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Top 5 Best Real11 Alternative – #1 These Are Popular and Trusted Every Time

Fantasy cricket is at its top. Fantasy apps are advertised on TV, on the internet, and everywhere you see. Fantasy Platforms, such as Real11, are the official partners in many small leagues. Moreover, they had title sponsors of the League in 2020.

With the 100 million+ sporty user base competing daily against each other on their platform, the competition on Real11 is high. Real11 constantly changes the teams during the game. Therefore, winning Real11 is not possible anymore.

The situation is complicated because more corporations work full-time. Here are some Fantasy platforms with less competition than Real11, which are the best Real11 Alternative and have some unique features that make you win.

Best Real11 Alternatives – Which Is Ultimate and Superior

Here are the Best Real11 Alternative apps, top Real11 Alternative Sites, and some Real11 similar apps that might be useful to everyone, which are exciting and will help you be rewarded.

People nowadays are very fond of Fantasy apps. Everyone is interested in playing Fantasy League games for the following reasons.

#1. Fantasy apps make money by winning and giving cash prizes to the winners.
#2. Fantasy apps are easy to use and with a user-friendly interface.
#3. It’s highly secure, and customer support is highly supportive.

Best Alternative For Real11 – One Must Try

Like Gamezy, Ballebaazi, and Vision11, are all the best fantasy apps like Real11. My11circle is also the best in fantasy apps. It was India’s youngest fantasy cricket app, launched in January 2019.

Many Fantasy League apps and Real11 similar websites are available where you can play any game on your platforms by creating teams. You can compete with other teams and can earn cash on winning the games.

Fantasy apps also provide some real11 free alternatives and the best real11 alternatives to playing the leagues. Real11 is a free Fantasy sports gaming app developed by Real11 Fantasy Sports LLP. The app also gives you the options like adding friends and family members, which provides the players with a bonus. Here are the best Real11 Alternatives.

  • Alternative #1: Fan2Play
  • Alternative #2: Gamezy
  • Alternative #3: MyTeam11
  • Alternative #4: Vision11
  • Alternative #5: Ballebaazi
Product NameMoney BackLive SupportRatingAction
Fan2PlayNoYes3.8Visit Website
GamezyYesYes4.6Visit Website
MyTeam11NoYes4.6Visit Website
Vision11YesYes4.7Visit Website
BalleBaaziYesYes4.8Visit Website

Alternative #1: Fan2Play

Fan2Play platform provides fantasy gaming leagues where players can choose their teams and challenge and compete against each other by selecting multiple players for the game. It is the best real11 alternatives app.

It is an online game where you generate a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your selected players perform in real-life matches. Players can enjoy and earn rewards and cash prizes by winning the game.

Fan2Play is legal and safe to play because the applicable law in India has clarified that Fan2Play’s Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football games are a Game of Skill. All games and leagues at Fan2Play are planned following the Indian legal system.

Fan2Play platform provides fantasy gaming leagues where players can choose their teams and challenge and compete against each other by selecting multiple players for the game. It is the best real11 alternatives app.

It is an online game where you generate a virtual team of real cricket players and score points depending on how your selected players perform in real-life matches. Players can enjoy and earn rewards and cash prizes by winning the game.

Fan2Play is legal and safe to play because the applicable law in India has clarified that Fan2Play’s Fantasy Cricket and Fantasy Football games are a Game of Skill. All games and leagues at Fan2Play are planned following the Indian legal system.

Why Is Fan2Play The Best Real11 Alternatives?

Reason #1: Refer & Earn to Get Rs. 25 per Touchstone

Fan2Play gives Rs. 25 on signup. Which makes it an eminent fantasy app in India. By showcasing your cricket skills and knowledge and competing with other teams in real-time. Now Download the Fan2Play apk app, play fantasy cricket, and earn money.

Reason #2: High Winning Chances Available

Participating in this Fan2Play gaming app gives you more chances to win the games on your platform by competing with other teams. There are mostly 50% chances of winning the game.

Reason #3: Only Limited Games

This Fantasy app provides you with only two games. Cricket and Football are the only games where you can play the contests and win the game here. Sometimes you don’t get all the options from other gaming apps.

Reason #4: Pricing

Fan2Play apps are free to use and play games. It is a free alternative to Real11. There was no need to deposit much money. A smaller payment is more than enough to deposit in this fantasy app. It gets Rs. 25 to sign up.

Reason #5: Support

If issues arise, we can correct them with the Fan2Play support team, who will acknowledge your KYC or questions. Their support is available all day and all the time. They are customer friendly. Their services are trusted and associated with withdrawals across their email and social handles. Fan2play is the best real11 alternatives with its features.

Features of Fan2Play

  • India’s fastest Fantasy Game.
  • You can create your teams with 2/3/4 Players to play Fantasy Gaming.
  • Instant 200% Welcome Bonus available.
  • Lowest Credit Scores.
  • Best Customer Support.


  • Provides flexibility.
  • Real11 gives you a 100% bonus and free entry to leagues.
  • Winning possibilities are higher.
  • Safe and secure.


  • The number of Sports is insufficient.
  • Lacking in the user interface.

Fan2Play Frequently Asked Qusetions

What people say about it: I was enjoying the gaming process of Fan2Play. Also, I earn more money with my practical skills in gaming sports. They are free to enter leagues.

Buying Guide

  • Download the app from the app store.
  • After downloading, install the app.
  • Click on join to create your account.
  • Enter the details
    • Name
    • Mobile Number
    • Email
    • State
  • Username and password.
  • Now, log in to your account.

How To Deposit Money at Fan2play?

  • Click the Wallet icon on the top corner of the screen.
  • After that, select the “Add Cash” button.
  • Put the amount you want to add.
  • Only one mode of payment is available, which is Paytm.

Alternative #2: Gamezy

Another good platform to play fantasy cricket League is none other than Gamezy. Even though it is relatively new, it has 1 million users in just one year and has fascinating and unique features.

Second innings features allow users to create teams and compete only for the second innings of the match, not the whole game. Gamezy will be helpful in situations where you are not confident about how the pitch will play out, and based on all the data you get from the first innings, you may probably team up for the second innings.

Due to the formation of a real team of real cricket players, this is a fantastic platform for sports. One can get a chance to win money with it. An open door where you can choose your 11 games for both teams. For these reasons, Gamezy is the best Real11 Alternatives.

Why Are Gamezy The Best Real11 Alternatives?

Reason #1: Less Competition

The users will get significantly less competition in this app. And this means that they get more chances of winning big rewards using their cricketing knowledge and skills.

Reason #2: Not Compulsory to Play An 11-A Side Match

Playing an 11-A side match in this Gamezy app is not compulsory. It depends on the players to play 11-A side tournaments or 5-A side tournaments. Two options are available for the users to decide.

Reason #3: Provides a Variety of Contests

Many players sign up for the first time on a fantasy app platform. The Gamezy provides an option with Practice Contests to give them a real-time performance. In this, the user can play any game without using money before joining a cash-based contest.

Reason #4: Pricing

The winning chances in these leagues are much higher, and it is simple to find players on high-priced tables like Rs 1255, Rs 1555, Rs 2333, etc. The Gamezy app is free to download. Also, we can play free practice contests here.

Reason #5: Support

Suppose You have any issues or grievances relating to any aspect of the Services. In that case, you may approach the Gamezy customer care and grievance redressal team to resolve such problems by writing to their official mail id.

Features of Gamezy

  • Quite user-friendly.
  • A user can play a full match, live sports, and second innings in live fantasy cricket.
  • Customer support is available all the time.
  • The users can play multiple games at the same time.


  • This app provides many offers.
  • Easy to use and are in understandable language.
  • In Gamezy, you can create multiple teams.
  • The free contest is offered daily.


  • Lack of support for live chat.
  • Support email is not provided.

Gamezy Frequently Asked Question

What people say about it: I am a passionate user of the Gamezy App. It is an easy and user-friendly app that gives many cash bonuses. It is user-friendly, safe, and secure.

Buying Guide

  • Download the Gamezy app.
  • Install and open the app.
  • Enter your mobile number.
  • Users will get an invite code and a bonus of Rs.100.
  • Enter your OTP number.

How To Play Fantasy Cricket In The Gamezy App?

  • Select a match.
  • Create a team.
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain of your fantasy team.
  • Now join the contest and play the game.

Alternative #3: MyTeam11

MyTeam11 is a strategy-based sports gaming app developed by MyTeam11 Fantasy Sports Private Limited. MyTeam11 is the best real11 alternatives app because, with this app, users can check their basic skills in sports.

In MyTeam11, you can play multiple leagues of all formats of cricket, basketball, football, kabaddi, and volleyball. By selecting the player, users have to create their teams. After making the team, users can play the matches.

Playing this game, players can gain real-life currency by scoring the highest points in the contests. MyTeam11 also enables the players to create private leagues for competing with family members and friends.

Why Is MyTeam11 The Best Real11 Alternatives?

Reason #1: Enables Users to Create Private Leagues

MyTeam11 allows users to create a Private League contest with a minimum of 2 players and a maximum of 50 players. The user can specify the maximum Winning amount to be Rs.50,000, and the minimum Winning amount for a private league can be defined as Rs.20.

Reason #2: Refer & Earn money

MyTeam11 offers a great Refer & Earn Policy which benefits both the Referrer and the Referent, that you can check out on their app. The process of withdrawing your balance is also quite simple.

Reason #3: Joining Multiple Leagues

On the MyTeam11 platform, you can play multiple leagues where you can create a maximum of 10 teams. Joining the League with more teams means you have a higher chance of winning.

Reason #4: Pricing

An entry fee amount has to be paid to join the contest. Users pay the fee to compete with the other teams and win cash rewards. But the entry fee is much. Have to pay Rs.200 as a minimum payment. MyTeam11 also provides free leagues to the players.

Reason #5: Support

MyTeam11 provides 24/7 customer support to users. Because of this, users choose MyTeam11 compared to other fantasy apps in the best Real11 alternatives. Suppose any issues can be directly written to them as a complaint or feedback to their mail id. Their team must clear that.

Features of MyTeam11

  • You can play multiple matches in different sports games.
  • Can Create teams and select players.
  • It helps to earn Real-life currency.
  • Users can also create Private leagues.
  • Can Compete with friends and families.


  • Having low competition.
  • Having good brand value and trust.
  • Promoting by Virendra Sehwag.
  • Instant payment and fast withdrawal process.
  • Providing good customer service.


  • Rs.200 is a minimum payout.
  • For withdrawing the amount, ID verification is a must.
  • The referral program is complex.

MyTeam11 Frequently Asked Question

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the MyTeam11 application.
  • After installation, do the registration.
  • Sign up with the mobile number or email id.

How To Play the Game in MyTeam11

  • Open the MyTeam11 app.
  • Select any leagues from the list.
  • Create a team of real players from both teams.
  • Choose the captain and vice-captain for your Myteam11 Team.
  • Join different contests.
  • Check your score after finishing the match.

Alternative #4: Vision11

Vision11 is a fantasy-based gaming app developed by Vision11 Private Limited. It is a free sports app. Users can play fantasy games and analyze their knowledge about sports.

Select a particular match and play the games here. Users have to create a team of real-life players after selecting the matches. After that, play the game, compete with the other teams, and score higher points.

This Vision11 app gives you amazing rewards and exciting cash prizes for scoring higher points. You can enjoy your favorite sport anytime because it is a very safe and secure app. Vision11 might be the best Real11 Alternatives.

Why Is Vision11 The Best Real11 Alternatives?

Reason #1: One Tournament with Multiple Teams

Multiple teams can play in one tournament. The competition will also be less, and you can win the game easily with many exciting prizes and cash rewards. There will be more winning chances for this fantasy app.

Reason #2: Three Steps to Win Rewards

Choose a match from your likable sport, then create your Vision11 team with the best players using your skill. Join both the cash and free contest and play the game and win.

Reason #3: Rs.100 is the Minimum Withdrawal

A minimum instant withdrawal from Vision11 is Rs. 100, and a maximum amount of withdrawal is Rs. 50000 per day from your winnings. This feature weighs more pros than other fantasy apps in the race between the best Real11 alternatives.

Reason #4: Pricing

Users can participate with minimum entry fees and earn rewards with almost zero investment at vision11. 20% Referral Benefits are available. We can use bonuses for the contests.

Reason #5: Support

Suppose any issues can be directly reached the customer support of Vision11 app and can give as a complaint or feedback through their mail id. For any business inquiries, contact their business id.

Features of Vision11

  • Can score higher points.
  • Compete with other teams in one tournament.
  • Unique rewards are provided.
  • This app gives real cash rewards.
  • Safe and secure to use this app.


  • Competition is low for now.
  • Having good Brand Value, Safe and Trusted apps.
  • It gives a good Referral program
  • It offers high initial credit
  • Provides customer support services
  • Minimum payout.


  • ID verification is a must.
  • Prize rewards are not as high as other apps.

Vision11 Frequently Asked Question

What people say about it: People say that Vision11 has 1.5 m+ downloads and approximately 50m+of total winnings won by the platform. It has become the favorite fantasy platform with its quality services, high cash prize, and impressive UI.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the app.
  • Click on registration and give your details.
  • Mobile number
  • Email
  • Date of birth
  • Vision11 account id and password
  • Verify by OTP.
  • Registration will be completed.

How To Play the Game in Vision11

  • Select the match.
  • Create a team of 11 players.
  • Choose captain and vice-captain.
  • Then choose the contest you have to play.

How To Deposit on Vision11

  • Open the app.
  • Choose the account.
  • Add the cash that you want to add to your Vision11 account.
  • Proceed to the process of payment.

Alternative #5: Ballebaazi

Ballebaazi is a game prediction app developed by Sports11Arena. It is a free sports gaming app. Here we can easily collect the prediction statistics of all the prediction experts. We can consider this app as a Best Real11 Alternatives.

Players must get fantasy predictions and tips to win the fantasy cricket leagues. This app provides detailed analysis and pitch analysis and offers a preview of matches.

It provides all alerts of fantasy cricket series like T20 matches, Big Bash League, and IPL. With the availability of these features, users can quickly get match predictions from experts without watching the videos.

Why Is Ballebaazi The Best Real11 Alternatives?

Reason #1: Variety of Leagues

Ballebaazi gives a vast pool and variety of leagues over the sports it features on the platform. The league structures comprise micro leagues, mega leagues, Baazigar 10K, 20K, 50K, etc.

Reason #2: Minimum Withdrawal of Amount

You need to add an amount of a minimum of INR 10 at least once to your Ballebaazi account to make a withdrawal possible. The minimum withdrawal amount is INR 10 for Paytm and INR 100 for Bank Account.

Reason #3: Free Cricket App

Ballebaazi is a free fantasy cricket app that everyone can download. It provides the best from the world of fantasy cricket and is all-inclusive.

Reason #4: Pricing

Just 49 likewise, it has certain Bonus leagues where if a user gets a promotion bonus through the deposit codes, we can use the amount in such leagues. The app mentions that users can use up to 100% of their bonus in such leagues.

Reason #5: Support

Ballebaazi provides customer service anytime. You no need to look at the clock to refer Ballebaazi fantasy game support system. Issues can be recovered directly at any time through customer support.

Features of Ballebaazi

  • Ballebaazi gives predictions and tips.
  • Multiple prediction experts are there.
  • Provides explained analysis and pitch analysis.
  • Previews of matches are shown.
  • Notifications are provided for all cricket series.


  • Low Competition.
  • Having good Brand Value and Trusted apps.
  • Ballebaazi is promoted by Yuvraj Singh.
  • The withdrawal process is faster.
  • Quick customer support services.


  • Rs.100 is the minimum payout.
  • ID verification is compulsory for the withdrawal of an amount.
  • The referral program is complicated.

Ballebaazi Frequently Asked Question

What People say about it: I think it’s worth it. I have fun with it. I do play the ones for money. I believe if you’re playing a game and you’re not having fun, try this. I’m having fun.

Buying Guide

  • Download and install the app through the Ballebaazi website.
  • Sign up with a mobile number or email id.
  • Select matches.
  • Create a team of 11 players.
  • Choose a captain and vice-captain for your team.
  • Join the contests.
  • Score more points.
  • Check your score after finishing the match.

Top or Best Real11 Alternatives – That Will Inspire You

In previous years, the fantasy cricket app Real11 went viral, which may have created more traffic on this Real11 app. In this way, many companies compete with the Real11 fantasy app.

Due to this competition and traffic on Real11, many created an alternative Real11 app, and many succeeded, but many also failed. The Best Real11 Alternatives apps are listed below, growing fast these days with less competition.

Best Fantasy Apps Like Real11

The best fantasy app like Real11 is Dream 11, the most popular and trending fantasy sports app in India with the largest user base. This app allows users to play fantasy games, including cricket, hockey, football, basketball, and kabaddi.

Real11 Similar Websites

There are many fantasy apps available on the market. Fan2Play, Gamezy, MyTeam11, Vision11, and Ballebaazi are similar websites which almost have the features of Real11.

Real11 Free Alternatives

Real11 is a fantasy app where users can play with their instincts, considering how the real players play in the match. MyTeam11 is the best free alternative while comparing its features with Real11.

Real11 App Download

Steps to Real11 app download in android apps.

  • Go to the official website of Real11.
  • Click on “Real11 on Android.”
  • The real11 app gets downloaded on your android app.
  • You can start playing your fantasy games by joining the contest.

Steps to Real11 app download in iOS apps.

  • Go to the official website of Real11.
  • Click on “Real11 on the App Store.”
  • The real11 app gets downloaded on your iOS app store.
  • Start your registration process and enjoy the fantasy.

Frequently Asked Questions

Which fantasy app can I use 100% bonus?

Like Real11, Gamezy, and Vision11, you can get a 100% bonus.

Is winning cash daily by playing fantasy cricket possible?

Definitely yes. Many users were playing and winning rewards daily.

Is Fantasy App legal or not?

The Court informed that Fantasy App like Dream11, Gamezy, and Real11 is a legitimate business activities protected under Article 19(1)(g) of the Constitution of India.

Is Real 11 safe?

Yes, Real 11 is safe and secure as it abides the rules of fantasy law.

Real11 is safe or not?

Real 11 is safe to play and satisfy your fantasy needs. You can withdraw your funds without any hiicups.


Vision11 might be the Best Real11 Alternative. Here we have discussed the best Real11 Alternatives sites and top Alternatives for Real11. While analyzing all these five apps, Vision11 is considered the best. Because it provides multiple games and teams to play the games and winning rewards is also significant.


With these above discussions, Fan2Play and Vision11 are the best real11 alternatives to choose from first. They have less competition and allow multiple teams to play in the leagues. Provides many features.

These apps are also very much welcome on YouTube and Instagram. Reviews are also good on YouTube for these apps. The above five apps are the top fantasy apps.

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