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Exclusive Most Maiden Overs Of Indian Cricket Team – ODI, T20, Test Cricket

In cricket, a maiden over is in which no runs have been scored that count against the bowler. A wicket maiden is also a maiden over in which a wicket is taken, and also double wicket and triple wicket maidens are when two wickets and three wickets are taken in a maiden over.

In this post, let’s look at the maiden overs of Indian cricket in the one-day international match (ODI), test matches, and Twenty20 match (T20), the list of expensive bowlers with the most maiden overs of the Indian cricket team, and also its history.

Most Maiden Overs Of Indian Cricket Team – Breathtaking Overs

The term maiden in English is referred to untouched or fresh. A maiden over of Indian cricket is when a bowler does not accept a single run in that over. Fundamentally, the over is descriptive and untouched, as they scored no runs.

Bowling maiden overs of Indian cricket in ODI and T20 forms of cricket is quite rare and challenging, as the batting players look to maximise their scoring chance. A maiden over of Indian cricket where a bowler admits no runs in an absolute over.

If the bowler bowls a wide ball or no-ball, it is not a maiden over of Indian cricket. But, a bye or a leg bye does not decay the maiden over for the bowler, as these runs are not counted against the bowler’s stats. Also, maiden overs in a match increase the pressure on the batting team and help the bowling team to take wickets easily.

Most Maiden Overs In ODI Of Indian Cricket Team

ODI matches are various ball games, and there is always a result with a short tie. Mainly, the fielding teams have to stick to the fielding limitation, and the umpires are very strict with their rules, so the bowlers cannot bowl the lines they want.

A maiden over of Indian cricket in ODI cricket is not a non-event. It takes bowling good lines and lengths, and a bit of luck at times, to bowl a maiden over in cricket.

The batting team has limited resources, and we often see an immediate change of strategy from the batsmen, which could go either team’s way. Such teams plan their chases down to each over these days, and a maiden over sudden those plans, thus beginning a chain reaction that often ends up helping the bowling team.

In the middle overs between 15 to 35, when the bowling teams are trying to limit the scoring rate, the cheap bowler who can bowl maiden overs worth his weight in gold. Maiden overs of the Indian cricket team in ODI, Kapil Dev performed 235 maidens in 221 innings in the career span of 1978-1994.

Most Maiden Overs In Test Of Indian Cricket Team

Most maiden overs of Indian cricket team in test cricket is a game of tolerance. But in limited-overs cricket, it is possible to save the game for all not winning. It is called a draw.

Maiden overs of Indian cricket team in test cricket, Anil Kumble performed 1576 maidens in 236 innings in the career span of 1990-2008. Most maiden overs in a test series are held by the Mankad King Vinoo Mankad, who bowled 47 maidens overs against England in 1951.

If the batting teams are in an unwinnable situation, stay shut and go for a draw by playing dots after dots to cut risk in batting. So, handing maiden overs to the opposition bowlers is beneficial and accumulates a lot of maiden overs.

The hostile bowling and fewer field restrictions compared to limited-overs cricket of test cricket. The fielders can be placed anywhere as needed, and umpires give more extensive freedom to bowlers, such as leg-side broad.

Most maiden overs of the Indian cricket team in Tests are strategic. Like other smaller benefits of the match, they impact the overall outcome even though the effect is not visible after bowling a maiden over.

Most Maiden Overs In T20 Of Indian Cricket Team

In the maiden overs of Indian cricket in T20 cricket, each team gets 20 overs to play, and each bowler gets four overs to bowl. When a batting team admits a maiden over, it loses 5% of the total overs they can face; the bowler completes 25% without conceding a run.

The batting teams are always seen to go after the bowlers, and it is so very tough to bowl maiden overs in T20 cricket. The top bowler in T20I cricket matches, Jasprit Bumrah, has bowled seven maidens so far. He is one of the best maiden over bowler in shorter formats.

Clever bowlers with reasonable control over their line and length can perform this with sharp field placement and luck. In maiden overs of Indian cricket in T20s, a maiden over is as big as a wicket, if not more.

In maiden overs of the Indian cricket team in T20I, Jasprit Bumrah performed seven maidens in 49 innings in the career span of 2016-2020, and Harbhajan Singh performed five maidens in 27 innings in the career span of 2002-2016.

Top Bowler With Most Maiden Overs Of Indian Cricket Team

Jasprit Bumrah, Bhuvneshwar Kumar, and Harbhajan Singh are the maiden players in the T20I Indian cricket team. However, currently, Bhuvneshwar Kumar holds the record for bowling the most maidens in T20I.

In December 2012, Bhuvneshwar played his T20I debut against Pakistan and went on to bowl most consecutive maiden overs in the shortest format. On November 6, 2022, he bowled the 10th maiden in a T20 World Cup match against Zimbabwe. Bhuvneshwar has struck 88 wickets while averaging a strike rate of 22.68 and swank a stellar economy rate of 6.96.

The Indian bowler Jasprit Bumrah has registered nine maiden overs in 60 matches. He has picked 70 wickets at an economy rate of 6.62 and an average rate of 20.22. India’s Jasprit Bumrah have all bowled five maiden overs in their T20I career with an economy rate of 6.20 and an average rate of 25.32.

Players NameMatchesMaidensWicketsAverageEconomy
Bhuvneshwar Kumar81108722.286.95
Jasprit Bumrah6097020.226.62
Harbhajan Singh2852525.326.20

India Most Maiden Overs In Cricket History

Finding the Indian most maiden overs in Indian cricket team history, Anil Kumble has played 132 matches for India in which he bowled 6,808.2 overs (40850 balls). From these, there are 1,762 maiden overs (10572 balls).

In his career, he has taken 619 wickets at an average rate of 29.65 and has 35 5-fers and eight 10-fers.

Maiden Overs Of Indian Cricket FAQ

1. Which Indian has bowled most maidens in T20I?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar holds the most maidens record in T20I with 9 maidens.

2. Who bowled most maidens in a Test match?

Vinoo Mankad has bowled as many as 47 maidens in a test match.

3. Has any bowler bowled a maiden in T20I World Cup?

Bhuvneshwar Kumar has bowled maidens in the T20I World Cup.

Conclusion – Maiden Overs Of Indian Cricket In Single Match

Maiden overs of Indian cricket are a minute characteristic of a fundamentally complex game called cricket. Each format plays a different role, from a small impact in Test cricket to a significant effect in T20s.

Bowlers must be clever to understand when to go for the wickets and when to pause the scoring rate. A maiden over is an excellent tool in the latter case. Batsmen must practice temperament not to permit a maiden over to affect the patience by being too attacking and losing the wicket in the process.

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