IPL Points Table

Comprehensive IPL Points Table List From 2008 to 2023

The IPL Points Table shows the how the team performs during the Indian Premier League. Cricket live IPL points table provides the information such as how many matches a team has played and the percentage of the matches they have won and IPL team rankings of each team in the competition. In this post, we will figure out the importance of knowing how IPL points table calculations are made and its importance to qualify for the IPL playoffs.

Understanding the IPL Points Table

The IPL Points Table gives us an accurate assessment of each team’s progress throughout the tournament, taking into account factors like matches played, wins/losses ratio, net run rate rate (NRR), calculated using scores scored/wickets lost relative to number of overs played.

The points table is an ever-evolving representation of IPL team ranking list that changes as teams wins or loss during the match during the tournament. Each win earns two points for its respective team; these accumulate throughout the tournament until eventually qualifying teams with four or more highest point totals qualify for IPL Playoffs to determine potential finalists and eventual champions.

IPL Points Table 2024

Indian cricket enthusiasts eagerly anticipate the IPL 2024 season, set to run from March 23 to May 29, 2024. The BCCI recently unveiled the official schedule and revealed that its inaugural match between Gujarat Titans and Chennai Super Kings at Mumbai’s DY Patil Stadium on March 23 is already generating significant excitement – led by MS Dhoni for CSK and Shubman Gill for Gujarat Titans respectively! According to 2024 Time Table each team will play 20-over matches, guaranteeing fans an exciting 17th season of Indian Premier League competition!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Chennai Super Kings0000000
2Delhi Capitals0000000
3Gujarat Titans0000000
4Kolkata Knight Riders0000000
5Lucknow Super Giants0000000
6Mumbai Indians0000000
7Punjab Kings0000000
8Rajasthan Royals0000000
9Royal Challengers Bangalore0000000
10Sunrisers Hyderabad0000000

IPL Points Table 2023

As we look ahead to the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2023 season, teams like Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, Gujarat Titans, Kolkata Knight Riders, Punjab Kings, Rajasthan Royals, Lucknow Super Giants, and Sunrisers Hyderabad will be competing for the top spots in the Points Table. These teams will be aiming to secure a higher position in the standings to increase their chances of reaching the summit clash and lifting the IPL trophy.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Gujarat Titans14104000.80920
2Chennai Super Kings1485010.65217
3Lucknow Super Giants1485010.28417
4Mumbai Indians148600-0.04416
5Rajasthan Royals1477000.14814
6Royal Challengers Bangalore1477000.13514
7Kolkata Knight Riders146800-0.23912
8Punjab Kings146800-0.30412
9Delhi Capitals145900-0.80810
10Sunrisers Hyderabad1441000-0.598

IPL Points Table 2022

Gujarat Titans claimed as the IPL cricket top team in the league stage and advanced to playoffs along with Rajasthan Royals, Lucknow Super Giants and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Gujarat Titans ultimately defeated Rajasthan Royals and secured 2022 IPL glory!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Gujarat Titans1410400200.316
2Rajasthan Royals149500180.298
3Lucknow SuperGiants149500180.251
4Royal Challengers Bangalore14860016-0.253
5Delhi Capitals147700140.204
6Punjab Kings147700140.126
7Kolkata Knight Riders146800120.146
8SunRisers Hyderabad14680012-0.379
9Chennai Super Kings14410008-0.203
10Mumbai Indians14410008-0.506

IPL Points Table 2021

Delhi Capitals finished on top in IPL team list ranking during league stage play and advanced to playoffs along with Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kolkata Knight Riders. Chennai Super Kings won their debut Indian Premier League (IPL) championship by defeating Kolkata Knight Riders to claim this year’s trophy.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Delhi Capitals1410400200.481
2Chennai Super Kings149500180.455
3Royal Challengers Bangalore14950018-0.14
4Kolkata Knight Riders147700140.587
5Mumbai Indians147700140.116
6Punjab Kings14680012-0.001
7Rajasthan Royals14590010-0.993
8SunRisers Hyderabad14311006-0.545

IPL Points Table 2020

Mumbai Indians finished the league stage with first on IPL cricket team points and advanced to playoffs along with Delhi Capitals, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Once again in the final, however, Mumbai Indians successfully defeated Delhi Capitals for victory – taking home another IPL crown!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians149500181.107
2Delhi Capitals14860016-0.109
3SunRisers Hyderabad147700140.608
4Royal Challengers Bangalore14770014-0.172
5Kolkata Knight Riders14770014-0.214
6Punjab Kings14680012-0.162
7Chennai Super Kings14680012-0.455
8Rajasthan Royals14680012-0.569

IPL Points Table 2019

Mumbai Indians was victorious at winning this year’s IPL crown after defeating Chennai Super Kings to secure top billing during league stage play and advance into playoffs along with Chennai Super Kings, Delhi Capitals and Sunrisers Hyderabad in final. Mumbai Indians eventually gain the victory and defeated Chennai Super Kings to capture 2019 IPL glory and claim their throne!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians149500180.421
2Chennai Super Kings149500180.131
3Delhi Capitals149500180.044
4SunRisers Hyderabad146800120.577
5Kolkata Knight Riders146800120.028
6Punjab Kings14680012-0.251
7Rajasthan Royals14580111-0.449
8Royal Challengers Bangalore14580111-0.607

IPL Points Table 2018

Sunrisers Hyderabad came out victorious from the league stage to claim top points and advance into playoffs alongside Sunrisers Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders and Rajasthan Royals – eventually triumphant against Sunrisers Hyderabad for an IPL crown win! In the final, Chennai Super Kings overpowered Sunrisers Hyderabad to capture victory and claim this year’s IPL tournament victory!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1SunRisers Hyderabad149500180.284
2Chennai Super Kings149500180.253
3Kolkata Knight Riders14860016-0.07
4Rajasthan Royals14770014-0.25
5Mumbai Indians146800120.317
6Royal Challengers Bangalore146800120.129
7Punjab Kings14680012-0.502
8Delhi Daredevils14590010-0.222

IPL Points Table 2017

MI points table shows they finished at the top during the league stage to advance to playoffs – joining Rising Pune Supergiant, Sunrisers Hyderabad and Kolkata Knight Riders as top four. Mumbai Indians went on to beat Rising Pune Supergiant for victory and claim 2017 IPL glory!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians1410400200.784
2Rising Pune Supergiant149500180.176
3SunRisers Hyderabad148501170.599
4Kolkata Knight Riders148600160.641
5Punjab Kings14770014-0.009
6Delhi Daredevils14680012-0.512
7Gujarat Lions14410008-0.412
8Royal Challengers Bangalore14310017-1.299

IPL Points Table 2016

Gujarat Lions emerged victorious at the League Stage points table and advanced to the playoffs along with Royal Challengers Bangalore, Sunrisers Hyderabad, and Kolkata Knight Riders – each team being placed into one group based on performance during league play. Sunrisers Hyderabad ultimately be victorious as champion of 2016 IPL title victory versus Royal Challengers Bangalore to capture its inaugural championship win!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Gujarat Lions14950018-0.374
2Royal Challengers Bangalore148600160.932
3SunRisers Hyderabad148600160.245
4Kolkata Knight Riders148600160.106
5Mumbai Indians14770014-0.146
6Delhi Daredevils14770014-0.155
7Rising Pune Supergiant145900100.015
8Punjab Kings14410008-0.646

IPL Points Table 2015

Chennai Super Kings finished first on the league stage points table and advanced to playoffs along with Mumbai Indians, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Rajasthan Royals – each of whom made up one team that advanced. At final, however, Mumbai Indians come out ahead and beat Chennai Super Kings to become champion of 2015 IPL tournament.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Chennai Super Kings149500180.709
2Mumbai Indians14860016-0.043
3Royal Challengers Bangalore147502161.037
4Rajasthan Royals147502160.062
5Kolkata Knight Riders147601150.253
6SunRisers Hyderabad14770014-0.239
7Delhi Daredevils14580111-0.049
8Punjab Kings14311006-1.436

IPL Points Table 2014

Chennai Super Kings came out victorious from the league stage of Indian Premier League 2014 with top IPL cricket point in terms of points table standing. Following qualification to playoffs are Punjab Kings, Kolkata Knight Riders, Chennai Super Kings and Mumbai Indians; of these four Punjab Kings defeated Kolkata Knight Riders 3-1 for victory and ultimately claimed IPL title 2014.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Punjab Kings1411300220.968
2Kolkata Knight Riders149500180.418
3Chennai Super Kings149500180.385
4Mumbai Indians147700140.095
5Rajasthan Royals147700140.06
6SunRisers Hyderabad14680012-0.399
7Royal Challengers Bangalore14590010-0.428
8Delhi Daredevils14212004-1.182

IPL Points Table 2013

Mumbai Indians earned top honours in the league stage points table and advanced to playoffs along with Chennai Super Kings, Rajasthan Royals, and Sunrisers Hyderabad – winning against Chennai Super Kings to capture 2013 IPL glory and becoming champions! Mumbai Indians was eventually conq​​​​​uering once more to take home this crown and claim it for themselves!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Chennai Super Kings1611500220.53
2Mumbai Indians1611500220.441
3Rajasthan Royals1610600200.322
4SunRisers Hyderabad1610600200.003
5Royal Challengers Bangalore169700180.457
6Punjab Kings168800160.226
7Kolkata Knight Riders166100012-0.095
8Pune Warriors India16412008-1.006
9Delhi Daredevils16313006-0.848

IPL Points Table 2012

Delhi Daredevils took top honors in the league stage points table, qualifying as one of four teams that advanced to playoffs: Delhi Daredevils, Kolkata Knight Riders, Mumbai Indians and Chennai Super Kings – but in the end Kolkata Knight Riders defeated Chennai Super Kings to capture 2012 IPL supremacy!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Delhi Daredevils1611500220.617
2Kolkata Knight Riders1610501210.561
3Mumbai Indians161060020-0.1
4Chennai Super Kings168701170.1
5Royal Challengers Bangalore16870117-0.022
6Punjab Kings16880016-0.216
7Rajasthan Royals167900140.201
8Deccan Chargers16411019-0.509
9Pune Warriors India16412008-0.551

IPL Points Table 2011

Chennai Super Kings placed first overall in the league stage points table and advanced to play offs alongside Royal Challengers Bangalore, Chennai Super Kings, Mumbai Indians and Kolkata Knight Riders; ultimately Chennai Super Kings emerged victorious by defeating Royal Challengers Bangalore for IPL 2011 crown!

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Royal Challengers Bangalore149401190.326
2Chennai Super Kings149500180.443
3Mumbai Indians149500180.04
4Kolkata Knight Riders148600160.433
5Punjab Kings14770014-0.051
6Rajasthan Royals14670113-0.691
7Deccan Chargers146800120.222
8Kochi Tuskers Kerala14680012-0.214
9Pune Warriors India1449019-0.134
10Delhi Daredevils1449019-0.448

IPL Points Table 2010

Mumbai Indians won the League Stage points table and qualified for semi-finals along with Deccan Chargers, Chennai Super Kings and Royal Challengers Bangalore. Chennai Super Kings eventually triumphed as champions over Mumbai Indians to capture 2010 IPL victory and claim victory as champions overall.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Mumbai Indians1410400201.084
2Deccan Chargers14860016-0.297
3Chennai Super Kings147700140.274
4Royal Challengers Bangalore147700140.219
5Delhi Daredevils147700140.021
6Kolkata Knight Riders14770014-0.341
7Rajasthan Royals14680012-0.514
8Punjab Kings14410008-0.478

IPL Points Table 2009

Notably, Deccan Chargers finished second in league stage before going on to defeat Royal Challengers Bangalore and win the tournament by defeating them in the final. Based on points tables determined from league play alone, Delhi Daredevils, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Deccan Chargers advanced into semi-finals and went head-to-head against each other for supremacy in final.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Delhi Daredevils1410400200.311
2Chennai Super Kings148501170.951
3Royal Challengers Bangalore14860016-0.191
4Deccan Chargers147700140.203
5Punjab Kings14770014-0.483
6Rajasthan Royals14670113-0.352
7Mumbai Indians145801110.297
8Kolkata Knight Riders14310017-0.789

IPL Points Table 2008

Rajasthan Royals under the leadership of Shane Warne topped their league stage table and went on to defeat Chennai Super Kings and win the inaugural edition of IPL by defeating them in the final matchup. There were eight franchises competing, each playing against all other teams in round-robin play in round robin format; only four teams advanced into semi-final play-offs.

PositionTeamMatchesWonLostTiedN/RPointsNet Run Rate
1Rajasthan Royals1411300220.632
2Punjab Kings1410400200.509
3Chennai Super Kings14860016-0.192
4Delhi Daredevils147601150.342
5Mumbai Indians147700140.57
6Kolkata Knight Riders14670113-0.147
7Royal Challengers Bangalore14410008-1.16
8Deccan Chargers14212004-0.467

The Role of Net Run Rate (NRR)

While points gained are essential, when two teams are tied on points the Net Run Rate can often become decisive. It measures each team’s run scoring prowess and wicket taking prowess; thus becoming particularly significant if teams are closely matched when it comes to points gained; its value being decisive when teams tie.

Decoding the IPL Points Table – Historical Trivia

Over time, the IPL Points Table has witnessed many remarkable curiosity and records. Let’s hunt through into some notable details:

  1. Qualifying For The Playoffs: No team in IPL history has advanced to the Playoffs with less than 12 points in the points table.
  2. Lowest Points Accumulated In An Ipl Season: Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) and Deccan Chargers (now Sunrisers Hyderabad), both teams involved with IPL tournaments since 2008, hold the record for lowest points of four during an entire IPL season.
  3. Victories Without Topping The Table: Only Kolkata Knight Riders and Deccan Chargers (now Sunrisers Hyderabad) have managed not to top their respective IPL Points Tables and yet come out victorious in tournament play.
  4. Delhi Daredevils’ Dilemma: In IPL history, only the Delhi Daredevils (now Delhi Capitals) have ever finished first on the Points Table but never gone on to claim victory at tournament time.
  5. Point Ties In IPL 2020: Two sets of three teams were tied on equal points totals, increasing excitement within the tournament and raising stakes further.
  6. Mumbai Indians Set an NRR Record: With an exceptional net run rate of +1.1107 during IPL 2020 league play, Mumbai Indians hold the record for having achieved the highest NRR ever reached at league stage end.
  7. Highest Points in a Season: Rajasthan Royals (2008), Delhi Daredevils (2012), Chennai Super Kings (2013) and Kings XI Punjab (2014) have all achieved 22 points during an IPL season.
  8. Mumbai Indians Reach Unprecedented 10th Spot in IPL 2022: Mumbai Indians made history when they finished at 10th in IPL 2022 – shocking fans and pundits alike with this unprecedented performance!

IPL Points Table – Key Takeaways

Analysis of IPL Points Table provides us with several key takeaways:

  1. Wins are essential, yet defeat can significantly diminish a team’s standing if victories and defeats are evenly balanced among games in their group stage.
  2. Net Run Rate (NRR) can play an instrumental role in deciding who finishes above another when both teams possess equal points total.
  3. IPL Points Table teams in the top four positions advance to playoffs, with those at the top having an extra chance at qualifying for finals.

IPL Points Table FAQ

1. How is the Net Run Rate (NRR) calculated?

NRR (Net Run Rate) measures the difference between total runs scored by a team and those conceded divided by number of overs played, providing a measure of their run-scoring rate and wicket-taking abilities during tournament.

2. What happens in case of a tie in points between two or more teams?

In the event of a tie between multiple teams in terms of points, the NRR comes into play to rank them accordingly; therefore it’s vital that teams maintain high NRR throughout their tournament as this could have an incredible effect on how far their ranking positions improve. Keeping an excellent NRR can greatly influence a team’s place within its standings.

3. How many points are awarded for a win?

Every team that wins in the IPL receives two points for every win, making accumulating these points crucial in attaining higher standing in the Points Table and qualifying for playoffs.

4. What is the minimum number of points required to confirm a team’s place in the playoffs?

Most often, 16 points is sufficient to secure a team a spot in the IPL playoffs; however, in cases of extremely close competition between multiple teams performing exceptionally well, Net Run Rate may come into play and 18 points could be necessary in deciding who advances further.

5. Who were the teams that finished last in the previous IPL seasons?

In the past 15 seasons of IPL tournament, several teams have struggled at finishing at the bottom of the Points Table. Those teams are Deccan Chargers in 2008, Kolkata Knight Riders in 2009, Punjab Kings in 2010, 2015 and 2016, Delhi Capitals in 2011, 2013, 2014 and 2018, Pune Warriors in 2012, Royal Challengers Bangalore in 2017 and 2019, Rajasthan Royals in 2020, Sunrisers Hyderabad in 2021 and 2023, Mumbai Indians in 2022.


The IPL Points Table serves as an input of how each team’s performance throughout the tournament, with total matches played and number of matches won or lost as well as net run rate (NRR). While points accumulated is certainly important in determining standings positions, NRR often plays an even more key role. With fans excitedly anticipating IPL 2023 season starting soon and teams competing fiercely on cricket fields all around, fans should continue keeping tabs on these tables!

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