Best MyTeam11 Alternative

Best MyTeam11 Alternative – Found The Best Alternative For You

MyTeam11 recently launched a Real-Time Quiz contest on its fantasy sports app where users can play the quiz in Real-Time and win Real Money. Best MyTeam11 Alternative became India’s first online fantasy cricket app to launch a Fantasy Rugby game on its fantasy platform.

Users can play multiple leagues of all formats of cricket, basketball, football, kabaddi, and volleyball in this game. By selecting the player, users have to create their teams. After creating the team, users can play the matches.

Playing this game, players can gain real-life currency by scoring the highest points in the contests. MyTeam 11 also enables the players to create private leagues for competing with family members and friends.

Best Alternative Of MyTeam11

MyTeam 11 is described as Play Fantasy Cricket and Football Leagues online and winning exciting cash prizes with India’s leading fantasy game platform. Create and join a top fantasy league among friends and family members with the free live score, match report, and get the result.

There are top five alternatives to MyTeam 1 1 for Android and online or web-based. The best MyTeam11 alternative apps are listed below, which are growing fast these days with less competition.

Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
Fan2playNoYes3.8Visit Website
My11CircleYesYes4Visit Website
Vision11YesYes4.7Visit Website
Dream11YesYes4.9Visit Website
GamezyYesYes4.6Visit Website

Best Alternative Of MyTeam11 – Best Fantasy App On This Year

Many fantasy league apps and MyTeam11 similar websites are available where you can play any game on your platforms by creating teams. You can compete with other teams and can earn cash on winning the games. Here are the top alternative to MyTeam11.

  • Alternative #1 : Fan2play
  • Alternative #2: My11Circle
  • Alternative #3: Vision11
  • Alternative #4: Dream11
  • Alternative #5: Gamezy

Alternative #1: Fan2play

Fan2Play platform provides fantasy gaming leagues where players can choose their teams and challenge and compete against each other by choosing multiple players for the game. Fan2play is the best MyTeam11 Alternative.

It is an online game where you generate a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your selected players perform in real-life matches. Players can enjoy and earn rewards and cash prizes by winning the game.

Fan2Play is legal and safe to play because the applicable law in India has clarified that Fan2Play’s Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football Games are a Game of Skill. All games and leagues at Fan2Play are planned following the Indian legal system.

Why Is Fan2play App The Best MyTeam11 Alternatives?

Reason #1: Refer and Earn to Get Rs. 25 per Touchstone

Fan2Play gives Rs. 25 on signup. Which makes it an eminent fantasy app in India. You have to showcase your cricket skills and knowledge and compete with other teams in real time. Now download Fan2Play APK app, play fantasy cricket, and earn money.

Reason #2: High Winning Chances Available

Participating in this Fan2Play gaming app gives you more chances to win the games on your platform by competing with other teams. There are mostly 50% chances of winning the game.

Reason #3: Only Limited Games

This Fantasy app provides you with only two games. Cricket and football are the only games where you can play the contests and win the game here. Sometimes you don’t get all the options from other gaming apps.

Reason #4: Pricing

Fan2Play apps are free to use and play games. It is a free alternative to MyTeam11. No need to deposit much money. A smaller payment is more than enough to deposit in this fantasy app. It gets Rs. 25 to sign up.

Reason #5: Support

If issues arise, we can correct them with the Fan2Play support team, who will acknowledge your KYC or questions. Their support is always available all day, making us think this is the best MyTeam11 alternative. They are customer friendly. Their services are trusted and associated with withdrawals across their email and social handles.

Features of Fan2play

  • Best fantasy app in India.
  • Refer and Earn to get Rs 25.
  • 100% Bonus usable in grand leagues.
  • Create the team with just 2/3/4 players.


  • Provides flexibility.
  • Gives a 100% bonus and free entry to leagues.
  • Winning possibilities are higher.
  • Safe and secure.


  • The number of Sports is insufficient.
  • Lacking in the user interface.

Fan2play Frequently Asked Questions

What people say about it: I was enjoying the gaming process of Fan2play. Also, I earn more money with my effective skills in gaming sports. They are free to enter leagues.

Buying Guide

  • Download and Install the App.
  • After Installing, do the registration.
  • Signup with Facebook Id, Email Id, or mobile number.
  • Create your team in the Fan2play app.
  • Join the Fantasy leagues, and earn cash.

Alternative #2 : My11Circle

My11Circle is an online fantasy game outline for fans who like to display their cricket knowledge and analytical skills. Here, you ready a selector’s hat and create a playing XI of your choice: a set of players you think will keep the scorers busy and observers on the edge of their seats. My11Circle is the best MyTeam11 alternative.

Here, you believe in your skills and create your fortune – all with the help of on-field players you placed your trust in. You aren’t a basic spectator anymore. You get to be the director of your team. My11Circle is directed by a professional management team with many years of experience in the online games industry.

Why Is My11Circle App The Best MyTeam11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Earn Money

My11Circle Referral code platform allows you to find an extra income succession on an efficient basis. And at a similar time, you can use your free time to create a good occurrence. So this platform assists you in two valuable ways.

Reason #2: Safe Transactions

The most important feature is that the My11Cricle Referral code platform has always continued in certain transactions. Whatever you earn in this game will instantly extend your bank account safely. Because of their safe transactions, many think My11Circle as the best MyTeam11 alternative.

Reason #3: Seems Real And Engaging

In truth, you can assemble a fantasy team with all the players. It must be a very exciting thing. As a participant, you will always enjoy this online match. And suffering to use the best approach to support your fantasy team win.

Reason #4: An Open Crown

Aside from cricket, you can also compare other sports on the app. In India deserted, the FIFA viewership was 300 million, although the country did not participate. Likewise, with cricket and supplemental sports, non-participating countries will make up a large destiny of your target spectator. As a user, we have a wide range of sports to play, making it one of the best MyTeam11 alternatives.

Reason #5: Less Loading Time

My11Cricle referral code is so technically modern that its loading time is reduced when you free it using a mobile or computer device. This position is very well fabricated so that anyone can comfortably understand and assemble online matches. Here are some easy companions you can attend to make the game simple and get a chance to build a team.

Features Of My11Circle

  • Reduced entry fee.
  • Earn more bonus cash.
  • Exclusive discounts.
  • Easy to double the money.


  • Low competition.
  • Discredit value and trust.
  • Fast withdrawal action.
  • Instant payment.
  • Quick customer support services.


  • ID verification is required for withdrawal.
  • Their apps need many permissions on the phone.

My11Circle Frequently Askeed Questions

What People say about it: I think it is worth it. I have fun with it. I do play the ones for money. I believe you’re playing a game and not having fun trying this. I’m having fun.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the My11Circle application.
  • After installation, do the registration.
  • Sign up with the mobile number or email id.
  • Select any league from the list.
  • Create the real players from both team.
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain for the My11Circle Team.
  • Join different contests.
  • Check your score after finishing the match.

Alternative #3: Vision11

Vision11 is one of the latest fantasy sports apps in India. But this has not stopped the company from pushing out extensive prizes. With over 1.7 million downloads and 200k+ reviews on Instagram and telegram, it is clear that the Vision11 Fantasy App is here to stay in the long run.

The Vision11 App is the best MyTeam11 Alternative. You can earn money and other awards for your skills, expertise, and knowledge about sports. With multiple sports accessible on the app, you are decided to find your favorite sport and team indeed.

If you are current with fantasy sports, do not worry! We have you covered as well. Here’s all that you require to know about Vision11 Fantasy Sports.

Why Is Vision11 App The Best Myteam11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Upgrade Your Chance Of Winning

If you choose a game and then you are abstracted to the dashboard. So you have to select a game. Different types of games have individual variations, from single-sided games to tournaments. Here you can grace the special fantasy player for each game.

Reason #2: Selecting The Member Of Term

In this, you must first build a team and select the members. You must maintain a player ratio set according to your particular playing standards. A maximum of 7 players are chosen for the game of cricket.

Reason #3: Participate

We can further play this game with your friends or family. You can form teams and play different games simultaneously. It becomes a social phenomenon that creates polyphony and unity. You can further participate in tournaments simultaneously.

Reason #4: Rewards

Players can sign up for Rs.100 prizes. You can also win cards and other awards. When you pay Rs.200 You can acquire it through Paytm and Bank Deposit. Vision11 lets you see the value of the time invested in the gameplay.

Reason #5: Comprises

The application comprises reflexive leaderboards. It ranks you on the principle of your performance and skills. You further acquire awards in the app. In this, you acquire cashback, cards, and more. Since we can track our performance and skills, we can consider one of the best MyTeam11 alternatives.

Features Of Vision11

  • Bonus on every referral or signup code.
  • Users can withdraw upto Rs.10,000 at a time.
  • Lots of practice contests available.


  • Low competition presently.
  • Good brand value, safe and truthful.
  • High initial credit.
  • 24×7 customer support services available.


  • ID verification is needed for withdrawal.
  • The prize pond is not as high as a few other apps, etc.

Vision11 Frequently Asked Questions

What People say about it: It has become the favorite fantasy platform with its quality services, high cash prize, and impressive UI.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Vision11 application from it’s official wesbite.
  • Install the downloaded Vision11 APK.
  • Click on registration and give your details.
  • Like as Mobile number, Email Id, Date of birth.
  • You will get your Vision11 account id and password.
  • Verify by OTP.
  • Registration will be completed.
  • Open the Vision11 app.
  • Select the game you want to play.
  • Join the contest and loot money.

Alternative #4: Dream11

Dream11 is a fantasy gaming app. With 12 crore+ users and 1000+ contests daily, Dream11 is one of India’s largest fantasy gaming platforms. The Dream11 app is rated at 4.7/5 as per their website.

With multiple sports available, you can surely find out the sport for you to play fantasy gaming. With multiple contests daily, you stand a chance of winning and earning daily.

There are mega contests available on the app through which you can earn up to 1 lakh rupees, which makes it as the best MyTeam11 alternative. To add to this, Dream11 is an app developed in our country and is only open to Indian users.

Why Is Dream11 App The Best MyTeam11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Easy Money

Dream11 are major factors why players under 18 are also involved in apps like this. One can start playing a fantasy sports match by paying as low as 25 rupees. People typically prefer to find attractive contests because it gives them a better chance to make easy money regularly. Since we can earn money in our free time just with Rs.25, this is one of the best MyTeam11 alternatives.

Reason #2: Loads Of Entertainment

Many people are involved in playing Fantasy Cricket because of the entertainment value it offers. When you select a player, your support isn’t lost on that player even when they don’t play, so you’ll always be supporting your favorite player every match.

Reason #3: Conveniences

Dream11 allows dreamers like us to experience fantasy sports from the comfort of our homes. We Create Dream11 so that people worldwide can enjoy the thrill of fantasy sports in an affordable and enjoyable way.

Reason #4: Easy To Get Started

Dream11 is the Official website. You can get the official links to download the app and install it on your smartphone. If you are exceptional at predicting, create a team of your favorite players and live in the contest. You can do it from anywhere and anytime. This feature takes it to the top of the list of the best MyTeam11 alternative.

Reason #5: Authentic

Dream11 is also the official partner of VIVO IPL season 2021. The company’s corporate office is located in Mumbai, Maharashtra. So, if you ever doubt the winning could be fake, here are the reasons not to believe them. No company as big as Dream11 would lose its goodwill because of fake reports.

Features Of Dream11

  • Many offer winning options.
  • View player statistics.
  • Quite and User-friendly.
  • Play and win the lakh of rupees.


  • The app is safe to use.
  • Most rewarding fantasy tournament.
  • Low minimum withdrawal amount Rs.50.
  • 24×7 customer support services are used.


  • Large user base.
  • The app interface is not very friendly at the moment.

Dream11 Frequently Asked Questions

What People say about it: I love the app and would recommend this to all the cricket buffs. Dream11 can be a good way to earn winnings, given that the number of users is currently lower than MyTeam11.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install Dream11 from its official website.
  • Install the app to complete the registration.
  • Signup by providing the necessary details.
  • Choose the sports you want to play in Dream11.
  • Create a team by its rules.
  • Join any contest you wish to play.
  • Check the results once the game is completed.

Alternative #5: Gamezy

Gamezy APK is a Sports Fantasy app initiated by Cricketer KL Rahul. Gamezy was launched by a major Gaming company, Gameskraft, which also has many other famous apps.

In Gamezy, you will get the best possible in-app experience. Win cash prizes by joining World Cup & other fantasy matches available on Gamezy app, so download now. On Gamezy, you can win a huge amount of real money by participating in great nail-biting cricket matches.

Gamezy also allows you to join the contests midway, even when the match has started, a superb feature. Gamezy apk download has been appreciated by many users who are winning daily cash prizes in different World Cup live matches. Let’s see why Gamezy is considered one of the best MyTeam11 alternatives.

Why Is Gamezy App The Best Myteam11 Alternative?

Reason #1: Less Competition

The users will get very less competition in this app. And this means that they get more chances of winning big rewards using their cricketing knowledge and skills.

Reason #2: Not Compulsory To Play An 11-A Side Match

Playing an 11-A side match in this Gamezy app is not compulsory. It depends on the players to play 11-A side tournaments or 5-A side tournaments. Two options are available for the users to decide.

Reason #3: Provides a Variety of Contests

Many players sign up for the first time on a fantasy app platform. To give a real-time performance, the Gamezy gives an option of Practice Contests. In this, the user can play any type of game without using money before joining a cash-based contest.

Reason #4: Pricing

The winning chances in these leagues are much higher, and it is simple to find players on high-priced tables like Rs 1255, Rs 1555, Rs 2333, etc. The Gamezy app is free to download. Also, we can play free practice contests here.

Reason #5: Support

Suppose You have any issues or grievances relating to any aspect of the services. In that case, You may approach the Gamezy customer care and grievance redressal team to resolve such problems by writing to their official mail id.

Features Of Gamezy

  • Newly launched fantasy app.
  • Quite user-friendly.
  • Multiple games are available.


  • This app provides many offers.
  • Easy to use.
  • Provides multiple games of option.
  • A free contest is offered daily.


  • Support email is not provided.
  • Lack of support for live chat.

Gamezy Frequently Asked Questions

What people say about it: I am a passionate user of the Gamezy App. It is an easy and user-friendly app that gives many cash bonuses. It is user-friendly, safe, and secure.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Gamezy app.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Enter your email Id.
  • Users will get an invite code and a bonus of Rs 100/.
  • Once registration is completed, join the contest and play in Gamezy app.

MyTeam11 similar Alternatives

If you are struggling to stay on top of MyTeam 11, then here are the best MyTeam11 alternative apps, and some MyTeam11 similar apps might be useful to everyone, are interesting, and that will help you be rewarded.

People nowadays are very fond of Fantasy apps. Everyone is interested in playing Fantasy League games for the following reasons.

  • For making money by winning and gives cash prizes to the winners.
  • Fantasy apps are easy to use and with a user-friendly interface.
  • It is highly secure, and customer support is highly supportive.
  • Reduces the stress by creating teams for fun and playing with family.

MyTeam11 Free Alternatives

Likely My11Circle, Real11, Gamezy, Fan2play, and Vision11 are the top MyTeam11 alternative sites. MyTeam11 is the youngest fantasy cricket app in India and it was launched in 2019. There are many fantasy league apps and MyTeam11 similar apps 2023 available where you can play any type of game on your own platforms by creating teams.

Winner of Best MyTeam11 Alternative

Dream11 is the best MyTeam11 alternative. It has a wide range of contests where users can win a lot of money. Also, in Dream11, we have a mega contest where users get a chance to win Rs.1L. Here we have discussed the Best MyTeam11 alternative sites and top alternatives for MyTeam11.

Best MyTeam11 Alternative FAQ

1. Is MyTeam11 safe or not?

Yes, MyTeam11 is completely safe and secure.

2. What is the minimum amount of withdrawal in MyTeam11?

Rs.100 is the minimum amount of withdrawal.

3. Who owns MyTeam11?

Mr Sanjit Sihag is owner of MyTeam11.

Conclusion – Best MyTeam11 Alternative

With the above discussions, Best MyTeam11 Alternative, Dream11, and Vision11 are the best ones to choose from. They have less competition and allow multiple teams to play in the leagues. They provide many features that make them the Best Alternative For MyTeam11. These apps are also very much welcome on YouTube and Instagram. Reviews are also good on YouTube for these apps.

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