX FAQ

What People Say About It: LeagueX is the Best fantasy app I have ever seen. Very easy to use, has quick withdrawals, and many more. When compared to other apps, LeagueX is the best app.

Buying Guide

  • Go to the official website LeagueX.
  • Download LeagueX APK and open the APK.
  • Click on settings.
  • Enable the Allow 3rd-Party Downloads.
  • Click on the Install button.
  • Open the app on your Android device.
  • LeagueX grants players to participate free of cost in cashless tournaments on signing up.
  • Read the following rules about the app before starting the game.
  • Players should accept that they can win and lose the bet amount.

Alternative #4: Faboom

Faboom is one of the leading fantasy websites that help users win cash by using their sports knowledge and strategic skills. Faboom was awarded the Best Product Innovation award 2020 by FIFS for its unique Rank Fantasy Format.

Faboom brings an online cricket fantasy league platform for cricket lovers to put their cricket knowledge to the test, so it might also be the best My11Circle alternative. With fantasy sports catching the fancy of every Indian cricket fan, millions are making their fantasy teams and playing daily fantasy sports.

Why Is Faboom The Best My11Circle Alternative?

Reason #1: History of Faboom

Faboom was established by Pratik Kumar, Rishab Mathur, and Sudhir Kamath. They changed the Indian online poker business. The Brand Ambassador for the Faboom app is Bhuvan Bam, who was a popular Indian YouTuber. Bhuvan has worked on an innovative and ground-breaking initiative for Faboom.

Reason #2: New Feature

At present, Faboom has a new feature called Rank Fantasy. Here, users can rank the players they choose for their team instead of selecting a captain or vice-captain. A multiplier is appealed based on the player’s rank. This unique feature helps Faboom to be the best My11Circle alternative.

Reason #3: Sign Up For Bonus

Faboom is offering a signup bonus of 50 to all its users so they can try out this cricket fantasy league platform without depositing their amount. It gives many coupon codes and deposit bonuses too for the depositing before the match starts.

Reason #4: Pre and Post-Toss Contest

The Pre-Toss Contest is also called Boost Fantasy. Different players want different boosters. With a total of 100 credits, users can select 11 players. Users receive an extra 50 credits to go toward multiplying their favorite players (1x-3x) up to a maximum of 150.

The Post-Toss Contest is also called Rank Fantasy’s. Users must rate all 11 players to earn multipliers ranging from 2x to 1x. This competition concludes with the game. As a result, users may enter once the coin toss determines the lineups.

Reason #5: Safe and Secure

Faboom is entirely safe as it comes equipped with 3D secure authentication. Faboom verifies that the ethics of all the users have been correctly maintained. Also, being one of the best fantasy sports platforms, Faboom provides transparency while dealing with users, which might be lacking in other fantasy apps, making it the best My11Circle alternative.

Features of Faboom

  • All 11 players help the user to win, so the chances of winning increase.
  • Users can enter a match before or after the toss.
  • Rank all 11 Players or BOOST multipliers of all 11 Players.
  • You can play the game on any device with a private Faboom account.


  • Low Competition.
  • Bhuvan Bam Promoting Faboom.
  • Fast customer support services.


  • Different from other fantasy apps, so it’s difficult for users to understand.
  • Users can’t withdraw without completing their verification.

Faboom FAQ

What People Say About It: Faboom is the most popular application for earning money with the skill of game knowledge. Also, have a great chance to increase money with a small investment.

Buying Guide

  • Open Google or Google Chrome on Android or any other search engine you have on your mobile.
  • Type’ Download Faboom App’.
  • Click on the official website of Faboom.
  • Click on ‘Faboom App Download.’
  • Enter your phone number.
  • After you have verified your phone number using the OTP, provide your email address.
  • Now, successfully create your account in the Faboom app.

Alternative #5: Howzat

Howzat Fantasy cricket is an online fantasy game. Users can create a virtual cricket team of 11 players from an upcoming real-life match. The main target in fantasy league cricket is to score as many points as possible and achieve a winning position on the rankings board on the fantasy cricket app.

Playing on Howzat is very simple. Download the fantasy apk, register and select an upcoming match, create a virtual team by selecting the players you like, and join the matches. The user’s fantasy team scores, the better their odds of winning and the higher the prizes. Howzat is also considered the best My11Circle alternative.

Why Is Howzat The Best My11Circle Alternative?

Reason #1: Offers and Bonus

Howzat gives a group of exclusive offers, bonuses, and rewards. When the users make their first deposit, they get a welcome bonus of up to Rs.3000, which is the highest compared to any other fantasy app, thus making it the best My11Circle alternative. And can enjoy daily offers, referral bonuses, and much more on Howzat.

Reason #2: Practicing Cash Games

For the newcomers, they suggest users play free to practice games to brush up on their gaming skills. Once the users are familiar with their gaming platform and scoring system, they start playing cash games and win exciting cash prizes.

Reason #3: Play Real Time Match

Matches occur in real-time on Howzat, leaving no scope for unfair practices. Just create your dream team by selecting the best players, and users are all set to start their winning streak on Howzat.

Reason #4: User-Friendly Interface

Howzat’s user-friendly interface gives you a flawless gaming experience. A simple, easy-to-navigate lobby that allows users to select and join matches very easily is the best My11Circle alternative.

Reason #5: Safe and Secure

Deposit user cash into a Howzat account and withdraw user cash winnings with great ease and 100% safety. The app offers entirely secure payment entry for safe online transactions. The user money in the Howzat account is completely safe, and only the user has control over their account.

Features of Howzat

  • Zero loading time.
  • It occupies very little storage space.
  • Simple and easy to use.
  • A detailed but simple lobby for easy navigation.


  • Low Competition
  • Good Brand Value and Trust
  • Pollard Promoting Howzat.
  • Fast Withdrawal Process.
  • Instant Payment.


  • Hard Referral program.
  • Less customer assistance service.

Howzat FAQ

What People Say About It: Howzat is very simple and easy to use. I was amazed to see so many matches available. It’s a really good app where real players make the team.

Buying Guide

  • Open Google or Google Chrome on Android or any other search engine you have on your mobile.
  • Type ‘Download Howzat App’.
  • Click on the official website of Howzat.
  • Or, Give a missed call at 8860-799-599 to the app download link.
  • Finally, Click the link to start the download process.
  • Once downloaded complete the registration and start playing in the app.

Best Fantasy Apps Like My11Circle

These fantasy apps are to bring you the entertainment of playing cricket on your phone. Fantasy cricket apps are becoming more popular among players. There are many fantasy apps like My11Circle. This article will show the features and advantages of choosing those than My11Circle.

My11Circle Similar Websites

More cricket fans and lovers are eager to join the contests to use their cricket knowledge through their phones by using similar websites like My11Circle. These websites have increased the followers not only to sports but also to fantasy apps. Because of this, many fantasy apps are getting emerged daily.

My11Circle Free Alternatives

Now it was satisfying to the cheering crowd watching the match from their TV or the stadium. Presently, cricket fans would like to get more up close and personal with the game. So, various cricket fantasy apps and alternative apps like My11Circle are available on the market. My11Circle free alternatives are Dream11, LeagueX and Howzat.

Winner of Best My11Circle Alternative

Dream11 is one of the best fantasy cricket websites among other websites, and they provide details of all the matches. Dream11 clone app is newly introduced among all the latest fantasy apps in the market. Dream11 is the best My11Circle Alternatives and all other apps.

My11Circle Frequently Asked Questions:

#1. Who is the co-founder and CEO of My11Circle

Bhavin Pandya is the co-founder and CEO of My11Circle.

#2. Who is the brand ambassador of My11Circle?

Indian captain Saurav Ganguly aka Dada, is currently BCCIs chief and is the brand ambassador of My11Circle.

#3. Is that performed to present the same gameplay experience?

My11Circle is performed to present the same gameplay experience as RummyCircle.

Conclusion – Best My11Circle Alternative

With the above discussions, these are the apps that are the best My11Circle alternative apps and sites. Dream11, LeagueX and Howzat are the best ones to choose from the alternatives. They have less competition, allow multiple teams to play in the leagues and provide many features. These apps are also very much welcome on YouTube and Instagram. Reviews are also good on YouTube for these apps.

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