Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj Stats: Who is Better Bowler In Test, ODI & T20I?

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj stats, Mohammed Siraj has a deceptive run-up, which initially suggests left-arm bowlers. Although, a right-arm and his interest in getting the ball to swing into the right-hander.

Hasan Mahmud started his career at a very early stage. He had to play a single T20I for Bangladesh and earned a call-up in the One Day International side in January 2021, but his skills and talent improved to become a fast bowler.

We discussed comparing the two greatest fast bowlers Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj. In this post, we explained their records, performance in T20I, Test Match, and ODI series as Stats, and who is the better fast bowler.

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj Stats

Two upcoming fast bowlers are international cricketers, Hasan Mahmud of Bangladesh and Mohammed Siraj of India. Both have caught the eye of cricket experts worldwide and have raised expectations among cricket fans.

Mohammed Siraj started playing only in 2015, within two years of domestic cricket. He played for Hyderabad’s highest wicket-taker with forty-one wickets in nine matches, the joint 3rd highest wickets.

The comparison is very interesting because of Hasan Mahmud vs. Mohammed Siraj; during the Bangladesh T20I World Cup in November 2020, Hasan took 11 wickets for eventual champions Gemcon Khulna, which got him the One-Day International call-up vs West Indies.

Mohammed Siraj has always been able to blow a quick bouncer, though he had impressed his team mentor VVS Laxman and his captain David Warner in the Sunrisers Hyderabad set-up. He is 27 years old, but his career must have progressed further by this time.

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj ODI Stats Comparison

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj One-Day International matches compare the performance of both. We look at the table format below: matches, innings, wickets, average scores, best scores, strike rate, and format.

Mohammed Siraj scored 508 runs in this format in 2019 with an average of 4.74 and a strike rate of 4.74. Hasan Mahmud scored 216 runs in this format in 2021 with an average of 28.5 and a strike rate of 27.2.

PlayersHasan MahmudMohammed
Strike Rate32.533.43

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj T20I Stats Comparison

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj T20I series comparing the performance of both, we look at the table format below form listed as the contents are namely matches, innings, wickets, average score, best scores, strike rate, and also format.

Mohammed Siraj scored 294 runs in this format in 2017, with an average of 26.7 and a strike rate of 17.4. Hasan Mahmud’s runs given are 308 in this format, with an economy of 7.7, an average of 23.7, and a strike rate of 18.5. Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj last match was against India, and he took 3 wickets.

PlayersHasan MahmudMohammed
Strike Rate18.4617.45

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj Test Stats Comparison

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj test bowling statistics shows Hasan Mahmud is yet to play his test match type. His bowling style is right-arm fast-medium, and his batting style is a right-handed batsman.

Mohammed Siraj has given 1231 runs in this format since 2020, with an average of 30.8 and a strike rate of 55.8. Hasan Mahmud has not played in the test series. His best of 5/73 came against Australia country. He has taken 5 wickets as LBW, 5 wickets as bowled, and yet to take a wicket via stumped and hit wicket.

PlayersHasan MahmudMohammed
Strike Rate-55.75

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj Records

Mohammed Siraj is a fast-medium bowler and right-arm bowler. He is a better bowler in three formats: One-Day International Series, Test Series, and T20I Series. He has taken forty wickets in thirteen matches and 15 against South Africa.

Hasan Mahmud is an Asian fast-bowler who is equally an outside fielder in cricket; like this, he has fast-bowling. He is a high-potential fast-bowler, and Bangladesh’s head coach Russell Domingo is fast-bowling, full, and accurate.

In One-Day International Series, Mohammed Siraj has taken eighteen wickets in thirteen matches with an average of 4.76. Hasan Mahmud made his ODI debut vs West Indies, taking five wickets in three games. Mohammed Siraj has taken 11 catches so far.

Who is the Better Bowler – Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj?

Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj: who is the better bowler? We considered all their records and list stats in the One-Day International Series, Test Series, and T20I World Cup. From all these stats, Mohammad Siraj is the better bowler than Hasan Mahmud in this comparison.

Mohammed Siraj was his stat’s highest wicket-taker playing only his 2nd series of Ranji Trophy, fourteen wickets in nine matches in 2015, that was Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj’s first match as a bowler with a cricket ball. He is also wearing an Indian shirt and bowling in T20I vs New Zealand.

Conclusion – Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj Stats

In this context, we discussed the Hasan Mahmud vs Mohammed Siraj comparison between these two bowlers. Who is best? Their stats details are explained here in Test Match, One-Day International Match, and T20I Matches.

And also, their cricket records are explained here. Hasan Mahmud is a fast-medium and right-arm bowler representing Bangladesh in T20I cricket. Mohammed Siraj is the right-arm and fast-bowler representing India in all three formats.

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