Mankad Runout Indian Players

Mankad Runout Indian Players 2022 – List Of Unbelievable Victims Of Mankad

This article clearly will explain to you what Mankading is, what Mankading runout is in cricket, Mankad runout Indian players list all time, and Mankad runout Indian players list by year and team.

Firstly, the mankading in cricket was treated as an unfair mode of dismissal. But now it has been moved to Law 38. Those concerns run out. The law remains the same. The wording remains the same.

The MCC states to the media that Law 41.16, running out the non-striker, has been moved from Law 41 to Law 38. That is, the code was well received and has had a positive impact on cricket globally.

Mankad Runout Indian Players – Controversial Breakthrough

Indian cricket legend Vinoo Mankad first did Mankad in 1947-48 during India’s tour of Australia by running out Australia’s Bill Brown at the non-striker’s end, which has earned the name Mankading.

Vinoo Mankad again about the same batsman for backing up during the 2nd Test match in Sydney. The Australian press considered this action against the spirit of the game that Mankad’s decision to run out Brown two times in a similar fashion.

Many cricketers will say that it is against the spirit of the game, but it is completely legal as per the Law of cricket. The MCC Laws sub-committee has insisted on many changes to the 2022 code.

What Is Mankad Runout In Cricket?

The name mankading was named by Vinoo Mankad and is the informal name given to running out the non-striking batsman while backing up too far, and this occurs when the non-striker begins to leave the crease while the bowler is in their final releasing stride.

As per the Law of cricket, this run is considered legal. Also, a long-term rule is implied regarding the game’s spirit. The rule insists that the bowler or captain of the fielding side should warn the batsman on the non-striker end first before performing the runout attempt.

Mankad Runout Indian Players List In India 2022

Vinoo Mankad first did Mankad by an Indian player in 1947. From then, this happened regularly in the cricketing world, causing lots of game spirit noises. Let’s have a look at Mankad runout Indian players list by year.

1992 – Kapil Dev

Indian World Cup-winning captain Kapil Dev did the mankad against South Africa during the 2nd ODI in 1992. India batted first during that match and scored 147 runs in 49.4 overs. Chasing the target, South Africa lost its first wicket to Kapil Dev in the 3rd over, which made way for the entry of Peter Kirsten, the hero of the incident. He got out in a mankad way during the 1st ball of the 9th over. As usual, there were arguments for that run-out, but the decision was taken as per law.

2013 – Murali Kartik

On Dec 08, 2013, Railways captain Murali Kartik found himself at the center of a debate when he ‘Mankaded’ Bengal batsman Sandipan Das. The run-out led to a plain argument with opposition coach Ashok Malhotra during a Ranji Trophy game on Sunday; this happened during the first innings of Bengal during the 2nd ball of the 80th over. Railways batted first and scored 306 runs in their first innings.

Bengal didn’t get the expected start as they kept losing wickets regularly. During this mankad, they were 120-3 in 79 overs. They still had 180 runs to deflect their opponent’s lead. Also, Sandipan Das was in good form during that season which heated the argument. Finally, the decision was against Bengal, as he was out per the rules.

2019 – Ravichandran Ashwin

On Mar 25, 2019, Punjab Kings skipper Ravichandran Ashwin had run Jos Buttler out at the non-striker’s end after the England batter was out of his line as Ashwin was about to deliver the ball. Recalling the incident, Ravichandran Ashwin said that he felt Jos Buttler was “deflated” and “quite upset” about the entire epic.

2022 – Deepti Sharma

The Indian women’s cricket team defeated England in the Women’s ODI match by 16 runs in September’s last match of the three-match ODI series. The Indian team defeated England by 3-0. Also, there is a fuss about the last wicket of this match.

Indian player Deepti Sharma while bowling released England batsmen Charlie Dean through Mankading on the non-striking end. Due to this action, England fans and some veterans were angry.

Controversies Of Mankading

Since the mankad was invented, there have been a lot of controversies stating whether it is legal or illegal. There is no end to the debate still. Even in the recent Deepti Sharma mankad, there were a lot of arguments between the players. Let’s have a look at the recent mankad.

According to the rules of cricket, Deepti’s disbandment of Charlie Dean via Mankading was not wrong from anywhere. Presently, it is considered a run-out. According to MCC, Mankading is legal, and the third umpire also gave the England player out.

Charlie would have easily snatched that match from India’s hand if Deepti had not done this then. At that time, Charlie was playing 47 runs off 80 balls, completely in form and set. Nasser Hussain and Stuart Broad did not disband.

Mankad Runout Indian Players List All Time

Mankad was started in 1947 and continuing in 2022. Here’s the list of Mankad runout Indian players list and team.

Bill Brown by Vinoo MankadTestAustralia vs India, Sydney1947-48
Hanumant Singh by Ashwini ChaturvediFirst-class CricketRajasthan vs Uttar Pradesh, Udaipur1959-60
Anil Khanna by Rajindra GoelFirst-class CricketNorthern Punjab vs Delhi, Delhi 1966-67
Dilip Saedesai by Kailash GattaniFirst-class Cricket Mumbai vs Rajasthan, Udaipur1968-69
Parthasarathy Sharma by Ashok BhagwatFirst-class CricketRajasthan vs Vidarbha, Nagpur1970-71
Vaman Kumar by Daitala MeherbabaFirst-class CricketTamil Nadu vs Andhra, Salem1974-75
Peter Kirsten by Kapil DevODISouth Africa vs India, Port Elizabeth1992-93
Sandipan Das by Murali KartikFirst-class CricketBengal vs Railways, Delhi2013-14
Jos Buttler by Ravichandran AshwinIPLRajasthan Royals vs Kings XI Punjab, IPL 20192019-2020
Sanjula Naik by Kanika AhujaWomen’s List-A Cricket Punjab vs Goa, Bangalore2021-2022
Charlie Dean by Deepti SharmaWomen’s ODIEngland vs India, Lord’s 2022

Mankad Runout Indian Players FAQ

1. Is Mankading legal?

Mankad is a completely fair and legal action.

2. Who’s the first Indian women cricketer to do Mankad?

Deepti Sharma was the first Indian women cricketer to do Mankad in September 2022.

3. Is a Mankading runout counted as a ball?

The Mankading ball shall not count as one in the over.

Conclusion – Mankad Runout Indian Players List By Year

There are many controversies in cricket regarding Mankading run out. This article will tell you all the details about the Indian players and the Mankad runout Indian players list and team.

In cricket history, Vinoo Mankad did this for the first time, and he first adopted this method to run out Bill Brown of Australia in 1947. From that, it has been named mankading. Also, many other times, mankading runouts have been done in cricket.

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