Best Under 19 World Cup Bowler

Best Under 19 World Cup Bowler – Bowlers That are Going To Dominate Future Cricket

The ICC Under 19 World Cup Men’s is an opportunity for new young cricketing players to showcase their abilities and make themselves to get an opportunity to play for their national team. Bowlers play an instrumental role in shaping matches’ outcomes; we will look at some of the best Under 19 World Cup bowler here who have had an exceptional impactful performance throughout.

Best Under 19 World Cup Bowler

Each generation we have witnessed many dominant bowlers emerge throughout cricket history. Today’s young cricketers, competing in tournaments such as Under 19 World Cup are its future; hence we should pay special attention when these bowlers join their respective national main teams as players of note.

1. Obaid Shah – Pakistan’s Lightning Fast Bowler

One of the best bowlers in the world at the recent U-19 World Cup was Pakistan’s Obaid Shah. Known for his lightning pace, Obaid made his debut at the Under-19 World Cup. At the age of 18, he showcased his exceptional skills by going on to hit incredible speeds of thunderous 140 kilometers per hour and his ability to generate such speeds at such a young age quickly took over the cricketing world quite. 

In the first, Obaid Shah not only secured a place in the starting line-up but also made an indelible mark by taking three crucial wickets. His accuracy and dominance was evident as he cut top order the batsmen of the opposing team.

2. Dipesh Kandel – Nepal’s Spin Sensation

Moving on to another talented bowler, Nepal’s Dipesh Kandel has emerged as a spin sensation in the Under-19 World Cup. In a match against Bahrain U-19, Kandel showcased his skills with a stunning six-wicket defeat. His left-arm conservative spin proved a nightmare for the opposition as he effortlessly tore apart their batting line-up.

Bahrain U19 struggled to deal with Kandel’s spin as he netted around them. He remained well controlled and accurate, conceding just 17 more runs in the entire innings. Kandel’s performance limited Bahrain U-19’s meager total to 77 runs to give Nepal a comprehensive victory.

3. Rajvardhan Hangargekar – Worlds Best Bowler

India have always been known for producing brilliant fast bowlers, and Rajvardhan Hangargekar certainly lived up to that reputation in the U-19 World Cup with Hangargekar’s brilliant performance a he did against Pakistan A where he showcased his ability to tear the batting line-up apart with his raw pace and aggressiveness.

In that match, Hangargekar bowled brilliantly and picked up wickets at regular intervals. He found success soon after dismissing Sam Ayub and continued to put pressure on the Pakistani batsmen. Hungargekar’s fiery speed and accuracy confused the opponents, taking five wickets. His exceptional bowling coupled with support from spinner Manavsuthar cost Pakistan A a paltry 205 runs.


The ICC U-19 Men’s World Cup has given many bowlers who have made an impact in this tournament. Players such as Obaid Shah, Dipesh Kandel and Rajvardhan Hangargekar displayed their skills, leaving an indelible mark in cricketing culture as future stars as well as key assets for their respective teams.

As the new tournament is upcoming, it will be fascinating to witness these bowlers will perform and contribute towards the team success. The Under-19 World Cup provides a venue for cricketing community to recognize these talented individuals while giving them an opportunity to showcase themselves – their skillset, determination, and passion are sure to ensure a long career ahead!

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