The Fastest to Score 5000 Runs in IPL

Magnificent List Of Players Fastest To Score 5000 Runs In IPL

Indian Premier League (IPL) has seen some stellar batting performances over its 16-year history, and scoring 5000 runs is no easy task in such an intense tournament as T20 cricket. Here we explore which IPL players were the fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL and leave their mark by doing it so quickly – leaving an inerasable mark with their incredible batting skills that left unforgettable impressions in this highly-competitive format of competition.

Fastest To Score 5000 Runs in IPL

Some milestones can be difficult to reach in any tournament, yet some players make it look easy off such challenges and aim for them with all they’ve got. Becoming fastest player to score 5000 runs in IPL tournament is no mean feat but some players have managed it within just few games; let’s check out who came out fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL!

PositionNameTeamInnings To Reach 5000 RunsDate To Score 5000 RunsMatchesInningsNot OutRunsHigh ScoreAverageBalls FacedStrike Rate100504s6s
1David WarnerDC, SRH13518 October 202017617622639712641.544572139.92460646226
2Virat KohliRCB15728 March 201923722934726311337.255586130.02750643234
3AB de VilliersDC, RCB16127 April 2021184170405162133*39.73403151.68340413251
4Shikhar DhawanDC, MI, DCH, SRH, PBKS16820 October 2020217216296617106*35.395203127.18250750148
5Suresh RainaCSK, GL17323 March 2019205200305528100*32.524042136.76139506203
6Rohit SharmaDCH, MI18701 October 2020243238286211109*29.584776130.05142554257
7MS DhoniCSK, RPS20803 April 202325021887508284*38.793739135.92024349239

5. Suresh Raina – The Trailblazer

Suresh Raina stands alone among IPL players as being the first player ever to score 5000 runs during his IPL career, reaching this mark after 173 innings played for Chennai Super Kings (CSK) over his IPL tenure. Raina was known for his aggressive yet elegant batting style that consistently contributed to CSK success over his tenure in which 5528 runs were scored from 205 matches played; Raina proved invaluable when adapting quickly and scoring quickly in any situation he was put in during matches, thus becoming a mandatory member of any team.

Suresh Raina’s journey towards fastest to reach 5000 runs in IPL cricket has been marked by many crucial moments that contribute to his remarkable feat. Here are just a few such defining moments:

  1. Consistent Performances Across Seasons: Raina has made his journey towards 5,000 runs characterized by consistent performances season after season. His ability to contribute meaningfully with the bat each year makes him one of the most reliable batsmen ever seen in an IPL season.
  2. Captaincy Stints for CSK: Raina displayed his leadership abilities when he took charge in MS Dhoni’s absence as captain of India XI and led his side with authority, showing off both his strategic prowess and earning trust of team management. This added yet another dimension to Raina’s cricketing personality while simultaneously showing what has come of it from them all.
  3. Versatility in Batting Styles: Raina is a team player who has been spoken lot about his adaptability and versatility not only in his batting approach. According to the situation Raina switches his technique and take the match deep whether by anchoring the innings or accelerating the scoring rate in no times, Raina has showcased a wide array of batting skills, making him a vital asset for CSK in various situations.
  4. Setting Records with Virat Kohli: Raina’s feat as the inaugural player to score over 5000 runs in an IPL season he was the fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL which ranks him alongside modern-day Indian cricket great Virat Kohli; sharing this achievement together adds another competitive edge and good fellowship between them both that has strengthened both of their performances individually.
  5. Memorable Knocks and Match-Winning Innings: Raina has scored 5000 runs through an array of memorable knocks and match-winning innings over his journey towards this mark, from scoring chase runs against targets or setting daunting totals to playing an influential part in many CSK victories while leaving an stubborn mark with his aggressive yet calculated style of batting.
  6. Team Player and Mentor: Raina’s contribution  was a vital thing in the CSK’s overall success and have been a team player who has mentored younger team members and provide the confidence to contributed to overall team spirit of Chennai franchise. Raina brings out much needed experience and guidance which makes the team success.
  7. Chennai Super Kings’ Successes: Raina’s consistent contribution across season was the main reason for Chennai Super Kings’ IPL triumphs and he contributed significantly in must win games which has made them won multiple championship titles. He has scored Suresh 426 runs in just 12 knockout matches which cemented him as one of the CSK’s favorite player in IPL history.

Suresh Raina’s 5000 runs in the IPL represent not just an impressive statistical feat; rather they represent many special memories that contribute to his legacy as one of its great contributors and an integral figure of Chennai Super Kings success story.

4. Shikhar Dhawan

Shikhar Dhawan became only the fourth Indian batsman after Kohli, Raina and Rohit to reach this achievement in IPL 2020 during an important match between Delhi Capitals and Kings XI Punjab at Eden Gardens Stadium. Dhawan achieved fastest 5000 runs IPL via six over midwicket off Murugan Ashwin; marking his fourth fifty plus score in IPL 2020 alone and further cementing his status as an exceptional top order batting talent in T20 cricket.

Shikhar Dhawan’s journey to fourth fastest 5000 runs in IPL cricket was marked by several key moments that demonstrated his consistency, skill, and impact within tournament. Here are the key moments which brought the Dhawan’s achievement:

  1. Back-to-Back Centuries in IPL 2020: Shikhar Dhawan made history during IPL 2020 season by scoring back-to-back centuries in consecutive matches against Chennai Super Kings and Kings XI Punjab – marking him out as an impressive milestone player within its history. Dhawan became only player ever in IPL history to achieve such an outstanding accomplishment!
  2. Second Indian with Multiple Centuries in a Season: Dhawan has only now become the second Indian batsman, after Virat Kohli in 2016, to reach this landmark of scoring multiple centuries during an IPL season. Dhawan demonstrated his consistency run scoring during IPL 2020 season by scoring 618 runs at an average of 44.14.
  3. Joining the Elite 5000-Run Club: In his second century innings in IPL 2020, Shikhar Dhawan made history when he reached over the 5000 run mark – becoming only fifth player ever to achieve such an extraordinary milestone, joining such notable names such as Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Rohit Sharma and David Warner in reaching this significant goal in IPL history.
  4. Fastest to 5000 Runs in IPL: Dhawan was the fourth fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL history – reaching this mark by scoring runs quickly during his 13th over against Kings XI Punjab, which demonstrated both his efficiency and impact as an aggressive top-order batsman.
  5. Setting a Competitive Target for the Opposition: Dhawan’s outstanding innings enabled Delhi Capitals to post an ambitious total of 164/5 in 20 overs – setting an unachievable target of 165 runs for Kings XI Punjab to chase. His century was not only essential to setting competitive totals but it was a demonstration of his capability as an anchor batsman as well.

Shikhar Dhawan’s quest for 5000 runs in IPL 2020 was marked by these pivotal moments that demonstrated his exceptional batting talent, historical milestones and contribution towards Delhi Capitals’ triumphant run at winning this tournament.

3. AB de Villiers – The South African Magician

De Villiers, South African batting genius and key figure for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), has long been celebrated for his innovative stroke-play and ability to hit shots all around the field. De Villiers reached fastest 5k runs in IPL within 161 innings making him one of the fastest to do so and with 5162 runs scored across 184 matches his feat is notable. De Villiers became one of the IPL’s premier batsmen due to his single-handedly turning matches around singlehandedly while scoring runs quickly; making him one of IPL’s premier batsmen while his fearless approach and ability to clear boundaries make him fan favorites among fans everywhere he bats from.

De Villiers’ achievement of reaching 5000 runs in Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket was no small feat. Here are the key moments which brought ABD this milestone:

  1. Match Against Delhi Capitals (IPL 2021): AB de Villiers reached his milestone during Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB)’s match with Delhi Capitals at Ahmedabad’s Narendra Modi Stadium during IPL 2021 Match 6.
  2. Second Overseas Batsman to Reach 5000 Runs: AB de Villiers became only the second overseas batsman after David Warner to reach this landmark score of 5000 runs in an IPL season.
  3. Elite Company with Indian Stars: By reaching 5000 runs in IPL cricket, AB de Villiers joined an exclusive club of cricketers like Virat Kohli, Suresh Raina, Shikhar Dhawan and Rohit Sharma who had also achieved this IPL fastest score milestone before him.
  4. Second Fastest Overseas Batsman to 5000 Runs: AB de Villiers is the second fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL tournament as an overseas batsmen. The first player was David Warner who was known for the innovative batting style along with aggression which helped him to runs at quick time.
  5. Consistent Performances in IPL 2021: AB de Villiers marked his greatest feat during the 2021 IPL season by producing impactful performances that included match-winning innings and integral contributions towards team’s victory.
  6. Celebrations and Recognition: As soon as 5000 runs were achieved, celebrations likely broke out across the field, teammates offered congratulations, and congratulations were extended from within and outside cricketing circles for such an astounding achievement.

As AB de Villiers makes headlines throughout his stellar IPL performances, hitting 5000 runs marks another important achievement that solidifies his legacy within T20 cricket. Fans love his innovative style of play which makes him fan favorites; landmarks like these add another chapter in de Villiers’ legacy as one of its all-time greats.

2. Virat Kohli – The Run Machine

Virat Kohli, widely considered to be one of the greatest batsmen of modern cricket, holds an unprecedented fastest IPL 5000 runs record by achieving in only 157 innings – surpassing this benchmark with relative ease! Recognized as the run machine he is very strong in his batting technique and exceptional shot selection, Kohli has been an necessary member of Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB), scoring 7263 runs across 237 matches; his ability to meet targets while building innings makes him a powerful presence within IPL cricket. His hunger for runs combined with dedication makes him an irrepressible force that cannot be ignored or underestimated within IPL cricket!

Virat Kohli reached his milestone of becoming second fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL during a match against Mumbai Indians in IPL 2019. There were multiple key moments which showcased his skills as an IPL batsman:

  1. Need for 46 Runs: Kohli needed 46 runs against Mumbai Indians to pass 5000-run mark in IPL history and reached that with an ease.
  2. Aggressive Start Against Bumrah: Kohli showed his aggressive intent from the very outset of his innings, targeting Jasprit Bumrah aggressively with three consecutive boundaries off him to quickly establish control of this chase.
  3. Milestone Moment: Virat Kohli achieved one of the crowning moments in IPL history when he crossed 5000 runs – an accomplishment which demonstrated his exceptional consistency and prolific run scoring ability within this tournament.
  4. Battling Bumrah’s Bouncer: Soon after reaching his milestone, Kohli found himself up against Jasprit Bumrah’s sharp bouncer; during an attempted pull shot attempt by Kohli – one in which was mistimed and caught by fielders at short midwicket – it resulted in top edge being caught off the bat of Jasprit.
  5. Contribution to the Chase: Though Kohli was instrumental to Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) trying to reach their target. They failed chase the target after his depart though making two sensible partnership with Parthiv Patel and AB de Villiers which provided the stability to the innings.
  6. Captain’s Intent at the Toss: Before the match began, Kohli announced his decision for Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) to bowl first when winning the toss at Bangalore. He described conditions on the pitch, noting its condition with expectations it will ease off during second innings play.

Virat Kohli has achieved over 5000 runs in IPL with these key moments that demonstrate his resilience under pressure and contribution significantly towards Royal Challengers Bangalore campaigns in this tournament.

1. David Warner – The Australian Dynamo

David Warner holds the IPL record for being the player who is fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL in only 135 innings – surpassing all other players by an immense margin! Famed for his aggressive stroke-play and bowling attack dominance, Warner is an ever-reliable run scorer for Sunrisers Hyderabad (SRH), scoring an astonishing total of 6397 runs from 176 matches with them leading them all the way towards winning their maiden IPL title in 2016.

David Warner’s journey towards reaching 5000 runs in the Indian Premier League (IPL) during 2020 season featured several key moments that demonstrated his skill, consistency and impact in the game:

  1. Fastest to 5000 Runs: Warner recently became the fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL history – reaching it after only 135 innings, breaking Virat Kohli’s previous record of reaching this landmark 157 innings earlier.
  2. Historic Overseas Achievement: Warner engraved his place in history by becoming the first overseas cricketer ever to score 5000 runs in IPL cricket history, also he was the fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL including Indian players.
  3. Surprising Batting Position: Warner made waves when he decided not to open with Jonny Bairstow at Sunrisers Hyderabad; Kane Williamson instead opened with Sunrisers Hyderabad while Warner batted at No.4. The move made by the management showcased Warner’s adaptability and team-first mentality.
  4. Unbeaten 47 against Kolkata Knight Riders: Warner played an essential part in Kolkata Knight Riders’s chase for victory, scoring an unbeaten 47 off 33 balls – an unmatched score which contributed significantly towards their total score.
  5. Super Over Drama: Kolkata Knight Riders and Warner’s match entered a Super Over, adding even greater tension. Warner faced an injured Andre Russell in the final over of the match and hit hat trick of fours off the over which came so close to scoring two runs off their last ball – but he was just short which brought the super over!
  6. Exceptional Super Over Bowling by Lockie Ferguson: Lockie Ferguson delivered an outstanding Super Over for Kolkata Knight Riders by bowling an excellent spell against David Warner and Abdul Samad in just three balls, helping ensure an exciting win against KKR.
  7. Overall Contribution to IPL Records: Warner, with four centuries to his credit, rose to become one of the IPL’s greatest batsmen – climbing four spots onto its all-time scorers list to secure fourth position overall and cement his place among its great batsmen.

David Warner has made an immense mark as not just an accomplished run scorer but also as a team leader and strategist in the IPL. Warner’s ability to adapt quickly to the team needs in different situations and deliver consistently through out the tournament makes him an asset for Sunrisers Hyderabad.


At its conclusion, the IPL witnessed remarkable performances by Suresh Raina, David Warner, Virat Kohli and AB de Villiers – including their respective breakthrough of becoming fastest to score 5000 runs in IPL history – who all displayed extraordinary talent, consistency and under pressure performances that earned them spots as some of the fastest to ever do it in IPL history!

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