Sky Stadium Pitch Report

Best Review Of Sky Stadium Pitch Report – Wellington Ground Matches Records, History & ODI, T20I, Test Stats

To replace the capital city decayed international rugby stadium Athletic Park a multi-purpose international stadium was grown up. Sky Stadium won the title of windiest rugby ground in the world and became the wind tunnel naturally because the situation was at the top of the hill.

The Sky Stadium profile needs to be renovated; the international rugby stadium Athletic Park led to more facilities to serve as a home for various sports teams, and an avenue for football games was the Sky Stadium pitch report. This article will discuss Sky Stadium history, location, direction and address.

Sky Stadium Pitch Report

Sky Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Wellington, and it’s in the southern side of New Zealand map. West Indies played the first ODI match in 2000 against New Zealand, but the match got abandoned due to heavy rain. After that, teams played 31 test matches in this stadium.

In 1903, they played the first match on the 100-year-old rugby pitch. Sky stadium was also known as The Cake Tin because of its silver color and shape. For a cricket match, it’s a dropped-in pitch, as the Sky Stadium pitch report depends on the curator being away from the ground or a venue.

Sky Stadium Ground Statistics And Pitch Conditions

The world’s windiest rugby pitch was inconveniently sited at over 9000 feet; advancement was in the Sky Stadium pitch report. Sky Stadium location address is at the capital city of New Zealand.

Many met and discussed new facilities for representing many city councils on the North Island with the help of the cricket federation, national rugby, Wellington City Council, and Wellington Regional Council.

Sky Stadium Pitch Report In Test Matches

Test matches are only played between cricket teams at the national level to represent the countries. Sky stadium is yet to host a test match at the international level.

Sky Stadium First Match In Test Matches

Many grounds in New Zealand have hosted a test match between New Zealand and many teams. Sky stadium, one of the most incredible venues to play cricket, is yet to host a test match. Test matches records at Wellington stadium is yet to start.

Sky Stadium Last Match In Test Matches

Sky stadium is a dropped-in pitch stadium; they play many rugby games. To host an international test, the pitch quality should be the same across all 5 days. It isn’t easy to create a dropped-in pitch of that standard; that’s why the New Zealand board has yet to host a test match in this stadium.

Sky Stadium Pitch Report In Odi Matches

In 1999 with the help of Local government and business interests, the stadium was hosted for the first time; the pitch was reported while playing in a Shell Cup match on Jan 4.

During that period, the game was delayed due to heavy rain. Here are a few pitch reports in One Day International matches played in Sky stadium.

Total matches31
Matches won batting first16
Matches won bowling first13
Average 1st Inns scores 233
Average 2nd Inns scores206
Highest total recorded393/6 (50 Ov) by NZ vs WI
Lowest total recorded89/10 (37.2 Ov) by ENG vs NZ
Highest score chased312/1 (47.2 Ov) by SL vs ENG
Lowest score defended234/10 (50 Ov) by ENG vs NZ

Sky Stadium First Match In Odi Matches

Sky Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Wellington. In 2000 the first ODI match was abandoned because the match was between New Zealand and West Indies due to heavy rain, and a host of 21 matches were gone.

The match started on Jan 8 and ended the very next day. In the five-match series, the fourth match was won by New Zealand by 8 wickets.

Sky Stadium Last Match In Odi Matches

Sky Stadium is a multi-purpose stadium in Wellington. The last ODI match between New Zealand and England was the lowest score in the Sky Stadium Pitch Report of 89/10. Many sports event fans from out of the region like Wairarapa, Northeast, Horowhenua tho northwest provide regional facilities for the sports fan.

Sky Stadium Pitch Report In T20 I Matches

In the T20 match, the Sky stadium pitch was reported as new on railways land 1000m north of the central position district of Wellington, which was critical to its success. The railway link meant sports fans from the outer region could train for rugby games.

Total matches19
Matches won batting first9
Matches won bowling first10
Average 1st Inns scores 154
Average 2nd Inns scores130
Highest total recorded219/6 (20 Ov) by NZ vs IND
Lowest total recorded96/10 (19.4 Ov) by NZW vs ENGW
Highest score chased163/6 (19 Ov) by NZ vs WI
Lowest score defended128/9 (20 Ov) by ENGW vs NZW

Sky Stadium First Match In T20 I Matches

On Dec 22, 2006, New Zealand played the first T20I match against Sri Lanka.

In Wellington’s Stadium, Sanath Jayasuriya enjoyed the field by taking 3 wickets as a Sri Lanka player and at the 18-run Duckworth-Lewis victory by playing a blitzkrieg of an innings to propel his side.

The man of the match was given to Sanath Jayasuriya for scoring the fastest half-century in Twenty20 Internationals and for taking 3 wickets in the New Zealand innings.

Sky Stadium Last Match In T20 I Matches

New Zealand played against Australia – the last match on Mar 7, 2021. Williamson says this series was very hard throughout the surface, where the pitch was pleasing. The Australian side was more powerful, but they gave their best. Through their performance, they scored 183/3 and made the T20 matches records at Wellington stadium.

Sky Stadium Pitch Report Today

Today’s match Sky Stadium pitch report is an inconveniently sited wind tunnel that provides good liaison and represents several countries. There are some interesting facts about the Sky Stadium pitch report.

Other NameWestpac Trust Stadium
Dimensions235m long, 185m wide
LocationWellington, New Zealand
Time ZoneUTC +13:00
CuratorBrett Sipthorpe

Sky Stadium Match Records

Film director Peter Jackson also recorded 30,000 fans caroling during a cricket match at the WestpacTrust Stadium to make sound effects for his Lord of the Rings trilogy.

On November 11, 2007, the stadium was recorded as a World Cup qualification with the national team. This stadium also recorded the 2015 Cricket World Cup between New Zealand and Australia. The record done by Sky Stadium in ODI and T20I is shown above.

Conclusion – Sky Stadium Pitch Report

The above article will provide some useful information about the Sky Stadium pitch report, test matches records at Wellington stadium, and ODI matches records at Wellington stadium.

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