Highest Score in Powerplay in IPL

List Of Highest Score in Powerplay in IPL History (2008 – 2023)

Since 2008, the Indian Premier League (IPL) is one of the world’s exciting cricket tournaments where each player never failed to keep up the cricketing excitement. Under T20 format rules, each side only receives 20 overs for play each innings; creating short yet entertaining cricketing encounters. At its center lies powerplay – or opening overs – which plays an instrumental role in setting game’s trajectory and shaping player strategies; here we explore this topic further with details regarding highest score in powerplay in ipl matches as well as strategies used by teams who leverage powerplay to maximize potential results and achieve victory!

Understanding the Powerplay in IPL

Powerplays are an integral element of T20 cricket formats like IPL wherein the first six overs in an innings are subject to fielding restrictions imposed during its opening stages, specifically IPL, with only two fielders allowed outside of 30-yard circle during these overs – intended to tempt batsmen into going for big hits without fear of getting caught while bowlers can exploit any reckless play by batters during powerplay phase; performance during powerplay often determines match outcomes.

Significance of Powerplay in IPL

An IPL match’s opening overs are crucially important for the batting team; batters must assess pitch conditions quickly and start scoring runs without waiting too long before. Furthermore, fielding restriction rules during powerplay provide batsmen an opportunity to increase their scoring rate and thus their team’s chance at victory.

Highest Powerplay Score In IPL History

Over time, Indian Premier League (IPL) has witnessed stunning powerplay performances. Here we present the powerplay highest score in IPL history to demonstrate how teams have taken full advantage of this phase to maximize scoring and turn games in their favor.

TeamPowerplay ScoreOppositionYear
Kolkata Knight Riders105/0Royal Challenger Bangalore2017
Chennai Super Kings100/2Punjab Kings2014
Chennai Super Kings90/0Mumbai Indians2015
Kochi Tuskers Kerala87/2Rajasthan Royals2011
Punjab Kings86/1Sunrisers Hyderabad2014
Rajasthan Royals85/1Sunrisers Hyderabad2023
Mumbai Indians84/0Delhi Capitals2018
Deccan Chargers84/1Delhi Capitals2009
Punjab Kings83/1Royal Challengers Bangalore2022
Sunrisers Hyderabad83/1Mumbai Indians2021
Mumbai Indians82/1Punjab Kings2017
Delhi Capitals81/0Punjab Kings2022
Rajasthan Royals81/1Chennai Super Kings2021
Lucknow Super Giants80/1Chennai Super Kings2023
Sunrisers Hyderabad79/0Kolkata Knight Riders2017

KKR’s Record-Breaking IPL Power Play Highest Score

Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) created history during their 2017 IPL match against Royal Challengers Bangalore by setting an highest score in powerplay in IPL: 105 runs against them! Sunil Narine and Chris Lynn’s powerful hitting saw them both contribute 54 and 50 runs respectively while hitting 8 sixes and 11 fours, setting the highest powerplay score in IPL by team for their successful chase of their target effortlessly.

Chennai Super Kings’ Power-Packed Powerplay

Back in 2014, Chennai Super Kings (CSK) put on an amazing powerplay performance against Punjab Kings and scored an unprecedented 100 runs within 25 balls – setting an important record at that time. Suresh Raina also contributed immensely with an unstoppable knock of 87 runs off just 25 deliveries setting the second highest powerplay score in t20 IPL during the powerplay phase!

Other Notable Powerplay Scores

As matches pass by every time, multiple teams have scored a lot of runs in powerplay which takes them close to record setting performances as well. Kochi Tuskers Kerala and Punjab Kings recorded powerplay scores of 87 and 86 respectively during IPL 2011 & 2014. Rajasthan Royals scored their highest powerplay score in IPL against Sunrisers Hyderabad during IPL 2023.

Powerplay Performances of IPL Teams

Each IPL team takes its own approach to exploiting the powerplay phase. Some teams aim for an aggressive start while others take a balanced approach; either way, higher powerplay scores often translate to winning advantages during matches; below we examine some prominent IPL teams’ powerplay performance in these sections.

Mumbai Indians’ Powerplay Strategy

Mumbai Indians is one of the most successful teams in IPL history and has regularly used powerplay overs to build solid starts to their innings. They are led aggressive openers which is the main reason for them to score highly repeatedly during powerplay phases. Mumbai Indians highest runs scored in powerplay in IPL is 84 against Delhi Capitals in 2014. Though they have lot of aggressive openers they couldn’t be at the top due to the shuffle between the openers, once they fix that they can break the records and set the best powerplay score in IPL history.

Royal Challengers Bangalore’s Approach

Royal Challengers Bangalore which consist of power hitters from the top order were well known for their batting lineup and have produced incredible powerplay scores. Their aggressive bat strategy during powerplay often results in high scoring innings for them, as their captain Faf opens with the iconic batsman of the world Virat Kohli. RCB’s most runs scored in powerplay in IPL is 79 against Kochi Tuskers Kerala way back in 2011.

Delhi Capitals and Powerplay Scoring

Delhi Capitals have demonstrated an innovative powerplay approach at IPL 2022, showing both aggressive and strategic batting techniques to produce commendable powerplay scores. Delhi’s highest score of powerplay in IPL is 81 runs and came against mighty Punjab Kings at Brabourne.

Impact Of Highest Score In Powerplay In IPL

An innings’ performance during powerplay has a decisive bearing on its outcome. A high powerplay score sets off their innings confidently while low scores put pressure on them; therefore, powerplay stages in IPL matches serve as pivotal moments, often shaping how games unfold. Teams which has the highest score in IPL in powerplay has the lowest failure ratio when compared the failure matches.


Powerplay phase in IPL cricket holds immense value; teams use it to set the tempo for their innings during this critical juncture of play and can use its success to their advantage. As IPL getting evolved further, bowling teams will see how to restrict the opponent while the batting teams will strategize their powerplay approach, so that they can score easily and break the IPL powerplay high score in future matches.

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