Sachin Tendulkar Centuries List

God Of Cricket – Sachin Tendulkar Centuries List – Unstoppable Stas & Records In Test, Odi, T20 I

Sachin Tendulkar is called a “MASTER BLASTER”; he is regarded as one of the greatest batsmen not only in India but also in cricketing history. He started his cricket career at the early age of 16.

During his 24th-year career, he has broken several individual records, including major records like the multiple numbers of centuries in the Test Matches and One Day International.

Here we take the exciting content about Sachin Tendulkar’s centuries list, Sachin’s 100 runs, and Sachin Tendulkar’s 100 centuries in International cricket in his 24th year’s career list.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries List

Sachin Tendulkar centuries in all formats show the skill of playing the best bowlers in multiple ways. Sachin, who already has a pile of runs and records to his credit, achieved incredible milestones when he turned spinner Shakib Hasan toward a fine leg in the Asia Cup Match against Bangladesh here.

The range of shots Sachin possessed helped him score runs in bulk wherever he traveled and whoever he played against. After spending a long time in cricket, here is coverage of Sachin Tendulkar centuries in total, records, career, T20 matches, ODI, and Test match stats against all countries he played against.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries In Total

Sachin is the only cricketer who has taken 100 centuries combined across different formats in Test matches and ODI.

In test cricket, he holds the record for 51 centuries in 239 innings out of 200 matches, while in ODIs, he holds the record for 49 centuries in 452 innings in 300 matches. He is the only player who scores the most centuries in the history of international cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries In Test Matches

Centuries of S Tendulkar is 51 in Test Matches. He got the first century in the 9th test match. Who is the man to reach 12 thousand right up to 15 thousand runs in test cricket history? It’s the one and only Sachin. Tendulkar centuries list contains almost all international teams as an opponent, and he even scored a century against one team.

Besides playing the most test matches ever, he is the only player in the world who has played in 200 test matches. Here’s the top centuries and innings of Sachin Tendulkar in the test.

19 August 1990 England1194Tied
22 January 1992Australia1482Tied
31 February 1992Australia1142Lost
426 November 1992South Africa1112Tied
511 February 1993England1651Won
627 July 1993Sri Lanka1043Won
718 January 1994Sri Lanka1421Won
81 December 1994West Indies1791Tied
96 June 1996England1223Lost
104 July 1996England1771Tied
112 January 1997South Africa1692Lost
122 August 1997Sri Lanka1431Tied
139 August 1997Sri Lanka1392Tied
143 December 1997Sri Lanka1481Tied
156 March 1998Australia1553Won
1625 March 1998Australia1771Lost
1726 December 1998New Zealand1133Lost
1828 January 1999Pakistan1364Lost
1924 February 1999Sri Lanka1243Tied
2010 October 1999New Zealand1263Tied
2129 October 1999New Zealand2171Tied
2226 December 1999Australia1162Lost
2318 November 2000Zimbabwe1222Won
2425 November 2000Zimbabwe2011Tied
2518 March 2001Australia1262Won
263 November 2001South Africa1551Lost
2711 December 2001England1032Tied
2821 February 2002Zimbabwe1762Won
2919 April 2002West Indies1171Won
3022 August 2002England1931Won
3130 October 2002West Indies1763Tied
322 January 2004Australia2411Tied
3328 March 2004Pakistan1941Won
3410 December 2004Bangladesh2482Won
3510 December 2005Sri Lanka1091Won
3618 May 2007Bangladesh1011Tied
3725 May 2007Bangladesh1221Won
382 January 2008Australia1542Lost
3924 January 2008Australia1531Tied
406 November 2008Australia1091Won
4111 December 2008England1034Won
4218 March 2009New Zealand1602Won
4316 November 2009Sri Lanka1003Tied
4417 January 2010Bangladesh1051Won
4524 January 2010Bangladesh1432Won
466 February 2010South Africa1003Lost
4714 February 2010South Africa1062Won
4826 July 2010Sri Lanka2032Tied
499 October 2010Australia2142Won
5016 December 2010South Africa1113Lost
512 January 2011South Africa1462Tied

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries In ODI Matches

Sachin Tendulkar scored 49 centuries in an ODI match. He made his ODI debut on the tour of Pakistan in 1989. Although it took him a little while to get going in ODIs in terms of centuries, he ended up with 49 centuries. The famous batsman scored his first ODI century against Australia in 1994.

His 46th ODI century, the inning of a double-century against South Africa, was the first instance of a batsman scoring an ODI 200. Sachin’s century against Bangladesh in the 2012 Asia Cup was the year-long of his 100th century. Here’s the top centuries and innings of Sachin Tendulkar in ODI.

19 September 1994Australia110Won
228 October 1994New Zealand115Won
311 November 1994West Indies105Won
49 April 1995Sri Lanka112Won
518 February 1996Kenya127Won
62 March 1996Sri Lanka137Lost
75 April 1996Pakistan100Lost
815 April 1996Pakistan118Won
928 August 1996Sri Lanka110Lost
1014 December 1996South Africa114Won
119 February 1997Zimbabwe104Won
1214 May 1997New Zealand117Won
137 April 1998Australia100Won
1422 April 1998Australia143Lost
1524 April 1998Australia134Won
1631 May 1998Kenya100Won
177 July 1998Sri Lanka128Won
1826 September 1998Zimbabwe127Won
1928 October 1998Australia141Won
208 November 1998Zimbabwe118Won
2113 November 1998Zimbabwe124Won
2223 May 1999Kenya140Won
2329 August 1999Sri Lanka120Won
248 November 1999New Zealand186Won
2517 March 2000South Africa122Won
2620 October 2000Sri Lanka101Lost
278 December 2000Zimbabwe146Lost
2831 March 2001Australia139Won
294 July 2001West Indies122Won
305 October 2001South Africa101Lost
3124 October 2001Kenya146Won
324 July 2002England105No Result
3311 July 2002Sri Lanka113Won
3423 February 2003Namibia152Won
3526 October 2003Australia100Won
3615 November 2003New Zealand102Won
3716 March 2004Pakistan141Lost
3812 April 2005Pakistan123Lost
396 February 2006Pakistan100Lost
4014 September 2006West Indies141Lost
4131 January 2007West Indies100Won
422 March 2008Australia117Won
438 March 2009New Zealand163Won
4414 September 2009Sri Lanka138Won
455 November 2009Australia175Lost
4624 February 2010South Africa200Won
4727 February 2011England120Tied
4812 March 2011South Africa111Lost
4916 March 2012Bangladesh114Lost

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries In T20 I Matches

The top centuries and innings of Sachin Tendulkar in IPL T20 I is for Mumbai Indians. He scored the record 100 off 66 balls and remained not out as Mumbai Indians posted 182 off 2 from their 20 overs against the now-defunct KTK. The little master had smashed 12 boundaries and 3 6s in his 66-ball knock against the side from Kerala.

He completed his fifty on the first ball of the 14th over with a single off Jadeja to deep square leg. His 1st fifty came off 43 balls, but once he passed the landmark, he pressed the accelerator and scored the remaining fifty runs off just twenty-three balls to reach his initial IPL and T20 century.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries In Careers

Sachin Tendulkar started his career at 16 years. He became the second-youngest player to score a century when he made 119 runs against England at Manchester in a tied match. The Master blaster returned, scored a magnificent 140 runs off 101 balls against Kenya, and dedicated the century to his father.

In the World Cup 2003, he ended up as the highest run-scorer, aggregating 673 runs in 11 matches. He was pivotal in supporting India to reach the final, which they subsequently lost to Australia.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Outside India

No one has scored more runs at the ICC World Cup Than Sachin. He scored 2278 runs at the tournament, more than 500 more than his closest rival at an average of 5695. His highest score outside India came against Namibia in 2003, when he hit eighty-four on his way to 152 from 151 balls.

His nearest competitor for world Cup greatness is Ricky Ponting. While the Australian will be revered for his match-winning efforts over the years and big-game mentality, he is still a distant second to the Indian.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Records

Sachin Tendulkar centuries records speak about his class and ability in cricket. On 10th Dec 2005, broke Sachin records by 100s when Sachin took one century more than Gavaskar. He did it against Sri Lanka at the Feroz Shah Kotla. Sachin kept peaking in the One Day International format, revolutionizing the way India played the fifty-over format.

The 2007 World Cup was the worst phase of his life, as he endured his worst tournament, scoring 7, 57, and 0 as India exited on the group stage. He was the first to cross the 15 thousand runs mark in ODI cricket.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Statistics

Sachin Tendulkar has multiple Statistics to reach the various Statistics. Some statistics are listed below.

  1. Sachin cleared with focus statistics to reach the 10 thousand to 18 thousand runs mark in ODI cricket history.
  2. He fixed the target to arrive at the runs included in six 200-plus partnerships with Rahul and Sourav Ganguly in his career.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Venues

Sachin 100 runs in matches have been scored across nations and the most popular venues. Look at popular venues where he scored centuries in tests and ODI.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Venues in ODI: In the One Day International matches, Sachin centuries venues at Colombo, Vadodara, Jaipur, Sharjah, Cuttack, New Delhi, Singapore, Mumbai, Kanpur, Bangalore, Benoni, Kolkata, Hyderabad and so on.

Sachin Tendulkar Centuries Venues in Test Matches: In the Test Matches, Sachin centuries venues at Manchester, Sydney, Perth, Chennai, Colombo, Lucknow, Nagpur, New Delhi, Kolkata, Mirpur, Dhaka, Leeds, Cape Town, and so on.

Frequently Asked Question Sachin Tendulkar Centuries

1. How many centuries Sachin has scored in all formats?

Sachin Tendulkar has scored 100 centuries across formats, and he is the only player to achieve this record.

2. Has Sachin scored century in New Zealand?

Sachin has scored 2 centuries in New Zealand, he almost has scored a century worldwide.

3. When did Sachin scored his first century?

In 1990 against England, Sachin scored his first international century.

Conclusion – Sachin Tendulkar Centuries List

Hopefully, you have clearly understood the Sachin Tendulkar Centuries list, Sachin century statistics, Sachin century test matches, Sachin century records, Sachin century ODI matches, and Sachin Tendulkar centuries list by year.

Based on the win percentages and scores, he had a significant impact on the game, and also his centuries played a massive role in India’s victories over the years in Test as well as ODI cricket.

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