Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket – All Best Bowling Strategies In Cricket Explained 100%

For beginners, there are two basic types of bowling in cricket: pace bowlers and spin bowlers. They can be divided into fast bowlers and swing bowlers in pacers, wrist spinners, and finger spinners in the spin bowling department in cricket.

Have you ever wondered about the many types of bowling in cricket? Let us find the different types of bowling in cricket and the types of throws.

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket Explained

Fast Bowling

For good length, deliveries have a time with cruel swings and bouncers where the fast bowler. Yorkers and slower balls have become a pivotal part of pace bowling. Medium-fast bowlers are used more in a one-day match where pace off the ball is seen as a better weapon than in test cricket.

Spin Bowling

Spin bowling is when the ball is delivered slowly but with the potential to deviate sharply after bouncing. The spin bowler is referred to as a spinner.

List Of Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket

Cricket is always considered a batsman game. So bowlers must come up with bowling different types to confuse the batsman and keep them quiet. Let’s see the different bowling in cricket.

Types Of BowlerTypes Of Bowling In CricketVariation
Fast BowlerFast PaceBouncer
Medium PaceOutswinger
Reverse Swing
Leg and Off Cutter
Slower Ball
Spin BowlerLeg SpinLeg Break and Off Break
Off SpinGoogly (Leg Spinner)
Top Spinner (Leg and Off Spin)
Carrom Ball (Off Spin Bowling)
Slider (Leg Spinner)
Arm Ball (Off Spin Bowling)

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket: Inswinger

In cricket, a left-arm bowler runs into a bowl to a right-handed batsman around the wicket. Suppose the batsman looks back to see the timber all over the place. Like the outswingers, these deliveries are pitched on a good length but are a little challenging to play. Swing bowling yields a lot of wickets for the bowlers.

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket: Outswinger

Outswinger is one of the cricket bowling variations. Right-arm bowler into a bowl to right-handed and left-arm to a southpaw is the perfect setup for out-swinging deliveries, and they create going away from the batsman. And it becomes difficult for a bowler to get the angle to take the ball away from the batsman.

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket: Leg Spinner

The spinning ball is called Googly, which the name suggests is the spin in the ‘wrong’ direction for the leg spinner. In different quality leg-break delivery, the Googly spins from off the leg, going into the right-handed batsman. Also, in off-break delivery, the bowler uses their wrist to generate a sharp turn for the googly.

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket: Off Spinner

Doosra is also called off spinner, these types of deliveries, the ball spins from the leg side to off, opposite to that of an off spinner’s stock delivery. This bowling delivery is new to the Cricket world, considering the rich history of spin bowling.

Types Of Bowling Throws: How Many Types Of Bowling Are There In Cricket

There are various types of bowling throws in cricket. Each person uses their style to create their desired form. Some of the throws styles of bowlers like

  1. Crankers 
  2. Strokers
  3. Power Strokers
  4. Spinner 
  5. Tweeners 

#1 Crankers 

Crankers have an advance on their ball. The right-handed crankers will play beginning from the left of the lane and hook the ball back hard to the pocket. The bowler needs the highest power, high revs, and high speed, and the pins explode off the deck.

#2 Strokers

Strokers have to advance on more consistency and fewer revs. Right-handed strikers stay to play the right side of the lane and begin from the middle to the right of the middle of the lane. This is also called the most classic form of bowling.

#3 Power Strokers

A variation on the tweener is called the power stroker. A power stroker is a fusion of a stroker’s smooth spin and a cranker’s power. This type of bowling in cricket provides speed and velocity. A power stroker is a popular method to deliver the same shot repeatedly, with accuracy and consistency.

#4 Spinner 

Spinner is like a helicopter-style type of bowling in cricket to have good accuracy on their ball. It is called spin bowling rather than speed and power. Many bowlers use this type of bowling in cricket to use a lighter ball to increase vertical spin on the ball.

#5 Tweeners 

Tweener is a combination of cranker style and stroker style bowler with a moderate spin rate compared to crankers. Tweeners have higher consistency in hitting their targets.

Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket FAQ

1. What are the 2 types of bowling in cricket?

Pace and spin are the 2 types of bowling in cricket.

2. Which bowler bowls most speediest ball?

Pace bowlers bowl most speediest ball than spin bowlers.

3. Which bowler takes a lot of wickets? Spinners or Pace Bowlers?

Taking wickets depends on the bowler’s techniques. Both options will yield many wickets if they use proper techniques.

Conclusion – Different Types Of Bowling In Cricket Actions

Professional cricketers use different types of bowling in cricket come into play and have different methods that they can use to try and get the upper hand on the batter.

Most cricket teams are made in a way that includes multiple types of bowling in cricket styles, which will impact the results of different types of bowling in cricket.

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