Most Runs In Under 19 World Cup 2024

Most Runs in Under 19 World Cup 2024 – The Best U19 ICC Batsmen

With ICC U19 Men’s Cricket World Cup young players can showcase their talent and skills to get a entry to their International team. U19 tournaments helps the team to choose the correct players with exceptional performance who has the ability to replace the existing legends in the the current team. Many players stood out for their impressive batting performances in the recently concluded U19 World Cup 2022. Players who can be with most runs in under 19 world cup 2024 with their skills and deadly knock to their respective teams can be known here.

Haseebullah Khan – Pakistan’s Rising Star

One of the standout pinnacle scorers on the 2022 U-19 World Cup become Haseebullah Khan of Pakistan. The stylish left-passed opener displayed brilliant skill together with his accumulating 380 runs in six innings. Khan’s who’s scoring always made him a key player to add in Pakistan’s batting line-up together with his most runs in underneath 19 international cup 2024.

Khan’s adventure to the match commenced with a mandatory one hundred thirty five in opposition to Zimbabwe in the institution level. His powerful strokeplay and capacity to provide lengthy innings turned into glaring all through the tournament. Khan observed up his century with seventy nine off Bangladesh to guide Pakistan to victory within the run chase.

Khan’s performance at an average of seventy six and a strike rate of 80.85 turned into essential in Pakistan’s marketing campaign within the U-19 World Cup 2022. His potential to anchor innings and hit calculated shots made him to be a player with most runs in Under 19 World Cup 2024.

Tom Prest – England’s Captain Fantastic

England captain Tom Prest confirmed his all-round capabilities and emerged as the top scorers in the U-19 World Cup 2022. Prest led the manner with amassing 292 runs in six innings, at an average of a an outstanding fifty eight.40.

Prest’s wonderful overall performance got here inside the group level match in opposition to UAE, wherein he played an impressive unbeaten innings of 154*. The proper-hander displayed a extensive variety of pictures and displayed desirable stokes at the crease. His innings in opposition to the UAE was a masterclass in constructing an innings and anchoring the crew’s total.

Apart from his batting performance, Prest also contributed with his off-break bowling, taking five wickets at some stage in the match. His all-around contribution become essential in guiding England to the final of the 2022 Under-19 World Cup.

Teague Wyllie – Australia’s Promising Opener

Australia’s Teague Wyllie proved to be a revelation at the 2022 U-19 World Cup with an exceptional football performance. The 17-year-old opener smashed 278 runs in six innings showcasing his talent and ability to become the most runs in Under 19 World Cup 2024.

Wyllie’s incredible campaign started with a bang against West Indies, he scored unbeaten 86 runs though he lost his opening partner without scoring a run. After an unbeaten knock he again proved his ability by scoring a astonishing unbeaten century against Scotland.

Wyllie had a great start to the campaign with two unbeaten knock in just 3 innings but the later stage was not upto the expectations as he couldn’t score fluently and agressively but his contribution played a vital role in Australia’s campaign. His ability to score runs at the top freely and building partnerships with middle order helps him to be the biggest assest for his team.

Angkrish Raghuvanshi – India’s Young Gun

Six innings of sixteen-yr-vintage Indian opener Angkrish Raghuvanshi stuck the eye of cricket fanatics along with his promising effort within the 2022 U-19 World Cup.

Raghuvanshi’s standout innings changed into in opposition to Uganda, in which he scored a scorching knock of one hundred forty four. His strokeplay, timing and capacity to locate gaps inside the area become a delight to observe. Raghuvanshi’s innings in opposition to Uganda showcased his potential as a destiny celebrity in Indian cricket. Apart from his batting skills, Raghuvanshi additionally contributed together with his fielding skills and nimble wicket keeping.

Brian Bennett – Zimbabwe’s Batting Sensation

Zimbabwe’s Brian Bennett showcased his batting prowess at the 2022 U-19 World Cup, emerging as one of his team’s top run-scorers. Bennett was scoring consistently in the whole world cup with the bat resulting him to be the leading run scorer for his team with a total of 273 runs in six innings.

Bennett’s innings of 83 against Pakistan and 62 against the West Indies played an important role in Zimbabwe’s campaign. His ability to build partnerships and rotate strikes made him a reliable middle-order batsman so for the group.

Bennett’s has the ability to become the future star for Zimbabwean cricket, his ability to handle pressure situations and score crucial runs makes him a player with a bright future.

Dunith Wellalage – Sri Lanka’s Captain Marvel

Sri Lanka captain Dunith Wellalage led the way with an exceptional batting performance in the u 19 world cup 2022. Wellalage’s contribution was the primary reason for the Sri Lanka’s journey throughout the tournament.

In Wellalage’s innings played a vital role to perform under pressure and bring his team from dangerous situations. His half-century in Australia, where Sri Lanka’s top team had languished, showed resilience and fierce determination. Wellalage also scored a crucial 113 runs against South Africa which helped his team to earn all-tournament victory.

In addition to his batting duties, Wellalage also showcased his skills with the ball in under 19 world cup live. Using his bowling variations he became the tournament’s leading wicket-taker with 17 wickets.

Raj Bawa – India’s Promising All-Rounder

India’s Rajbawa emerged as a promising all-rounder at the U-19 World Cup 2022. He made equal contribution with both bat and ball. Bawa scored 252 runs in 5 innings with his eye pleasing strokes, so he has the ability to become as one of the most runs in Under 19 World Cup 2024.

Bawa’s standout innings came against Uganda, where he scored an unbeaten knock of 162*. He scored runs across all over the ground toying with the opponent bowlers. He has the ability to score aggressively and score risk free runs which make his as the best asset for India.

Apart from his batting heroics, Bawa also contributed a lot with his off-spin bowling. His variety of bowling was proven in the u19 World Cup final against England, he took very important five wickets.

Most Runs In Under 19 World Cup 2024

The champion gamers at the 2022 U-19 World Cup performed key roles in their respective groups’ successes. Their performances not most effective showcased their individual talents however also confirmed their potential to deal with pressure and contribute to the achievement of the group as a whole.

These young batsmen showed adulthood past their years and glimpsed the future of international cricket. Their capability to hold the innings, hit calculated shots and anchor the crew’s general made them critical gamers for his or her crew.

The U19 World Cup is a platform for these proficient kids to expose themselves and advantage enjoy on the global degree. The performance of these top runners will definitely be a stepping stone for their destiny careers.


The U19 World Cup live noticed a few great batting performances from gifted children in distinct groups. Haseebullah Khan, Tom Prest, Teague Wyllie, Angkrish Raghuvanshi, Brian Bennett, Dunith Wellalage and Raj Bawa emerged because the pinnacle batsman and displayed their competencies and capabilities in u 19 world cup 2024.

These young batsmen have proven their capability to handle strain, play innings and make contributions immensely to their crew’s fulfillment. Their performances give them hope for the destiny of worldwide cricket, as they hone and refine their talents.

While the maximum runs in under 19 world cup 2024 is a stepping stone for younger cricketers to make their mark on the global stage, these top players have in reality made a sturdy assertion approximately their ability. Their performance in the event will genuinely be remembered as they development in cricket.

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