ICC Men's U19 Cricket World Cup

ICC Men’s U19 Cricket World Cup 2024: The Ultimate Guide

U19 Cricket World Cup 2024 will return with an electric buzz! Recently, the International Cricket Council (ICC) revealed its schedule for this thrilling competition that features 16 participating teams and 41 matches over four days in 2024.

Tournament Overview

South Africa will play host to the Under 19 World Cup 2024 from January 13 – February 4, 2024. Six iconic venues will host the matches – Newlands Cricket Ground, St George’s Park Cricket Ground, Kingsmead Cricket Ground, Centurion Park, Boland Park, Wanderers Stadium.

Under 19 World Cup Participating Teams

At this tournament will feature 16 teams; 11 are full members who qualified directly, while five earned spots through regional qualification events. Bangladesh, Australia, Ireland, South Africa, Sri Lanka, Afghanistan, India, Zimbabwe, England, Pakistan, West Indies; five regional qualifiers include Nepal, USA, New Zealand, Scotland, and Namibia.

The Road to the Tournament

Attracting sixteen teams, this tournament began along different pathways for all sixteen participating teams: some qualified automatically due to their performance in the 2022 edition, while others earned their spots through regional qualifiers. South Africa qualified since they are hosting the tournament.

Automatic Qualifiers

India and Bangladesh secured their positions directly for the 2022 edition. Both teams boast formidable talent; India reigning as champion after their triumphant run at the West Indies tournament while Bangladesh came through 2020 edition victors.

Regional Qualifiers

Five teams earned spots through regional qualification events: Namibia won the Africa Regional Qualifier while Scotland triumphed at Europe Regional Qualifier; America Regional Qualifier saw the USA take home top honors while New Zealand and Nepal came out victorious as East Asia-Pacific and Asia Qualifiers respectively.

Tournament Format

The forthcoming U19 Cricket World Cup will showcase an innovative format designed specifically for this edition. Four groups will be made out of the 16 teams, a group contains four teams, based on their performance super eight teams will be selected.

Group Stage

From January 13 to 21, the U19 Cricket World Cup group stage matches will be played. The groups are as follows:

  • Group A: Bangladesh, India, USA, Ireland
  • Group B: West Indies, Scotland, England, South Africa
  • Group C: Namibia, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, Australia
  • Group D: Nepal, Afghanistan, Pakistan, New Zealand

Team Squads

Bangladesh Squad

Not Yet Announced

India Squad

Uday Saharan (c), Saumy Kumar Pandey (vc), Murugan Abhishek, Sachin Dhas, Dhanush Gowda, Musheer Khan, Arshin Kulkarni, Raj Limbani, Innesh Mahajan (wk), Priyanshu Moliya, Rudra Mayur Patel, Aravelly Avanish Rao (wk), Aaradhya Shukla, Adarsh Singh, Naman Tiwari

USA Squad

Not Yet Announced

Ireland Squad

Philippe le Roux (c), Macdara Cosgrave, Harry Dyer, Daniel Forkin, Kian Hilton, Ryan Hunter, Finn Lutton, Scott Macbeth, Carson McCullough, John McNally, Jordan Neill, Oliver Riley, Gavin Roulston, Matthew Weldon, Reuben Wilson

West Indies Squad

Not Yet Announced

Scotland Squad

Qasim Khan, Uzair Ahmad, Jamie Dunk, Harry Armstrong, Bahadar Esakhiel, Nikhil Koteeswaran, Alec Price, Farhan Khan, Ruaridh McIntyre, Adi Hegde, Ibrahim Faisal, Logan Briggs, Rory Grant, Owen Gould (c), Mackenzie Jones

South Africa Squad

Kwena Maphaka, Martin Khumalo, Lhuan-dre Pretorius, Romashan Pillay, David Teeger (c), Riley Norton, Esosa Aihevba, Dewan Marias, Steve Stolk, Nqobani Mokoena, Oliver Whitehead, Juan James, Richard Seletswane, Sipho Potsane, Ntando Zuma

England Squad

Ben McKinney (c), Luc Benkenstein, Farhan Ahmed, Tazeem Ali, Charlie Allison, Charlie Barnard, Jack Carney, Jaydn Denly, Eddie Jack, Dominic Kelly, Sebastian Morgan, Haydon Mustard, Hamza Shaikh, Noah Thain, Theo Wylie

Namibia Squad

Pd Blignaut, Nico Pieters, Jack Brassell, Ryan Moffett, Woutie Niehaus, Henry Van Wyk, Gerhard Janse Van Rensburg, Faf Du Plessis, Hansie De Villiers, Jw Visagie, Ben Brassell, Zacheo Van Vuuren, Alex Volschenk (c), Junior Kariata, Hanro Badenhorst

Zimbabwe Squad

Newman Nyamhuri, Panashe Gwatiringa, Shaun Dzakatira, Anesu Kamuriwo, Ronak Patel, Campbell MacMillan, Kohl Eksteen, Panashe Taruvinga (vc), Nathaniel Hlabangana, Calton Takawira, Matthew Schonken (c), Ryan Kamwemba, Mashford Shungu, Brendon Sunguro, Munashe Chimusoro

Sri Lanka Squad

Not Yet Announced

Australia Squad

Lachlan Aitken, Charlie Anderson, Harkirat Bajwa, Mahli Beardman, Tom Campbell, Harry Dixon, Ryan Hicks, Sam Konstas, Rafael MacMillan, Aidan O’Connor, Harjas Singh, Tom Straker, Callum Vidler, Corey Wasley, Hugh Weibgen

Nepal Squad

Not Yet Announced

Afghanistan Squad

Not Yet Announced

Pakistan Squad

Not Yet Announced

New Zealand Squad

Tom Jones, Matt Rowe, Snehith Reddy, Sam Clode (wk), Oscar Jackson (c), Luke Watson, Ewald Schreuder, Oliver Tewatiya, Lachlan Stackpole, Alex Thompson (wk), James Nelson, Zac Cumming, Mason Clarke, Ryan Tsourgas, Rahman Hekmat

Super Six Stage

Top 3 teams from each group will be moved to super six stage after the completion of group matches. Super six matches will start from January 24. Here, two groups of six teams are formed before two from each will advance to the semi-finals.

Under 19 World Cup 2024 Venues

South Africa will play host to six iconic venues for this U19 Cricket World Cup matches, starting with Newlands Cricket Ground for opening, semi-finals on January 30 and February 1, and grand final on February 4. Centurion Park, Kingsmead Cricket Ground, St George’s Park Cricket Ground, Wanderers Stadium, and Boland Park will all host several matches during this competition.

U19 Cricket World Cup Key Matches

On January 13, three matches will set the ball rolling: Sri Lanka will face Zimbabwe at Newlands Cricket Ground; 2022 finalist England will then meet Scotland at Centurion Park; New Zealand will then square off with Nepalese at Kingsmead Cricket Ground before finally, on January 14, India begins the defense of their title against Bangladesh at St George’s Park Cricket Ground.

Tournament Legacy

Great superstars of current cricket teams have been into the squad using this international stage. Current FAB 4 of cricket is Steve Smith, Virat Kohli, Kane Williamson and Joe Root all have made their debut in World Cup U19 and proved their skills. This year we can expect lot of youngsters to perform well and set the stage on fire.


The U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup will be the best opportunity for the young guys. Here they can utilize the opportunity to showcase their cricketing skills and get an place in their international team. Since the whole world is waiting for this upcoming tournament, without doubt this will be the best fest for the cricketing lovers.

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