Elite List Of IPL Umpires

Elite List Of IPL Umpires 2024

Cricket fans around the globe anticipate each year’s Indian Premier League (IPL), and its 2023 edition promises to be another exciting spectacle. While top cricketing talents battle on the pitch, unnoticed heroes play an integral role in upholding fairness and integrity of play: umpires. We will highlight those officiating this year’s IPL umpires – their backgrounds, experiences, contributions to cricket world – in this blog.

IPL Umpires For 2024

IPL umpires are at the core of every cricket match, making split-second decisions that can decide the outcome. IPL has international umpires with decades of experience to emerging umpires looking to make an impression, these officials bring an impressive combination of skill, knowledge, and composure onto the field. Join us on this adventure through cricket carnival to uncover its important role played by IPL 2024 umpires in keeping IPL events true celebrations of sport!

NameCountrySpanSalary per MatchMatches
Anil ChaudharyIndia2012-2023₹ 1,98,000.00121
Nitin MenonIndia2016-2023₹ 1,98,000.0094
Chris GaffaneyNew Zealand2015-2023₹ 1,98,000.0077
KN AnanthapadmanabhanIndia2016-2023₹ 1,98,000.0065
Bruce OxenfordAustralia2012-2023₹ 1,98,000.0064
Rod TuckerAustralia2011-2023₹ 1,98,000.0062
Virender SharmaIndia2016-2023₹ 1,98,000.0056
Yeshwant BardeIndia2017-2023₹ 1,98,000.0033
Nand KishoreIndia2016-2023₹ 1,98,000.0031
Ulhas GandheIndia2019-2023₹ 1,98,000.0023
Jayaraman MadanagopalIndia2021-2023₹ 1,98,000.0020
Michael GoughEngland2021-2023₹ 59,000.0018
Nikhil PatwardhanIndia2022-2023₹ 59,000.0013
Tapan SharmaIndia2021-2023₹ 59,000.0013
Saiyed KhalidIndia2021-2023₹ 59,000.0012
Navdeep SinghIndia2021-2023₹ 59,000.0012
Sadashiv IyerIndia2022-2023₹ 59,000.0012
Rohan PanditIndia2022-2023₹ 59,000.0011
Vinod SeshanIndia2023-2023₹ 59,000.007
MV Saidharshan KumarIndia2023-2023₹ 59,000.006
Akshay TotreIndia2023-2023₹ 59,000.006

Anil Chaudhary

Anil Kumar Chaudhary, born on March 12, 1965 in Delhi and now aged 59 years old, has earned a place on the famous IPL umpires as an experienced umpire. With experience officiating over 121 IPL matches he offers invaluable expertise in his chosen sport of cricket officiating. Anil Chaudhary umpire brings both detail and reliability on field that have marked his journey into cricket officiating; having officiated in each T20 format match makes him an ace umpire who should not be overlooked this season.

Anil Kumar Chaudhary umpire holds the distinction of being one of the top IPL umpires with respect to matches officiated, second only to Sundaram Ravi who has officiated 131 matches so far. Anil has distinguished himself throughout his illustrious career by not only excelling at domestic cricket but also making an impressive statement on an international stage. As Chaudhary resonates with credibility within cricketing circles, IPL fans can expect nothing short of impeccable officiating from him as an IPL umpire who has dedicated many years to upholding fairness and integrity within cricket.

Nitin Menon

Nitin Menon was born on November 2, 1983 in Indore, Madhya Pradesh is 41 years old and has become one of the top umpires in IPL. Following in his father Narendra Menon’s footsteps as an international umpire and building on their legacy; Nitin has made his own mark within cricketing world with both Test and limited-over formats showing great understanding for how game works – an experience which now enriches officiating standards within IPL tournaments.

Nitin Menon stats says he has officiated in 94 IPL matches since being appointed an umpire, attesting to his dedication and ability. Additionally, Nitin Menon umpire comes from a strong cricketing lineage; his father Narendra Narayan Menon played first-class cricket for Madhya Pradesh as a Wicketkeeper-batsman/List A player, adding further credence to Nitin’s understanding of the game and solidifying his role as one of IPL officiating success.

Christopher Gaffaney

Christopher Blair Gaffaney umpire was born on November 30, 1975 in Dunedin Otago, New Zealand, and today Chris Gaffaney is one of New Zealand’s acclaimed international umpires. At 48, umpire Christopher Gaffaney brings with him an exceptional umpiring expertise that make his transition from professional player to accomplished umpire. Officiating in several extraordinary matches has demonstrated Chris Gaffaney umpire precision while making critical decisions with ease.

Christopher Blair Gaffaney adds an international flavor to IPL umpiring team with his expertise as an umpire.  Christopher Gaffaney umpire has umpired in 77 matches in IPL and he has displayed his outstanding umpiring techniques which makes him as one of the best in IPL umpires panel. Outside his umpiring roles, he brings an interesting cricketing history as he was first-class cricket player for Otago. He has played 83 first class matches and have an outstanding high score of 194 and amassed 4711 runs, which included eight centuries and 24 half-centuries.

KN Ananthapadmanabhan

Karumanaseri Narayanaiyer Ananthapadmanabhan was born on September 8, 1969 in Trivandrum (now Thiruvananthapuram), Kerala and currently stands out as an outstanding figure in Indian cricket umpiring. Now 53, Ananthapadmanabhan umpire’s contributions in the Indian Premier League (IPL) as an umpire have been invaluable and demonstrate both his professionalism and commitment to fair play.

Ananthapadmanabhan possess an illustrious cricketing career, representing his state both First-class and List A formats. Although primarily known as a bowler, he demonstrated his batsmanship in First-class cricket by scoring 200 runs including three centuries and eight half centuries in 105 matches. Furthermore, his bowling prowess is equally remarkable having taken 344 wickets with best figures of 8/57.

Ananthapadmanabhan has brought multi dimensional contribution to cricket by playing first class matches and umpiring in his cricket journey. Within the IPL umpires name, KN Ananthapadmanabhan umpire upholds its high standards in umpiring, contributing significantly to its overall success and credibility.

Bruce Oxenford

Bruce Nicholas James Oxenford was born March 5, 1960 in Southport, Queensland and has since gone on to gain international and domestic cricket umpire recognition as well as officiating roles within the Indian Premier League (IPL). At 64 years of age, Bruce Oxenford umpire has made his mark as an officiant, overseeing 64 IPL matches during his time.

Bruce Oxenford began his cricket journey by playing first class matches for Australia. He made his debut for Queensland in 1991. Later he converted his cricketing skills to umpiring skills where he became one of the best umpire of all time. He made his umpiring debut in 2006 during Australia vs South Africa T20 match. From then his umpiring skills has been topnotch and have umpired almost 91 tests, 157 ODI, 31 T20I and 64 IPL matches. Because of his prefect umpiring skills always he will be a person when it comes to knock outs of today match umpire name.

Rod Tucker

Rodney Tucker was born August 28, 1964 in Auburn, Sydney, New South Wales. Over his long and distinguished career officiating in international and domestic matches – particularly the Indian Premier League (IPL). Tucker has established himself as an esteemed figure within cricket officiating, known for his relaxed yet authoritative manner on the field as well as precise decisions under pressure. Rod Tucker umpire has umpired 62 IPL matches which showcase his expertise as an accomplished umpire in one of the world’s premier T20 leagues globally.

Rodney James Tucker made an impactful mark as both an umpire and cricketer during his First Class and List A careers, representing Australian Capital Territory, New South Wales and Tasmania respectively. Tucker scored 5076 runs across First Class cricket with an average of 36.25 and amassed his highest score 165; during his List A career he notched 1255 runs – featuring an 85 as his highest score with an average of 24.13. Tucker made an enormous impact as both an all-round player and umpire in cricketing history, taking 123 wickets at an average of 41.40 in First Class matches and 123 wickets at an average of 28.72 for List A matches respectively. 

Virender Sharma

Virender Kumar Sharma was born September 11 in Hamirpur, Uttar Pradesh and currently stands as an experienced umpire on the IPL 2023 umpires team, demonstrating both dedication and proficiency as an umpire. At 53 years old, Sharma’s background in domestic cricket played an essential role in his advancement to today IPL match umpire name.

Virender Sharma umpire has played for his state in both First-class and List A formats. As a batsman, he has an outstanding record by smashing 1899 runs over 50 First-class matches at an average of 22.08 with three centuries and eight half centuries. Not only in first class, Sharma made an outstanding contribution in List A cricket also by scoring 630 runs over 40 matches with an outstanding highest score of 65* to demonstrate his ability to play as an middle-order batsman.

Virender Sharma’s experience both as an umpire and player makes him an invaluable member of the IPL officiating team, serving 56 matches over that timeframe and upholding superior umpiring standards in T20 tournament.


Multiple IPL umpires has been in the ICC elite panel of umpires which brings the fair play in the game due to their umpiring skills. The IPL umpires who has been in the elite list are Anil Chaudhary, Virender Sharma, Michael Gough, Bruce Oxenford, Rod Tucker, Chris Gaffaney and Nitin Menon. The IPL umpire salary will be paid for each match they do the umpiring, on average they are paid between ₹ 59,000.00 and ₹ 1,98,000.00.

Umpires officiating in IPL represent an impressive array of individuals from different cricketing backgrounds. Their collective experience, expertise, and commitment to fair play contribute greatly to its success; fans should recognize this crucial role played by umpires in keeping true to the spirit of cricket!

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