Indian Cricket Players Salary

Indian Cricket Players Salary 2023 – List Of Legendary Players With Highest Earnings

The Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) has announced the middle agreement for the 2022 to 2023 season, and they have contracted the grading system used in the last few years. 

The Indian cricket players are granted the middle agreement according to 4 grades. In this article, I will explain Indian cricket players’ salary with their grading system and which player is in which grade.

Indian Cricket Players Salary

Rohit Sharma became a captain in all three formats and will be the highest-paid player in the Indian squad. And also, he will receive an extra 25% to 50% match fees as of the captain’s bonus.

Based on the player’s performance, BCCI allowed the salary for the indian cricket players grade list 2023 to be positioned in the BCCI’s grading system, which reflects in their points. Four grading systems for Indian Cricket Players salary for Men’s cricketers and women’s cricketers three grading systems were announced by the BCCI so far as also in State level cricket players salary system. The Salary of Ranji Players, if they have played around 41-60 matches, will be paid about INR 60,000 per day.

Separately from the basic base salary per year, cricket players are made up following how many matches they play at the international level and also a match fee per match is;

  • Indian cricket players salary per test match fee for all that of the grading system is 15 lakh ($18,500) per player in the beginning XI.
  • Indian cricket players salary per ODI match fee is 6 lakh ($7,500) per player in starting XI.
  • Indian cricket players salary per T20I match fee players will get 3 lakh per match ($3,750).

Indian Cricket Players Salary List

BCCI initiates money from their sponsorship deal, TV rights deals, and merchandise sales. They repaid Indian cricket players’ salaries in the central agreement with a base salary plus a match fee.

The following table will show you the Indian cricket players’ salary list in base salary Test, ODI, and T20 fee of the agreement year in March 2023.

PlayersBase SalaryTest FeeODI FeeT20I Fee
Virat Kohli7 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Rohit Sharma7 Crores18 lakh
7.2 lakh3.6 Lakh
Jasprit Bumrah7 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
R Ashwin5 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Ravindra Jadeja5 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Rishabh Pant5 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
KL Rahul5 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
M Shami5 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Cheteshwar Pujara3 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Ajinkya Rahane3 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Axar Patel3 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Shradul Thakur3 Crores5 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Shreyas Iyer3 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Mohammed Siraj3 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Ishant Sharma3 Crores15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Shikhar Dhawan1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Umesh Yadav1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Bhuvneshwar Kumar1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Hardik Pandya1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Washington Sundar1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Shubman Gill1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Hanuma Vihari1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Yuzvendra Chahal1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Wriddhiman Saha1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Suryakumar Yadav1 Crore15 lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Mayank Agarwal1 Crore3 Lakh6 lakh3 Lakh
Deepak Chahar1 Crore3 Lakh6 lakh3 Lakh

Women Indian cricket players’ salaries will also receive the same match fee for all three formats. As per the rule, women cricketers will receive a fee per match across the formats for;

  • Tests – 15 Lakhs for an Indian cricket player salary per match.
  • ODIs – 6 Lakhs for an Indian cricket player salary per match.
  • T20Is – 3 Lakhs for an Indian cricket player salary per match.

Indian Cricket Players Salary Per Month

Jay Shah, the secretary of BCCI, tweeted that he was requested to announce an increase in the monthly fee of former cricketers for both men and women and match officials. Around 900 personnel will avail of this benefit, and nearly 75% will be beneficiaries of a 100% raise.

The first-class players who used to get Rs.15,000 will now get Rs 30,000, and the former Test players, who get Rs.37,500, will now get Rs 60,000, and those with Rs.50,000 fee will get Rs.70,000.

The women international cricketers who received Rs 30,000 will now get Rs 52,500, and the first-class cricketers who retired before 2003 and got Rs.22,500 will now get Rs.45,000.

Indian Cricket Players Salary: BCCI A grade player salary and A+ male cricketer is paid Rs 7 crore in annual salary according to the BCCI remuneration list, while Rs 5 crore, Rs 3 crore, and Rs 1 crore, those in grades A, B, and C pocket respectively. The under 19 player salary for Ranji players is INR 20,000. In Grade A, women will be paid Rs 50 lakh. Women cricketers have the highest earnings and three slabs.

Under-19 Indian Cricket Players Salary

There is no fixed salary for under-19 Indian cricket players because he is a cricketer selected for donning state and national duties according to the board’s guidelines, and who does well when selected for IPL gets a huge fee. 

Thus it depends on their talent and opportunities. However, Ranji trophy cricket players are paid 10,000 per day when they have a match, and Rs.40,000 are given to them for 4 days.

The state team players have a well-packed income of 12 lakhs per annum, plus kits, kit bags, and free cost from moving from one state to another, which the government completely pays.

Retired Indian Cricket Players Salary

The BCCI committed that with the result from June 1, 2022, all former Indian cricketers, both men, and women, will see a considerable tramp in monthly pensions.

All first-class cricketers who have played 25 to 49 matches up to the end of the 2003-04 season get Rs.15,000 a month as per the existing policy but now they will receive Rs.30,000 a month.

Those who have played 50 to 74 matches and 75 and above matches up to the end of 2003 to 2004 got Rs.22,500 and Rs.30,000, respectively. As per the adapted structure, they will receive Rs.45,000 and Rs.52,500 monthly, respectively.

The BCCI announced that all Test cricketer players who adapted before December 31, 1993, and have played more than 25 matches would get Rs.50,000 per month in 2015. However, per the new policy, the pension will now be tramped to Rs.70,000 monthly.

Earlier, women cricketer players who played 10 or more Test matches received Rs.22,500 per month, while those who played 5 to 9 Tests received Rs.15,000 per month. However, that fee structure has been revised now.

Top 10 Indian Cricket Players Salary

The popular cash-rich Indian Premier League started in 2008, and the prices at which cricket players were purchased raised a couple of eyebrows. But, in today’s times, 12 years down, the cricketer’s income, along with their IPL fee, has been winged, raising some eyebrows. 

Indian cricket players’ salary, which comes apart from cricket like a large part of their earnings comes through brand endorsements and events. Young and famous Indian cricket players are the face of numerous brands. The following table covers the top 10 Indian cricket players salary.

1Virat KohliRs.252.72 Cr
2MS DhoniRs.135.93 Cr
3Sachin TendulkarRs.76.96 Cr
4Rohit SharmaRs.54.29 Cr
5Rishabh PantRs.29.19 Cr
6Hardik PandyaRs.24.87 Cr
7Jasprit BumrahRs.23.25 Cr
8KL RahulRs.23.19 Cr
9Shikhar DhawanRs.19.11 Cr
10Ravindra JadejaRs.18.41 Cr

Indian Cricket Players Salary Grade

Agreements are reached out following the grading system. Players with higher grades have a higher base salary plus a match fee. The BCCI divides cricket players’ middle agreement into 4 various categories.

Grade A+ agreement:

Grade A+ is the highest grade in the Indian cricket player salary in the middle order. Cricket players in this grade are normally the ones who have executed frequently in the last 12 months, or they are captains in 1 or 2 formats. 

In the 2022 to 2023 agreement, only three players have been contained in Grade A+. The base annual salary for grade A+ players is INR 7 crores which is $860,000 annually. Some Grade A+ Indian cricket players are:

  1. Virat Kohli
  2. Rohit Sharma (ODI & T20 Captain)
  3. Jasprit Bumrah

Grade A agreement:

Grade A is the second highest-rated grade in the Indian central agreement that includes Indian cricket players salary who have always played international cricket for India in one or two formats.

The base annual salary of Grade A players is INR 5 crores which is $615,000 a year. Some grade-A Indian cricket players are:

  1. R Ashwin
  2. KL Rahul
  3. Ravindra Jadeja
  4. Rishabh Pant
  5. Mohammed Shami
  6. Cheteshwar Pujara
  7. Ajinkya Rahane
  8. Shikhar Dhawan
  9. Ishant Sharma
  10. Hardik Pandya

For women’s Indian cricket players salary in Grade A (Rs 50 Lakhs):

  1. Mithali Raj 
  2. Harmanpreet Kaur
  3. Smriti Mandhana 
  4. Poonam Yadav

Grade B Agreement

Indian cricket players in Grade B earn an annual salary of INR 3 Crore ($375,000 a year), and the 7 players are included in this grade for the 2022-2023 season. In the last 12 months, these include compatible players in the national team, but their performances could have been better. Some grade B Indian cricket players are:

  1. Wriddhiman Saha
  2. Umesh Yadav
  3. Bhuvneshwar Kumar
  4. Shardul Thakur
  5. Mayank Agarwal

For women’s Indian cricket players salary in Grade B (Rs 30 Lakhs):

  1. Ekta Bisht 
  2. Jhulan Goswami 
  3. Shikha Pandey 
  4. Deepti Sharma 
  5. Jemimah Rodrigues

Grade C Agreement:

Indian cricket players salary in Grade C who are not compatible with the national cricket team but are retained in the central agreement for 12 months and are paid INR 1 crore annually.

  1. Kuldeep Yadav
  2. Navdeep Saini
  3. Deepak Chahar
  4. Shubaman Gill
  5. Hanuma Vihari
  6. Axar Patel
  7. Shreyas Iyer
  8. Washington Sundar
  9. Yuzvendra Chahal
  10. Md. Siraj

For women’s Indian cricket players salary in Grade C (Rs 10 Lakhs):

  1. Radha Yadav
  2. D Hemalatha 
  3. Anuja Patil 
  4. Veda Krishnamurthy 
  5. Mansi Joshi 
  6. Punam Raut 
  7. Mona Meshram 
  8. Arundhati Reddy 
  9. Rajeshwari Gayakwad 
  10. Taniya Bhatia 
  11. Pooja Vastrakar

Virat Kohil Salary – Per Match, Month, Year, Test, ODI, T20I

Virat Kohli is a cricketer who joined the Forbes highest-paid athlete list of 2020. He is listed at the 66th spot with $26 million, while MS Dhoni, Rohit Sharma, Steve Smith, Ben Stokes, David Warner, and Hardik Pandya are other players who joined Virat Kohli in highest paid cricketers 2020 list.

Virat Kohli’s total Net Worth is USD 60 million in Rs.372 Crore which includes Match Fee from BCCI, IPL Salary, and Income from Brand Endorsements, and he earns an annual (year) income of USD 16 million in Rs.110 Crore. 

Virat Kohli is the captain of the Indian Cricket Test Team and is one of the world’s highest-paid celebrities and sports players, which also provides for his higher net worth. Virat Kohli owns many luxury cars and real estate and endorses over 12 brands. 

Virat Kohli and Anushka Sharma’s joint net worth reached Rs.1000 crore in two years, and the following table shows you their total net worth.

Indian Cricket Players Salary FAQ

What is the salary of India Cricket Players?

For a Test match, Rs 15 lakh. A player earns Rs 6 lakh for an ODI, while for every T20I, he earns Rs 3 lakh.

What is Dhoni’s net worth?

MS Dhoni is the most valuable and all-time highly paid cricketer than master blaster Sachin Tendulkar with an approximate net worth of Rs 800 Crs.

Conclusion – Indian Cricket Players Salary

Finding an Indian cricket player’s salary featured on the list of highest-earning Players of the year is not a new event, at least in our country also Indian cricketers are not just cricketers, they become celebrities.

I hope you are satisfied with this post to find complete details about the men’s Indian cricket players’ salary as well as women’s Indian cricket players salary based on their grades.

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