IPL Highest Score Batsman

IPL Highest Score Batsman – Top 5 Unforgettable Knocks Of IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket tournament offers cricket fans an unforgettable batting every year, where some of its biggest stars come together to showcase their skill. Of the many records set and broken each season, one that stands out is ipl highest score batsman; here we explore this phenomenon and their record-setting feats in more depth.

IPL Highest Score Batsman

IPL has witnessed many incredible batting performances by its participants. This ipl highest score player list features Chris Gayle, Brendon McCullum, Quinton de Kock, AB de Villiers and KL Rahul all produced incredible scores to impress their audiences and establish themselves as dominant T20 batsmen.

PlayerRunsBallsSRTeamOppositionGroundMatch Date
Chris GayleRCB175*66265.15v Pune WarriorsBengaluru23-Apr-13
Brendon McCullumKKR158*73216.43v RCBBengaluru18-Apr-08
Quinton de KockLSG140*70200v KKRDY Patil18-May-22
AB de VilliersRCB133*59225.42v MumbaiWankhede10-May-15
Lokesh RahulKXIP132*69191.3v RCBDubai (DSC)24-Sep-20

Chris Gayle’s Unstoppable Innings

Chris Gayle played one of the most impressive and explosive IPL innings ever witnessed by spectators during 2013. Representing Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), Gayle left viewers speechless with his unbeaten knock of 175 runs off just 66 balls against Pune Warriors; it featured 13 boundaries and 17 sixes for an unprecedented highest score in IPL by player that broke all IPL records!

Gayle remembered his impressive innings fondly, recalling being in a zone and rhythm where he felt virtually invincible. In retrospect, he even joked that had it not been for teammate AB de Villiers’ brilliant innings at that same match, Gayle might have scored 200 runs!

Brendon McCullum’s Explosive Start

The second-highest player score in IPL is held by former New Zealand opener Brendon McCullum. Brendon McCullum set off IPL season one with an outstanding innings, scoring an unbeaten 158 not out from just 73 deliveries for Kolkata Knight Riders against Royal Challengers Bangalore and hitting 10 fours and 13 sixes during his innings for 10 fours and 13 sixes; not only was this individual score one of its highest yet but it cemented McCullum as an influential T20 force.

Quinton de Kock’s Dominance

In the third position for the IPL highest player score is Quinton de Kock. Quinton de Kock of Lucknow Super Giants made headlines throughout the 2022 IPL with an extraordinary innings vs Kolkata Knight Riders in which he hit 140 not out off just 70 balls; including 10 fours and sixes! De Kock combined forces with KL Rahul who scored an unbeaten 68 to form an unbeaten 210 run partnership that will go down in IPL history books as one of its great performances ever witnessed in an IPL match.

AB de Villiers’ Masterclass

De Villiers, who is famed for his innovative strokeplay and ability to break apart any bowling attack, took center stage during 2015 IPL season with Royal Challengers Bangalore against Mumbai Indians and produced an exceptional knock of 133 runs off just 59 balls against them; 19 fours and 4 sixes helped set up Virat Kohli for an innings that made up part of their record total of 235 runs to claim an important 39 run victory for their side.

KL Rahul’s Heroic Knock

KL Rahul of Punjab led their side to victory against Royal Challengers Bangalore with an unbeaten knock of 132 runs off just 69 balls against them, featuring 14 fours and 7 sixes during an amazing innings that would cement his reputation as one of India’s finest batsmen in IPL 2020. Punjab reached an unrivaled total score of 206 runs before ultimately defeating them by an overwhelming 97 run margin!

IPL Highest Run Of Player FAQ

Who scored ipl highest score batsman in single match?

Chris Gayle holds the highest score in IPL by a player with a score of 175*.

Who’s the highest IPL score by Indian batsman?

KL Rahul’s knock against RCB in IPL 2020 is the IPL highest run by batsman.

Which is the IPL highest score batsman in one match all time?

Universal Boss Chris Gayle’s blistering 175 is the IPL highest score by batsman.

chris gayle highest score in ipl against which team?

Chris Gayle’s 175 is the highest batsman score in ipl and it came against Pune Warriors.


The IPL has witnessed incredible batting performances through its tenure. Both its highest batsman record and player scores stand as testaments to players’ skill, talent, and caliber; these details reflect those relating to up until 2023 season records; future editions could be break the IPL player high score and surpass them all!

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