MS Dhoni Centuries List

Best Captain Of India – Ms Dhoni Centuries List – Stas & Records In Test, Odi, T20I

MS Dhoni is the most famous and most scrutinized cricketer from India. MS Dhoni had a unique technique in wicket-keeping and captaincy; under his captaincy, India won top prizes like the 2011 World Cup, in 2007 World T20 his debut, and the 2009 Test ranking for 18 months. This article will discuss MS Dhoni Centuries List and his records.

MS Dhoni Centuries List

Serving as a former captain of India in the Indian men’s national cricket team for 15 years, he also in the domestic circuit played for Jharkhand and Bihar before stepping into international cricket. In the IPL, he is leading the Chennai Super Kings.

He featured in 250 ODI, 98 T20I, and 90 Tests for India. MSD was also known as “Captain Cool” and “Best Finisher of India,” which shows his leadership skill.

MSD scores 17092 runs in 535 international matches for India at an average of 44.74, including 108 fifties and 15 centuries of MS Dhoni. MSD’s centuries record is 16 centuries in international cricket, MSD’s centuries list ODI is 10, and Msd records by 100s in Test is six.

MS Dhoni Centuries In Total

Between the 2009 – 2010 series between India, Sri Lanka, and Bangladesh, a tri-nation series, out of 101 not out in 296 – run chase, Dhoni played a remarkable role in the MSD centuries list. While standing with Kholi, Dhoni has involved 144 runs, one of the centuries of MS Dhoni.

In 2012 in a battle against Pakistan, he knocked 113 in 125 balls and made MSD 100 runs in matches. Meanwhile, in the 2011 World Cup, Dhoni scored 91 and was nearer to MS Dhoni centuries list.

MS Dhoni Centuries In Test Matches

In 2014 the Boxing Day Test Match between Australia and India, he announced his retirement. Here we will see some of the top centuries and innings of MS Dhoni in Test. Dhoni scored 4876 runs in 90 Tests at an average of 38.09 with 33 fifties and six centuries and was in MSD centuries records.

In 2006 against Pakistan, Dhoni did not bat in the first, and later, he came up with the second test in Faisalabad with 19 fours and four sixes to score his first century in the test series in 93 balls on the MSD centuries list.

As a wicket-keeper, he is the fastest batsman to score hundreds in the Test series and hold the record for 16 more years.

From 2009 – 2010 during the Sri Lanka series, he scored 214 runs in 3 innings at an average rate of 107. As a Batsman and a wicket-keeper, he scored two hundred in 4 matches and was on the MSD centuries list and 110 in Ahmedabad and 100 in Mumbai series by winning 2-0.

In the Kolkata test series (second), MSD scored 132 and 4 centuries in 1 innings for the second time in history. In the first test of four matches, he scored 224 against Australia on Feb 24, 2013.

MS Dhoni Centuries In ODI Matches

Here are some top centuries and innings of MS Dhoni in ODI. In 2005, MSD Scored 148 runs out of 123 balls in India and Pakistan. Including 15 fours and four sixes which were dismissed in the 42 over.

Dhoni broke all the records against Sri Lanka by hitting 15 fours and 10 sixes, recording 183. During the Afro – Asian Cup in 2007, MSD showed outstanding performance with the partnership; he scored 139 runs in a power-packed performance.

In a match against Hong Kong, MS Dhoni and Suresh Raina took the game forward with a partnership of 166 runs. Mahi’s outstanding innings helped him to score 109, aided by six fours and many sixes.

In the ODI series, after losing 7 matches, India came with a backup against Australia. After Yuvi’s dismissal at over 16, Mahi stepped in the field by hitting 9 fours and 3 sixes, scoring 124; it’s also on MSD centuries list.

MS Dhoni Centuries In T20I Matches

In the T20I series, MS Dhoni played more innings (76) and scored more runs (1153). He was also known as the most catching wicket-keeper, dismissal as a wicket-keeper, and stumping as a wicket-keeper.

In the 2007 T20 World Cup, Dhoni led the Indian team, and against Scotland, he made his debut. He is the second captain after Kapil Dev to win the World Cup.

MS Dhoni Centuries In Careers

MS Dhoni is famous for his helicopter shot. After losing eight tests, Dhoni, the captain, approached under huge pressure, highlighted by a 2-1 home series loss against England in 2012-13. In the eight years, the first time India had lost.

The losses led to a new segment in Dhoni’s career wherein he became more confident as a captain. Starting a new team against Australia, playing his Test innings on a turner to win India, and becoming the first captain to lead India to four wins in a series.

MS Dhoni Centuries Outside India

Dhoni’s fans want to forget that MS has had no century outside Asia. Centuries only two have come outside India, one in Bangladesh and one in Pakistan, out of 10 ODI centuries. So let’s discuss MS Dhoni’s centuries.

There was a tri-national Tournament in Bangladesh on July 7th, 2008, in which Kohli missed the century, and Dhoni took the stand and scored 101 runs in 107 balls with nine fours, and he was the Man of the Match.

There is no special MSD centuries list outside India other than these and the match with Hong Kong, but the total contribution that he has had over the years in Indian cricket makes him the best one.

MS Dhoni Centuries Records

The master of ODI cricket is MS Dhoni. He has cracked many records and top centuries and innings of MS Dhoni in Ipl T20 I, making him unique from many other cricketers. MS Dhoni centuries list by year is outstanding; 2009 was his best year as he scored 2 centuries in ODI and 2 centuries in Test.

MS Dhoni cracked many records, and he was the one and only captain to win ICC World Cup, Champions Trophy, and ICC T20 World Cup in history. In the test series, India became no one in the world under Dhoni’s captaincy.

MS Dhoni Centuries Statistics

As the best finisher in the world amassed a performance of 10773 runs. MSD scored 73 fifties and 10 centuries at the average rate of 50.53 in 350 ODI matches. In the statistics of T20I matches, he made 4876 runs in 90 matches with an average rate of 98.09 with 33 half-centuries and six centuries. MSD has yet to score centuries in all formats because he almost gets to bat at No.6 in the T20I.

MS Dhoni Centuries Venues

In the third test against England, Dhoni was the top scorer in the first inning in the Wankhede Venue. He followed the centuries with a decent batting performance before the three matches. One was against Pakistan, where India lost two, with England leading 1 – 0.

MS Dhoni Centuries FAQ

1. In which year MS Dhoni won T20 World Cup?

In 2007, India won World Cup under the captaincy of MS Dhoni.

2. How many centuries MS Dhoni has scored in the test?

MS Dhoni has scored 6 centuries in the Test format.

3. How many centuries MS Dhoni has scored in the ODI?

MS Dhoni has scored 10 centuries in the ODI format.

Conclusion – MS Dhoni Centuries List

The above article will provide information about MS Dhoni’s centuries and top centuries and innings in T20I, ODI, and Test series.

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