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Sensational IPL Sponsor List From 2008 to 2024

Since 2008, when its inaugural Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament took place, its immense popularity and universal attraction have brought numerous sponsors, which contribute significantly to its financial success. Let’s take a look at the IPL sponsor list by looking closely at each title sponsor’s role within the tournament.

Understanding IPL Sponsorship

IPL title sponsors have an integral part in its event and their brand often associated with it as an entity. Each season, BCCI solicits bids from prominent entities who wish to acquire title sponsorship rights for that duration; typically these rights span multiple seasons and the highest bidder secures them for that timeframe.

BCCI’s Invitation to Tender (ITT)

The BCCI follows an elaborate process when choosing an IPL title sponsor, issuing an Invitation to Tender (ITT) document outlining bidding terms and conditions and inviting parties interested in bidding through paying a non-refundable fee for purchase of this document containing details regarding eligibility requirements, submission process rights and obligations of potential bidders.

IPL Sponsor List

Over the Indian Premier League (IPL) history, various title sponsors have entered the bidding war and won it to add its own distinct brand identity and value proposition to the tournament. Let’s go back in time and check the list of IPL sponsor who have won each year together.

SponsorPeriodAnnual Sponsorship Fee
Tata2024 – 2028₹500 crore (US$62.5 million)
Tata2022–2023₹335 crore (US$42.0 million)
Vivo2021₹440 crore (US$55.1 million)
Dream112020₹222 crore (US$27.8 million)
Vivo2016–2017₹100 crore (US$12.5 million)
Vivo2018–2019₹440 crore (US$55.1 million)
Pepsi2013–2015₹79.2 crore (US$9.9 million)
DLF2008–2012₹40 crore (US$5.0 million)

IPL Sponsorship 2024

As IPL 2024-2028 title sponsor search begins, BCCI has put into effect stringent conditions that aim to align only with reliable brands that align well with IPL values and principles. Let’s review both eligibility criteria and prohibited categories for title sponsorship bidding for IPL title sponsorship bidding.

Eligibility Criteria

To qualify for bid for IPL sponsorship 2024 by BCCI, bidder must meet certain criteria set by them. These specifications include:

  • Bidders must represent an established entity.
  • Bidders must fulfill all eligibility criteria outlined in the ITT document before bidding on any contract or tender.
  • Purchase of ITT document requires payment of non-refundable fee specified for it.
  • Purchase of ITT documents does not entitle them to bid on projects.

Prohibited Categories

The BCCI has restricted certain brand categories from bidding for title sponsorship in IPL 2024. These categories include:

  1. Chinese Brands: Following India-China tensions and Vivo’s negative experience as an example of Chinese companies or brands bidding, BCCI has shown its lack of enthusiasm toward accepting bids from Chinese firms or brands. This decision stems from its previous failed experience dealing with Vivo during 2016, 2017, 2018, 2019 and 2021.
  2. Fantasy Gaming Companies: Bidders involved directly or indirectly with fantasy gaming are prohibited from placing bids to preserve the integrity and reputation of IPL bidding process. To maintain the integrity of the tournament this decision has been made.
  3. Sportswear and Athleisure Brands: Companies involved in producing or selling sportswear, athleisure wear or performance apparel will not be eligible to bid during this tournament to keep its focus centered around participants rather than commercial interests.
  4. Betting and Gambling Companies: Bidders involved with betting or similar services that facilitate gambling are ineligible for participation, protecting both IPL’s image and integrity.
  5. Cryptocurrency Companies: Bidders involved with cryptocurrency trading, exchange or similar ventures are barred from participating in India’s bidding process due to regulatory concerns pertaining to digital currencies in general.
  6. Alcohol and Tobacco Brands: Companies involved with the alcohol or tobacco industries are disqualified from bidding on IPL title sponsorship bids to contribute to responsible, healthy associations between these brands and tournament events.
  7. Surrogate Brands: Bidders must submit bids through legitimate channels only; any use of surrogate brands to submit their offers would compromise transparency and allow bidders to potentially attempt submitting multiple bids from different entities simultaneously.

Tata Group (2024-2028)

Tata Group’s record-setting sponsorship deal of IPL 2024-2028 for an estimated 0 Million marks an important landmark in its history. This sponsorship exemplifies its immense financial appeal and global influence – estimated brand value estimated at $6.2 billion! Tata Group’s dedication to cricket and sports sponsorship, evidenced by previous title sponsorship of both the IPL and Women’s Premier League is evident by this significant commitment.

Tata Group (2022-2023)

Tata Group, one of India’s premier joint venture, became title sponsor for the Indian Premier League (IPL) tournament beginning with 2022 season and extended it through 2023 season, creating stability within tournament as well as showing their dedication to supporting Indian sports and entertainment through this partnership. They brought this sponsorship for INR 335 crores each year.

Vivo (2021)

Vivo was suspended and eventually discontinued as IPL title sponsor due to Sino-Indian tensions, leading to Dream11 becoming its replacement in 2020. When Vivo attempted a comeback the following season for INR 440 crores, despite ongoing geopolitical issues, challenges continued prompting BCCI to search for another title sponsor; Tata Group emerged as a loyal homegrown replacement, providing increased revenue while aligning itself with an unwavering patron who represented unwavering patriotism; this shift signaled strategic shift within IPL sponsorships due to ongoing interplay between geopolitical tensions and corporate associations within cricketing environments.

Dream11 (2020)

Dream11 made their entrance to IPL sponsor scene by dominating bidding war and taking home title sponsorship at an impressive bid price of Rs.222 crores. Additionally, Dream11 offers fantasy events where winners get VIP seats within stadium to watch games with Dream11 stand as an added perk; plus it holds onto this position for only one year – which makes for some tough competition between sponsors!

Vivo (2018-2019)

Unlike DLF and PepsiCo, Vivo renewed the IPL sponsorship rights for next two years 2018 and 2019 for INR 440 crores. However, due to rising tensions between India and China, Vivo decided not to participate in its 2020 edition and Dream11 took their place as title sponsor instead.

Vivo (2016-2017)

Vivo first joined as title sponsor of the IPL tournament in 2016, providing significant financial backing that enhanced reach and popularity of this season of cricket. They brought this deal for two years for INR 100 crores.

PepsiCo (2013-2015)

Since DLF doesn’t want to renew the IPL title sponsorship, PepsiCo won the deal for INR 79.2 crores in 2013. PepsiCo, an international food and beverage corporation, assumed title sponsorship of the Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013. Their presence brought new energy into the tournament through extensive marketing campaigns during IPL that brought considerable visibility for brands such as Pepsi and Lay’s from PepsiCo’s stable – providing greater exposure for both brands!

DLF (2008-2012)

DLF Real Estate Company of India served as the inaugural title sponsor for India Premier League from 2008 until 2012. They won the IPL sponsorship deal for INR 40 crores. DLF was an important reason for building the brand value of IPL and the recognition it got over period of time; also they made the global attention by collaborating with ESPN for profit-making broadcast and sponsorship deals.

The Future of IPL Sponsorship

Though initial interest for its sponsorship tender was relatively muted, BCCI remains confident about finding credible bidders to sponsor IPL title sponsorship until 2028. Brands looking to connect themselves with one of the world’s premier sporting events now have an exceptional chance.

As the deadline for purchasing ITT documents approaches, potential sponsors have an opportunity to secure their place in the bidding process. The BCCI anticipates an intensely competitive showdown among bidders who wish to support the Indian Premier League (IPL). Each bidder must demonstrate both commitment and financial backing for IPL success.


Overall, IPL sponsor list have vast variety of brands and companies throughout these years. Each of those sponsors have an important part in shaping their brand as well as the tournament. As search for IPL 2024-2028 title sponsors begins, BCCI‘s strict conditions and prohibitions aim to ensure they associate only with credible brands compatible with tournament’s goals and mission statement.

Stay tuned as IPL title sponsorship bidding get under way and prepare yourself to experience another thrilling chapter of IPL sponsorship!

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