Rohit Sharma Centuries List

Rohit Sharma Centuries List – Stats & Records In Test, ODI, T20I – Best Opener For A Reason

In the world, cricket is the most popular game. Test format, One-day international format (ODI), and T20I are the three significant formats of cricket. Fielders, bowlers, and batters are the nucleus of the game of cricket. The batsman plays a significant part in every game. In each game, they get an opportunity to make and break someone’s record. So, let’s look at a Rohit Sharma centuries list in all cricket formats (Test, ODI, and T20I).

The major milestone for any batter is to score a century and even a double century if he maintains the same rhythm. This article will see the century’s list of India’s finest opener Rohit Sharma. He was regarded as one of the Indian team’s most gifted batsmen.

Rohit Sharma Centuries List

Rohit Sharma has been an Indian international cricketer from 2007 to the present and is the skipper of the Indian national team. Rohit is one of the best-opening batters, a right-handed batter, and an occasional right-arm off-break bowler. He was born on April 30, 1987, and his full name is Rohit Gurunath Sharma.

His nickname is “Hitman.” He played his test debut on November 06, 2013, against West Indies, his ODI debut on June 23, 2007, against Sri Lanka, and his T20I debut on September 19, 2007, against England.

Rohit Sharma Centuries in Total

The total number of centuries of R Sharma in all formats of international cricket is 41 centuries. He scored 29 centuries from 233 ODI matches, eight centuries from 45 Test matches, and four centuries from 148 T20I matches. In his career, he has scored 16,366 runs from 427 international matches of all formats of cricket at an average of 42.01.

He has hatted more than 1500 boundaries (fours) and 496 sixes in all formats of cricket. He has scored a total of 3137 test runs from 45 test matches, 9376 runs from 233 ODI’s, and 3853 runs from 148 T20I matches at a batting average of 46.1, 48.6, and 31.3. Let’s see a detailed record of R Sharma’s centuries in all cricket formats (Test, ODI, & T20I).

Rohit Sharma Centuries in Test Matches

Rohit Sharma has scored a total of eight Test centuries for India. He is one of the cricketers to score a hundred on their Test debut. In 2013, he scored his first maiden Test century (177 runs) in his debut Test match against West Indies at Eden Gardens. Let’s see the top centuries and innings of Rohit Sharma in Test matches.

16 November 2013  West Indies177 dagger2Won
214 November 2013 West Indies111*2Won
324 November 2017Sri Lanka102*2Won
42 October 2019South Africa176 dagger1Won
52 October 2019South Africa127 dagger3Won
619 October 2019South Africa212 dagger1Won
713 February 2021England161 1Won
82 September 2021England127 dagger3Won

Rohit Sharma Centuries in ODI Matches

Rohit Sharma has scored a total of 29 ODI centuries for India. In 2010, he scored his first ODI century (114 runs) against Zimbabwe at Queen Sports Club, Bulawayo. Let’s see the top centuries and innings of Rohit Sharma in ODI matches.

128 May 2010Zimbabwe1141Lost
230 May 2010Sri Lanka101* dagger2Won
316 October 2013Australia 141* dagger 2Won
42 November 2013Australia 209 dagger 1Won
513 November 2014Sri Lanka 264 dagger 1Won
618 January 2015Australia1381Lost
719 March 2015Bangladesh 137 dagger 1Won
811 October 2015South Africa1502Lost
912 January 2016Australia 171* 1Lost
1015 January 2016Australia 124 dagger 1Lost
1115 June 2017Bangladesh 123* dagger 2Won
1227 August 2017Sri Lanka 124* 2Won
1331 August 2017Sri Lanka1041Won
141 October 2017Australia 125 dagger 2Won
1529 October 2017New Zealand 147 dagger 1Won
1613 December 2017Sri Lanka 208* dagger double-dagger 1Won
1713 February 2018South Africa 115 dagger 1Won
1812 July 2018England 137* 2Won
1923 September 2018Pakistan 111* double-dagger 2Won
2021 October 2018West Indies 152* 2Won
2129 October 2018West Indies 162 dagger 1Won
2212 January 2019Australia 133 2Lost
235 June 2019South Africa 122* dagger 2Won
2416 June 2019Pakistan 140 dagger 1Won (D/L)
2530 June 2019England 102 2Lost
262 July 2019Bangladesh 104 dagger 1Won
276 July 2019Sri Lanka 103 dagger 2Won
2818 December 2019West Indies 159 dagger 1Won
2919 January 2020Australia 119 dagger 2Won

Rohit Sharma Centuries in T20I Matches

Rohit Sharma has scored a total of four T20I centuries for India. In the world, he has scored the most T20I centuries. Rohit is also the third-highest run-scorer in the T20I format of cricket.

In 2015, he scored his first T20I century (106 runs) against South Africa at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, Dharmasala. This is the top centuries and innings of Rohit Sharma in T20I matches.

Rohit Sharma Centuries in Careers

Rohit Sharma’s 100 runs in all formats of international cricket matches are 41. When IPL centuries are included, the total of Rohit Sharma by 100s is 42. He scored 29 centuries in ODI, 8 centuries in Test matches, 4 centuries in T20I matches, and one century in IPL matches.

So far, Rohit Sharma has scored a total of one Indian Premier League (IPL) T20I century. In 2012, he registered his first maiden IPL T20I century (109 runs). He played for Mumbai Indians (MI) against Kolkata Knight Riders (KKR) at Eden Gardens, Kolkata.

Rohit Sharma Centuries Outside India

Overall, Rohit Sharma centuries list outside India is 20. Out of 20, 12 centuries are away from India, and 8 centuries are neutral, i.e., both India and overseas venues.

Rohit Sharma Centuries Records

Rohit Sharma holds the record of the highest individual score in ODI and scored 264 runs off 173 balls against Sri Lanka in 2014 in Kolkata. He holds a record of scoring three-double centuries in the ODI format of cricket. He is the only batsman who scored three double centuries in ODI cricket history – 264 runs, 209 runs, and 208 runs (not out).

He holds the record for the highest number of T20 international centuries. He also holds the record for the fastest T20I century off 35 balls. He also holds the record for scoring the most centuries (5 hundred) in a single Cricket World Cup. He received two national honors. In 2015, he received the Arjuna Award and the prestigious ‘Major Dhyan Chand Khel Ratna’ in 2020.

Rohit Sharma Centuries Statistics

Rohit Sharma has scored a total of 41 centuries across formats. The major of the centuries have come in the ODI format. He has scored 29 centuries from 233 matches in that format. Rohit scored four centuries in 148 T20I and eight in 45 Test matches.

Rohit Sharma Centuries Venues

Rohit Sharma centuries list in T20I have come in Dharmasala, Indore, Bristol, and Lucknow. He’s yet to score a century in the T20I outside of India.

Edgbaston Cricket Ground, Birmingham, is the favorite ground for Rohit Sharma, as he has scored three centuries on this ground in the ODI format. Also, Lord’s is the only venue outside India where Rohit scored a test century.

Conclusion – Rohit Sharma Centuries List

The above article will help you find the Rohit Sharma centuries list in the Test, ODI, and T20I formats of cricket. And also, we discussed Rohit Sharma’s centuries list of all formats – date, year, opponent, venues, scores, & more, his IPL T20 centuries list, and his records in cricket.

Hopefully, I pointed out all the stats and records of Rohit Sharma. So look at the above article to view the Rohit Sharma centuries list in all formats of cricket.

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