Winning Teams In Super Smash Finals

List Of Winning Teams In Super Smash Finals – #1 Winning! Team Of Super Smash

Winning teams in Super smash finals: Since 2005, Super Smash has been running, which is the men’s Twenty20 domestic cricket competition in New Zealand, whereas, from the year 2018-19, Women’s Super Smash has been started. You can find the Super Smash name list of the winners and the most successful teams.

The tournament will have a double round-robin for the playoffs qualifying with the top three teams. Since the 2010-11 season, each side has been allowed to play up to two overseas players per the competition’s rules.

In this article, we will see the winning teams in the Super smash finals and Which team has the most runner-ups in the super smash tournament.

List Of Winning Teams In Super Smash Finals – Interesting Facts!

By giving their best in the tournament, some teams make their name. The details of the Super Smash winners List and the most victorious teams list of complete information can be checked out here.

In New Zealand, since the 2005-6 season, winning teams in Super smash finals men’s domestic T20 competition of Super Smash was held annually. In the 2005-6 finals, Canterbury Wizards were the launching Champions of the Super Smash because they defeated Auckland Aces by six wickets. Therefore in this tournament, there have been 17 editions.

Until the 2013-14 season for the now-defunct Champions League Twenty20 tournament, the winning teams in Super Smash finals would be directly qualified from the 2008-9 season. You will find a detailed schedule of all matches in addition to Super Smash prediction in this article which is planned for this season.

Keep it up to date so that about the dates of the events and the opposing teams, you can always get reliable information about the possibilities and opposing teams as we update it regularly.

The Winning Teams In The Super Smash Finals

In the Super Smash T20 tournament with four titles each, Auckland Aces, the winning teams in the Super smash finals, and the Wellington Firebirds were the most successful teams. The team who works hard and achieves its goals is the Auckland Aces.

Compared to other teams, this team is one of the favorite and strongest teams because Super Smash Auckland Aces are considered one of the most successful teams as they have won 4 titles till now.

After Auckland Aces, the other successful team is Wellington Firebirds as they, are also the best team in the Super Smash season, to another team who gave quite good competition. For them, the team has tremendous skills and experience, which is very influential to them.

In the Super Smash T20 tournament, Wellington Firebirds and Auckland Aces are the most successful teams with four titles as they are the best winning teams in Super Smash finals. In the 2021-22 season, the Super Smash Northern Brave overcame Canterbury Kings by 56 runs. Meanwhile, Northern Brave is the reigning champion of the competition.

Match Summary Of Super Smash Finals

In the Super Smash season, each team squad has good and influential players who provide their most remarkable in the competition, featuring six teams. By giving their all, some clubs have distinguished themselves in this competition.

Who has the most super smash tournament wins – The Auckland Aces have achieved four championships Because they are considered one of the most successful Super Smash while contested by other teams. Among the top Super Smash teams, Wellington Firebirds stands second in winning teams in Super Smash finals which, like Auckland, have won four trophies.

In the Super Smash cup, the 3rd and the 4th best teams are Northern Brave and Central Stages, as these teams have won three titles. Whereas, (Which team didn’t win the super smash tournament) in the Super Smash Cup, Otago VOlts won twice and once in the 2005 Super Smash Cup by Canterbury Kings.

From November 26, 2021, Super Smash will start. Men’s Super Smash 16 edition from 2005-2006 to 2020-21 was completed. For Men’s Super Smash, this is the 17th edition. The women’s edition of Super Smash is also in action in 2018-19. For Women, it is the 4th edition of Super Smash. Super Smash 4 times previous 16 editions Auckland Aces and Wellington Firebird have won.

Winning teams in Super smash finals: Central Stags remained winners of Super Smash 3 times, and Otago Volts and Northern Braves Won Super Smash two times. Only once has the Canterbury Kings won Super Smash. Wellington Firebirds and Canterbury King were the runners-up defending champions of Super Smash.

Between Northern Braves and Canterbury Kings, the Super Smash 2021-22 final was played. 2021-22 Northern Braves won the Super Smash title beating Canterbury Kings. By Northern Braves, the third Title of Super Smash Men.



1. What is the women’s Super Smash tournament?

The competition has run alongside the Women’s Super Smash since the 2018–19 season. The tournament consists of a double round-robin, with the top three teams qualifying for the playoffs.

2. What are the different types of Final Smashes?

With the team player, there are five Final Smashes that can affect: Puff Up, Landmaster, Iceberg, End of Day, and Galaxia Darkness (in Brawl only). 

Conclusion – Winning Teams In Super Smash Finals

For sponsorship purposes, until 2026, the Men’s Super Smash, currently named the Dream11 Super Smash, in New Zealand is a men’s domestic Twenty20 cricket competition. The competition has run alongside the Women’s Super Smash Since the 2018–19 season.

So far, the 13th Edition of the Super Smash Tournament is scheduled to begin on December 13, and a total of 12 T20 Competitions are complete. In the previous year, 2017-18, the Super Smash T20 Competition sponsor was Burger King Super Smash, so it’s also known as Burger King. These are the winning teams in the Super smash finals.

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