Fastest to Score 1000 Runs in IPL

Attractive List Of Players Fastest to Score 1000 Runs in IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL), widely considered as the highest level of Twenty20 cricket, has witnessed some amazing batting performances over its 16 year run. One indicator of player consistency and expertise is their speed at which they accumulate 1000 runs; this article takes an in-depth look at those players who were fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL, including journey, achievements, records as well as future potential.

Before diving in to the statistics, let us pause briefly to acknowledge this important milestone. Accumulating 1000 runs across any format of cricket is no mean feat – to do it in IPL in such short order requires exceptional consistency, power hitting, and adaptability from players – those that have achieved it so rapidly are sure to become legends of IPL history!

Fastest To Score 1000 Runs In IPL

There are 90 players who scored 1000+ runs in IPL but everyone has different technique and approach to reach that milestone. Let’s have a look at the list of players who were fastest to 1000 runs in IPL.

PositionNameTeamInnings To Reach 1000 RunsDate To Score 1000 RunsMatchesInningsNot OutRunsHigh ScoreAverageBalls FacedStrike Rate100504s6s
1Shaun MarshPBKS2102 May 201171697247711539.951866132.7412026678
2Lendl SimmonsMI2306 May 2017292921079100*39.96852126.6411110944
3Matthew HaydenCSK2503 April 20103232211079336.9805137.520812144
4Jonny BairstowSRH, PBKS2625 April 202139393129111435.86905142.651913355
5Chris GayleKKR, RCB, PBKS2727 May 2011142141164965175*39.723333148.96631405357
6Kane WilliamsonSRH, GT2817 May 201877751721018936.221667126.0301818264
7Michael HusseyCSK, MI3010 April 201359587197711638.761612122.6411519852
8Sachin TendulkarMI3111 April 20107878112334100*34.841948119.8211329529
9Ruturaj GaikwadCSK3101 May 2022525151797101*39.071326135.5211415973
10Adam GilchristDCH, PBKS3214 March 201080804206910927.221495138.3921123992
11Shane WatsonRR, RCB, CSK3305 May 2012145141163874117*30.992809137.91421376190
12Chris LynnDCH, KKR, MI3307 April 201942423132993*34.08945140.6301013266
13Suresh RainaCSK, GL3425 March 2010205200305528100*32.524042136.76139506203
14Kumar SangakkaraPBKS, DCH, SRH3418 April 20107168316879425.951392121.1901019527
15Yashasvi JaiswalRR3407 May 202337371117212432.56788148.731814448
16Kevin PietersenRCB, DC, RPS3517 April 201636369100110337.07743134.72149140
17Rishabh PantDC3510 May 20189897152838128*34.611918147.97115260129
18Devdutt PadikkalRCB, RR3518 April 2022575721521101*27.651213125.391916642
19Jacques KallisRCB, KKR3608 April 201098961124278928.552222109.2301725544
20Gautam GambhirDC, KKR3611 April 201015415216421793313404123.8803649259
21Dwayne SmithMI, DCH, CSK, GL3623 April 20149189523858728.391764135.2017245117
22David MillerPBKS, RR, GT3612 April 2015121114402714101*36.681961138.4112187126
23Faf du PlessisCSK, RPS, RCB3616 May 20151301231141339636.93081134.14033374145
24Jos ButtlerMI, RR3613 May 2018969510322312437.922173148.32519319149
25Rohit SharmaDCH, MI3705 April 2010243238286211109*29.584776130.05142554257
26MS DhoniCSK, RPS3722 April 201025021887508284*38.793739135.92024349239
27David WarnerDC, SRH3719 May 201217617622639712641.544572139.92460646226
28Ajinkya RahaneMI, RR, RPS, DC, KKR, CSK3717 April 2013172159174400105*30.993565123.4223045596
29Quinton de KockSRH, DC, RCB, MI, LSG3730 March 2019969662907140*32.32166134.21220287114
30Sourav GangulyKKR, PWI3819 April 20105956313499125.451263106.810713742
31KL RahulRCB, SRH, PBKS, LSG3804 May 2018118109204163132*46.783097134.42433355168
32Nitish RanaMI, KKR3819 April 201910599925948728.821918135.25018229131
33JP DuminyMI, DCH, DC3917 April 201483772620297839.781636124.0201412679
34Shreyas IyerDC, KKR3927 April 20181011011327769631.552214125.3801923799
35AB de VilliersDC, RCB4007 April 2012184170405162133*39.73403151.68340413251
36Brendon McCullumKKR, KTK, CSK, GL, RCB4028 April 201210910952880158*27.692186131.75213293130
37Yusuf PathanRR, KKR, SRH4114 April 201017415444320410029.132241142.97113262158
38Rahul DravidRCB, RR4121 April 20118982521747528.231882115.5201126928
39Aaron FinchRR, DC, PWI, SRH, MI, GL, PBKS, RCB, KKR4114 April 201692907209188*25.191631128.201521478
40Shubman GillKKR, GT4118 April 2021918814279012937.72081134.0731827380
41Virender SehwagDC, PBKS4217 April 20111041045272812227.551755155.44216334106
42Murali VijayCSK, DC, PBKS4206 May 20121061065261912725.932149121.8721324791
43Tillakaratne DilshanDC, RCB4211 May 20125250711537626.811007114.50914024
44Steve SmithPWI, RR, RPS, DC4217 April 20161039321248510134.511940128.0911122560
45Andre RussellDC, KKR4230 March 20191129618226288*291300174010150193
46Ishan KishanGL, MI4228 October 20209185623249929.421731134.26015220103
47Ambati RayuduMI, CSK4314 May 2012204187334348100*28.233409127.54122359173
48Shivam DubeRCB, RR, CSK4310 May 202351478110695*28.36780141.79065873
49Shikhar DhawanDC, MI, DCH, SRH, PBKS4409 April 2012217216296617106*35.395203127.18250750148
50Sanju SamsonRR, DC4412 May 201615214815388811929.232834137.19320304182
51Manan VohraPBKS, RCB, RR, LSG4401 May 20185651210839522.1829130.640310443
52Prithvi ShawDC4427 April 20217171016949923.861162145.7801320856
53Virat KohliRCB4529 April 201123722934726311337.255586130.02750643234
54Mahela JayawardenaPBKS, KTK, DC4505 May 2011807815180211028.61462123.2611020039
55Subramaniam BadrinathCSK4507 May 201195672014417130.661212118.8901115428
56Brad HodgeKKR, KTK, RR4513 May 201266632114007333.331118125.220612243
57Manish PandeyMI, RCB, PWI, KKR, SRH, LSG, DC4516 April 2014170158273808114*29.073148120.97122333108
58Glenn MaxwellDC, MI, PBKS, RCB4510 April 20171241201727199526.41725157.62018226158
59Karun NairRCB, RR, DC, PBKS4502 May 201776685149683*23.751171127.7501016139
60Rahul TripathiRPS, RR, KKR, SRH4511 April 202189871120719327.251490138.9901120578
61Yuvraj SinghPBKS, PWI, RCB, DC, SRH, MI4725 April 20111321261527508324.772120129.72013217149
62Robin UthappaMI, RCB, PWI, KKR, RR, CSK4727 April 20112051971749528827.513799130.35027481182
63David HusseyKKR, PBKS, CSK4810 April 201364611213227126.981075122.98059060
64Nicholas PooranPBKS, SRH, LSG4810 April 202362591212707727.02810156.79067891
65Moeen AliRCB, CSK4827 April 20235952610349322.48723143.02058859
66Dinesh KarthikDC, PBKS, MI, RCB, GL, KKR4906 April 201224222146451697*25.813403132.71020439139
67Shimron HetmyerRCB, DC, RR4916 April 202360572211317532.31743152.22046775
68Manoj TiwaryDC, KKR, RPS, PBKS5008 April 2013988526169575*28.721449116.970715640
69Ross TaylorRCB, RR, DC, PWI5117 April 2014555414101781*25.43822123.72036646
70Eoin MorganRCB, KKR, SRH, PBKS5110 October 2020837513140568*22.661146122.60511264
71Ravindra JadejaRR, KTK, CSK, GL5220 April 201322617371269262*26.392094128.560219399
72Suryakumar YadavMI, KKR5206 May 2018139123223249103*32.172267143.32121349112
73Vijay ShankarCSK, SRH, DC, GT5221 May 2023655314103263*26.46787131.13067343
74Saurabh TiwaryMI, RCB, DC, RPS5407 May 201593732114946128.731244120.10811150
75Wriddhiman SahaKKR, CSK, PBKS, SRH, GT5409 May 2015161136242798115*24.982185128.0511327884
76Moises HenriquesKKR, DC, RCB, SRH, PBKS5407 October 2021625418100074*27.78788126.9058728
77Marcus StoinisPBKS, RCB, DC, LSG5501 May 2022827420147889*27.371051140.630711175
78Kieron PollardMI5626 May 201318917152341287*28.672316147.32016218223
79Naman OjhaRR, DC, SRH5708 May 2014113941915549420.721313118.350612179
80Mandeep SinghKKR, PBKS, RCB, DC5701 May 20171119816170677*20.81377123.890617538
81Parthiv PatelCSK, KTK, DCH, SRH, RCB, MI5817 April 20131391371128488122.62358120.7801336549
82Hardik PandyaMI, GT5828 April 20191231153923099130.381583145.86010172125
83Dwayne BravoMI, CSK, GL6019 April 201516111344156070*22.611204129.570512066
84Krunal PandyaMI, LSG6010 November 2020113993015148621.941135133.390113656
85Mayank AgarwalRCB, DC, RPS, PBKS, SRH6127 March 20191231174259710622.981943133.6611325597
86Kedar JadhavDC, KTK, RCB, CSK, SRH6203 April 201995812712086922.37981123.140410240
87Irfan PathanPBKS, DC, SRH, RPS, GL6623 April 2013103822911396021.49946120.4018737
88Deepak HoodaRR, SRH, PBKS, LSG7029 April 2022107871513206418.331026128.65078058
89Axar PatelPBKS, DC8110 April 20221361013214185420.551084130.81018869
90Sunil NarineKKR8307 May 2022162962010467513.76655159.690411464

10. Mighty Aussie Adam Gilchrist

Adam Gilchrist made history for the Indian Premier League (IPL), becoming its inaugural player to reach 1000 runs with just 45 balls faced off against Mumbai Indians during his opening season debut – an accomplishment highlighted by two impressive half centuries – one against Kolkata Knight Riders and then again later that summer against them Mumbai Indians as IPL opener to prove this milestone achievement and set new standards early on for IPL cricketers.

Gilchrist led his Deccan Chargers to victory in South Africa during the second edition of IPL held there, thanks to his leadership and prolific run scoring, further cementing his legacy within T20 cricket – being fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL showcases his primary role to score runs at ease leaving an never-ending mark in tournament history.

9. Rising Star Ruturaj Gaikwad

Ruturaj Gaikwad has taken Indian Premier League (IPL) by storm as he became one of the fastest to reach 1000 runs in IPL during 31 innings during 2022 season – surpassing even Sachin Tendulkar who also took 31 innings! Gaikwad’s rapid rise through its ranks of prolific IPL run scorers further strengthened his place among them as one of India’s promising young talent.

Gaikwad’s achievement can be witnessed through his outstanding performances during IPL 2020 and 2021, winning not only an Orange Cap as the tournament’s leading run-scorer but also helping Chennai Super Kings claim the championship title. He became the second Indian to score fastest 1k runs in IPL, which not only showcases his personal consistency and ability to play effortlessly with elegant stroke play and exceptional timing. 

8. God Of The Cricket Sachin Tendulkar

Sachin Tendulkar was widely revered as “The God of Cricket”, becoming one of the fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL with Mumbai Indians after just 31 innings played. He was known for his consistent and scoring under pressure across his journey in International format and he made that to happen even in domestic tournaments too.

7. Mr. Cricket Michael Hussey

Michael Hussey Australian player was one of the Indian Premier League’s stand-out performers for CSK. Achieved 1000 runs over 30 innings while playing for both Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians. He has the bat at any position and has the ability to adjust quickly according to the match situation and score runs at ease which has made him an essential member of either squad.

6. Consistent Performer Kane Williamson

Kane Williamson, New Zealand’s captain, is widely considered for his consistent play and ability to anchor innings. After just 28 innings playing for Sunrisers Hyderabad in IPL tournament play he managed to score over 1000 runs; an accomplishment which speaks volumes of his calming approach in this league.

5. Mr. T20 Chris Gayle

Chris Gayle is widely revered as “The Universe Boss”, known for his powerful hitting style and rapid run scoring ability. Gayle became the player to score fastest IPL 1000 runs in just 27 innings which he has played for Kolkata Knight Riders, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Punjab Kings. Thanks to Chris’ powerful hitting style was widely appreciated among fans as his aggressive approach made an immediate impression upon all involved. Chris became an instant crowd favorite due to his forceful hits against bowlers that left bowlers helpless against him; something his fans truly valued!

4. Power Hitter Jonny Bairstow

Jonny Bairstow made history during the 2021 season of Indian Premier League (IPL). With fearless and powerful batting performances against some of the finest bowlers like Jasprit Bumrah and Umran Malik, Bairstow demonstrated his resilience while scoring one thousand runs within 26 innings; an achievement unrivaled in IPL history! This performance made Bairstow as an unavoidable player in the playing 11 in T20 cricket for any franchise.

Bairstow holds an impressive track record that includes not only fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL but also reaching 100 in T20 cricket, but also setting off one hundred runs quickly in that format. Bairstow’s performances in IPL has further confirmed him as an up and comer promising great things on future innings and milestones to come!

3. Big Fish Matthew Hayden

At an early stage in Indian Premier League (IPL), Matthew Hayden demonstrated his batting prowess by becoming one of only seven batters ever to achieve fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL than anyone else, setting an unprecedented mark for left-handed brilliance in this tournament. Hayden is still dominating with 500 runs achieved faster than anyone else – further cementing his dominance within this league.

Hayden made an unforgettable impactful statement during each of his 32 IPL matches with 1,107 runs scored at 36 batting average and an incredible strike rate of 137 strike rate; drawing fans eagerly. Fans eagerly anticipated seeing what Hayden would bring each match as fans eagerly witnessed his extraordinary skills first-hand and Hayden delivered once more on this grand stage to cement his standing among cricket enthusiasts and keepers alike.

2. Windies King Lendl Simmons

Lendl Simmons secured his place in IPL history by setting an incredible pace during 2017, becoming one of the fastest players ever to hit 1000 runs during 23 innings of IPL play – further cementing his status as a T20 specialist and one of its most impactful batsmen in tournament.

Simmons amassed 1079 runs over 29 matches during his IPL career, amassing an astounding average batting of 39 and scoring one century and eleven fifties along the way – evidence of his reliability as an effective run scorer for his team. Simmons became known for playing crucial winning innings – further cementing his legacy and contribution towards team’s success in IPL tournament.

1. Invincible Shaun Marsh

Shaun Marsh made headlines throughout his IPL tenure by becoming the first player to fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL, leaving an indelible mark on T20 extravaganza. Starting out quickly at 500 runs in IPL history – evidence of his dynamic and aggressive batting style – Marsh also achieved 1000 runs within 21 innings as part of this extraordinary run to show his superior skill and consistency at bat.

Marsh scored 2,477 runs over 71 IPL matches with an outstanding average of 39.95 and at an amazing strike rate of 132.74.  This shows his ability to deliver whenever his team needs him the most with his consistency. Marsh’s achievement of becoming no one player to score 1000-run club showcases not only his prowess with bat but also set new standards during early IPL days which made him as one of its iconic players.

Fastest 1000 Runs In IPL Team-Wise

While individual achievements are certainly impressive, it’s equally exciting to discover which IPL teams have nurtured the players who were fastest to score 1000 runs in IPL. Here are the list of players who has achieved this record for their teams.

  • Chennai Super Kings: Matthew Hayden and Michael Hussey
  • Deccan Chargers: Adam Gilchrist
  • Delhi Capitals: Quinton de Kock and Rishabh Pant
  • Gujarat Lions: Suresh Raina
  • Kings XI Punjab: Shaun Marsh
  • Kolkata Knight Riders: Chris Lynn
  • Mumbai Indians: Lendl Simmons and Sachin Tendulkar
  • Rajasthan Royals: Yashasvi Jaiswal
  • Royal Challengers Bangalore: Chris Gayle and Devdutt Padikkal
  • Sunrisers Hyderabad: Kane Williamson and David Warner
  • Gujarat Titams: Shubman Gill

Fastest 1000 Runs Tournament-Wise

It’s also intriguing to compare the fastest to 1000 runs in different cricket tournaments apart from IPL. Here are a few notable mentions:

  • One Day International: Fakhar Zaman (Pakistan) – 18 innings
  • Test Matches: Herbert Sutcliffe (England) and Everton Weekes (West Indies) – 12 innings
  • T20 Internationals: Babar Azam (Pakistan) – 26 innings
  • Big Bash League: Shaun Marsh (Perth Scorchers) – 26 innings
  • Caribbean Premier League: Chris Gayle (Jamaica Tallawahs) – 28 innings

Fastest 1000 Runs IPL FAQ

1. Who was the fastest player to score 1000 runs in IPL?

Shaun Marsh set an IPL record by reaching this goal within 21 innings.

2. Which Indian player was to score the fastest 1000 runs in IPL cricket?

Sachin Tendulkar and Ruturaj Gaikwad hold the record as being fastest Indian players to hit 1000 runs within 31 innings during IPL matches.

3. Who have scored 1000 runs in IPL so far?

As of 2023, 90 players have achieved this milestone in the Indian Premier League (IPL).


Scoring 1000 runs in the IPL doesn’t come in a single tournament, it comes with one’s consistency and adaptability to the match standing and it’s not an easy record to achieve in one of the world’s toughest T20 leagues. In this article we have taken an in-depth look at which players reached this landmark as quickly as possible; providing insights into their records and achievements along the way. As time marches forward it will be exciting to witness which new members join this exclusive club over time!

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