Myfab11 vs Fan2Play

Myfab11 vs Fan2Play 2023 – A Battle Between The Legends

People play fantasy games online, where players make virtual teams by selecting real-life players. The win or loss in the fantasy game depends upon the players’ real performance, which the user has chosen in their team.

Previously, I have observed an unbelievable 700% in fantasy sports gaming in India. There were 90 million fantasy games in India in 2019, and they estimated that there would be nearly 150 million fantasy gamers in this region by the end of 2022.

To earn money by playing fantasy cricket is legal in India. Indian laws protect all games of skill. Ability-based games come under Article 19(1)(g)of the rights of India. In this article, let’s see the comparison of Myfab11 vs Fan2Play.

Myfab11 vs Fan2Play

There are some pivotal discrepancies between Myfab11 and Fan2Play. Here we are going to discuss which will be the best Myfab11 vs Fan2Play application.

Myfab 11 is India’s most trusted Fantasy Sports platform. It has nine categories of sports: Cricket, Kabaddi, Basketball, Volleyball, Football, Hockey, Baseball, Handball, and Rugby.

Apart from Fantasy Sports, you can also participate in real-time quizzes for entertainment and to make some cool bucks. My fab11 has the lowest entry fees and a 100% cash bonus valid for a lifetime on the first deposit up to Rs.5,999.

Fan2Play is an online Fantasy Game platform. It builds platforms for all fantasy freaks with a mission to redefine the world of Fantasy Sports. It has been introducing a unique way of playing and enjoying Fantasy Sports.

Myfab11 vs Fan2Play

Referral BonusRs.100 for each referralRs.10 for each referral and 3% of Deposit Value
Referral CodeIIDIEJCHDJ79f2p1o63lb
Min DepositRs.1Rs.10
Min WithdrawalRs.150Rs.100

Which Is Better: Myfab11 vs Fan2Play ?

Myfab11 fantasy app is one of the leading apps that provides online fantasy games. This app allows users to play fantasy cricket and win amazing cash prizes and rewards.

My fab 11 users can not only play fantasy cricket but also play fantasy kabaddi, NBA, fantasy football, and fantasy volleyball. Users can use the Myfab11 referral code to get Rs.100 free bonus cash.

Fan 2 Play is one of the popular fantasy gaming apps. It offers two sports: cricket and football. The users can create their challenges or participate in the existing matches. Also, they can play one-on-one contests with their friends and families.

Fan2 Play app offers a referral program that allows users to send referral codes and earn a person to sign up with this code. It allows users to earn and improve their confinement rate for the business.

Common Features in Myfab11 and Fan2Play

In the following content, let’s see the common features of Myfab11 vs Fan2Play,

#1. Ease-to-use

Both apps are very easy to use and have access to play games. The users need a lot of practice and sports knowledge to win the matches. Playing in these apps might help analyze users’ sports skills.

#2. 50% of Winning Chances

Participating in these two gaming apps gives you more chances to win the games on your platform by competing with other teams. There are mostly 50% chances of winning the game.

#3. Verifying Original Identity

Comparing Myfab11 vs Fan2Play, both apps must verify real identity to withdraw the user winnings or funds. However, users can verify their accounts with their PAN card. Also, do not worry, as they will not leak the user’s details.

#4. Withdrawal options

Withdrawal options in Myfab11 vs Fan2Play, Normal Withdrawal mode takes around 3 to 5 business days to transfer the amount. Instant Withdrawal mode takes around 30 minutes for the withdrawal, but they will charge a small convenience fee.

#5. Customer Support

Myfab11 and Fan 2Play have good customer support, but it lacks quick solutions and responses as it doesn’t have any option to contact on the phone or through customer support. Users can contact them by using their company address or can contact them using their email.

Myfab11 Review

Myfab11 app is an online fantasy app. Users can earn real money by playing fantasy matches. It is a fantasy game sketched for fans or sports lovers who like to establish their game knowledge and analytical skills.

Myfab11 is the latest addition to the permanent Indian fantasy app market. In 2018 they began their services. Myfab11 is an Indian-based company that mostly focuses on Indian people.

Myfab11 is the crown jewel product of Fantasy Sports MyFab11 Private Limited. Nekraj Bhartiya is a Promoter of Myfab11 and Anikendra Das Choudhury is a Co-founder (CEO) at Myfab11.

Myfab11 gives classic fantasy cricket, including 2nd innings fantasy sports. 2nd innings fantasy sports differentiates it from other fantasy apps like Dream11 and MyTeam11.

Features of Myfab11

  • Free Rs.100 bonus for joining Myfab11.
  • On the first deposit, they offer a 100% Bonus.
  • The cash bonus will not expire.
  • Instant Withdrawal.
  • There are nine categories of sports to play.
  • Straightforward user interface.


  • Best refer and earn program.
  • Low competition.
  • Users can use a 100% bonus for leagues.
  • Fast Withdrawal Process.


  • Since there is less competition, the speed of the contest getting filled is slow.
  • Myfab11 user interface is slow when compared to other fantasy apps.

Myfab11 Frequently Asked Questions

Myfab11 Verdict

Myfab11 provides head-to-head contests with the lowest entry fees; because of this, users can save a lot of money here. Also, it provides fascinating rewards and prizes. Note that the competition will be less, so the winning chances will be higher. People say that entry fees are much lower than other apps.

Fan2Play Review

Fan2Play is one of the online fantasy game platforms for all fantasy experts. Players can use it to reanalyze the fantasy sports experience and offer a different way of playing and enjoying fantasy sports.

Presently, in this fantasy app, users can choose players based on their experience and challenge each other. The most outstanding strength of this app is that a player does not need to make an effort to pick the whole playing Xi.

Users can create their team by choosing 2,3 and 4 players who users think can play well, and then they are all settled to take the challenge. This fantasy program leads to two different ways of fantasy sports, which are cricket and football.

Fan2Play Games Pvt Ltd founded Fan2Play in 2020, and Shashi Kumar is a Co-Founder and General Manager of Operations of Fan2Play Games. The current Fan2Play brand ambassador is Ajay Thakur.

Features of Fan2Play

  • India’s fastest fantasy game.
  • You can create your teams with 2/3/4 Players to play fantasy faming.
  • Instant 200% welcome bonus available.
  • Lowest credit scores.
  • Best customer support.


  • You can use a 100% bonus and free entry to leagues.
  • Easy to create team because of less credit scores.
  • No need to choose whole team.


  • The number of fantasy sports is insufficient.
  • Lacking in the user interface.

Fan2Play Frequently Asked Questions

Fan2Play Verdict

You can enjoy your favourite sport anytime because it is a very safe and secure app. More importantly, competition will be less, so winning chances will be higher. It’s Super convenient and offers no restrictions while playing cricket.

Myfab11 vs Fan2Play Review

Fan2play entered the fantasy market to redefine the experience of fantasy sports. It offers a new and different way of playing and enjoying fantasy sports. But Myfab11 joined in a different approach targeting as many as nine sports categories, where users can choose which one they want to play to loot the real money using fantasy.

Fan2Play vs Myfab11 Review

Playing in the Myfab11 application allows you to showcase your analytical skills and the knowledge you can earn. There is no doubt that Fan2Play is India’s fastest-growing cricket fantasy app. It offers private leagues for almost any sport.

Winner of Myfab11 vs Fan2Play

By comparing the app Myfab11 vs Fan2Play, In Myfab11, users can get a chance to win huge cash prizes and other attraction rewards. Myfab11 not only provides cricket, but it also provides many games; surely, one must try it.

Fan2Play vs Myfab11 FAQ

#1. Who is the Promoter of Myfab11?

Nekraj Bhartiya is a Promoter of Myfab11.

#2. Who is the Co-founder of Myfab11?

Mr Anikendra Das Choudhury is a Co-founder (CEO) at MyFab11.

#3. What is the minimum withdrawal of Fan2Play?

The minimum withdrawal of Fan2Play is Rs.100.

#4. What are the sports available in Fan2Play?

Cricket, football and kabaddi are the sports available in Fan2Play.

Conclusion – Myfab11 vs Fan2Play

According to the comparison of Myfab11 vs Fan2Play, Myfab11 will be the best in sports and gain rewards, but while in competition, I would say Fan2Play will be the best because it has low competition, it has only two sports to play.

But Myfab11 has too many games to play. It might lower the chance of winning. In that case, Fan2Play competition will be low, which might help win the games. While analyzing the reviews of Myfab11 vs Fan2Play on Quora, Instagram, and YouTube, most people refer to the Fan2Play fantasy sports app.

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