Teams with the Most Consecutive Wins in IPL

List Of Teams With Most Consecutive Wins in IPL From 2008 to 2023

Indian Premier League (IPL) cricket matches have long been known for their fascinating action, strategic gameplay and nail-biting finishes. In 16 years of IPL journey, we have witnessed many incredible team performances that resulted in mind blowing wins; this article explores which teams have set records most consecutive wins in IPL across seasons.

Teams With Most Consecutive Wins In IPL

IPL (Indian Premier League), famed for its exciting and high scoring T20 cricket, provides teams an ideal platform to showcase their talent. Every summer, cricket audience wait for this tournament where teams struggle for consistent performances and winning streaks to gain momentum and dominate the tournament. Let’s explore which teams have achieved the longest winning streaks in IPL.

Here’s a complete table which has the list of all the teams that have created records with most consecutive wins in IPL history.

TeamsMatches Won In A RowYear
Kolkata Knight Riders102014 -15
Kings XI Punjab82013-14
Chennai Super Kings72013
Royal Challengers Bangalore72011
Kolkata Knight Riders62012
Mumbai Indians62008
Rajasthan Royals62008
Chennai Super Kings62014
Mumbai Indians62017
Chennai Super Kings62018-2019

Kolkata Knight Riders (10 Consecutive Wins)

Kolkata Knight Riders began an incredible winning streak during their matches between 2014 and 2015 IPL seasons. KKR’s remarkable streak ended after 10 consecutive matches which showed their acknowledged dominance in Indian Premier League (IPL).

DateOpponentVenueMargin Of Loss
May 07, 2014Delhi CapitalsArun Jaitley Stadium, DelhiWon By 8 Wickets
May 11, 2014Punjab KingsBarabati Stadium, CuttackWon By 9 Wickets
May 14, 2014Mumbai IndiansBarabati Stadium, CuttackWon By 6 Wickets
May 18, 2014Sunrisers HyderabadRajiv Gandhi International Stadium, HyderabadWon By 7 Wickets
May 20, 2014Chennai Super KingsEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 8 Wickets
May 22, 2014Royal Challengers BangaloreEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 30 Runs
May 24, 2014Sunrisers HyderabadEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 4 Wickets
May 28, 2014Punjab KingsEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 28 Runs
June 01, 2014Punjab KingsM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruWon By 3 Wickets
April 08, 2015Mumbai IndiansEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 7 Wickets

On May 7, 2014, KKR kicked off their winning streak against Delhi Capitals with an 8 wicket victory, then went on to beat Punjab Kings, Mumbai Indians, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore and Kings XI Punjab among others in consecutive matches.

Kolkata Knight Riders achieved extraordinary success throughout IPL 2014, winning every match they entered including qualifier match against Punjab Kings on May 28, 2014. At Qualifier 1, Kolkata Knight Riders defeated them by 28 runs; subsequent to this success, they went on to defeat Punjab Kings 3 wickets in final, capturing IPL championship title on June 1.

KKR extended their winning streak into 2015 season when they opened up against Mumbai Indians with a victory on April 8, 2015. Their 10 most consecutive wins in IPL came to an end after their loss against Royal Challengers Bangalore at Eden Gardens, Kolkata on April 11, 2015.

Kings XI Punjab (8 Consecutive Wins)

Kings XI Punjab’s journey in both 2013 and 2014 Indian Premier League (IPL) seasons was filled with many highlights and an extraordinary eight most consecutive wins in IPL, demonstrating their flexibility and ruthless approach.

DateOpponentVenueMargin Of Loss
May 14, 2013Royal Challengers BangaloreM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruWon By 7 Wickets
May 16, 2013Delhi CapitalsHimachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, DharamsalaWon By 7 Runs
May 18, 2013Mumbai IndiansHimachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium, DharamsalaWon By 50 Runs
April 18, 2014Chennai Super KingsSheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu DhabiWon By 6 Wickets
April 20, 2014Rajasthan RoyalsSharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahWon By 7 Wickets
April 22, 2014Sunrisers HyderabadSharjah Cricket Stadium, SharjahWon By 72 Runs
April 26, 2014Kolkata Knight RidersSheikh Zayed Stadium, Abu DhabiWon By 23 Runs
April 28, 2014Royal Challengers BangaloreDubai International Cricket Stadium, DubaiWon By 5 Wickets

Kings XI Punjab (KXIP) created an unforgettable chapter in their IPL history by achieving an exceptional winning streak during both the latter part of 2013 season and initial matches of 2014 season. KXIP won all of their final three matches against Delhi Capitals, Mumbai Indians and then back against them again during 2013 before continuing this winning run into 2014 with more victories over powerful opponents.

Kings XI Punjab was led by George Bailey during 2014 season and made necessary actions to strengthen their performance. Their eight-match winning streak continued as they won against Chennai Super Kings in Abu Dhabi on April 18, 2014 with 6-wickets. They became as one of the dominant teams as they won against Rajasthan Royals, Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders and Royal Challengers Bangalore.

Although their momentum faced a brief interruption with a narrow 5-wicket loss to Mumbai Indians on May 3, 2014, at Wankhede Stadium, Kings XI Punjab quickly recovered. They showcased resilience and determination, securing convincing victories against Chennai Super Kings, Royal Challengers Bangalore, and Sunrisers Hyderabad.

This remarkable eight-match winning streak was ended by none other than multiple time champions Mumbai Indians on May 3, 2014 at Wankhede Stadium. They won the match by 5 wickets as they failed to defend the target in the final over of the match.

Chennai Super Kings (7 Consecutive Wins)

Chennai Super Kings have an impressive winning streak during Indian Premier League (IPL) 2013 season, beginning April 18th against Delhi Capitals at Arun Jaitley Stadium in Delhi where they secured an impressive win by 86 runs. After this impressive start they continued their most consecutive wins in IPL.

DateOpponentVenueMargin Of Loss
April 18, 2013Delhi CapitalsArun Jaitley Stadium, DelhiWon By 86 Runs
April 20, 2013Kolkata Knight RidersEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 4 Wickets
April 22, 2013Rajasthan RoyalsMA Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiWon By 5 Wickets
April 25, 2013Sunrisers HyderabadMA Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiWon By 5 Wickets
April 28, 2013Kolkata Knight RidersMA Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiWon By 14 Runs
April 30, 2013Pune WarriorsMaharashtra Cricket Association Stadium, PuneWon By 37 Runs
May 02, 2013Punjab KingsMA Chidambaram Stadium, ChennaiWon By 15 Runs

On April 20th at Kolkata’s Eden Gardens, Chennai Super Kings took on Kolkata Knight Riders and emerged victorious, defeating them with 4 wickets to spare. Success followed them when facing Rajasthan Royals again on April 22nd; when Chennai Super Kings proved strong enough to secure a 5-wicket win!

Incredibly, their winning streak continued against Sunrisers Hyderabad, Kolkata Knight Riders, Pune Warriors and Punjab Kings before it finally ended against Mumbai Indians at Wankhede Stadium in Mumbai with an overwhelming 60 run loss on May 5, 2013.

Though Chennai Super Kings couldn’t continue their winning streak they booked a spot in the playoffs after rebounding quickly with subsequent victories. Their journey ultimately ended in their meeting against Mumbai Indians in Eden Gardens for their final matchup where they fell short by 23 runs; thus ending an eventful season for them.

Royal Challengers Bangalore (7 Consecutive Wins)

Royal Challengers Bangalore (RCB) made an impressive statement during the 2011 Indian Premier League (IPL). RCB registered their most consecutive wins in IPL making it to 7. Their winning streak started from April 22, 2011 and came to an end on May 17, 2011 which demonstrated their dominance of this season.

DateOpponentVenueMargin Of Loss
April 22, 2011Kolkata Knight RidersEden Gardens, KolkataWon By 9 Wickets
April 26, 2011Delhi CapitalsArun Jaitley Stadium, DelhiWon By 3 Wickets
April 29, 2011Pune Warriors IndiaM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruWon By 26 Runs
May 06, 2011Punjab KingsM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruWon By 85 Runs
May 08, 2011Kochi Tuskers KeralaM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruWon By 9 Wickets
May 11, 2011Rajasthan RoyalsSawai Mansingh Stadium, JaipurWon By 9 Wickets
May 14, 2011Kolkata Knight RidersM.Chinnaswamy Stadium, BengaluruWon By 4 Wickets

RCB which has most fan followers made an outstanding performances over this remarkable run, winning victories against tough opponents with consistent performances. The streak started at Eden Gardens on April 22, 2011 against Kolkata Knight Riders as they won by 9 wickets. They kept winning against Delhi Capitals, Pune Warriors, Punjab Kings, Kochi Tuskers Kerala, Rajasthan Royals and Kolkata Knight Riders (again) respectively.

Notably, RCB’s prowess was highlighted in the encounter against the Punjab Kings on May 6th, where they secured a commanding victory by 85 runs. The streak reached its pinnacle on May 14th when RCB faced the Kolkata Knight Riders at the M.Chinnaswamy Stadium. Despite the match being affected by rain and decided by the D/L method, RCB emerged victorious by 4 wickets, showcasing their adaptability and resilience.

But their winning streak was eventually brought to an end on May 17, 2011 against Kings XI Punjab at Himachal Pradesh Cricket Association Stadium and they suffered 111 run defeat. Due to this stunning performance RCB finished at the top of the table and reached finals of the tournament but they couldn’t cross the line as they lost the finals.


Winning streaks in the IPL showcase not only a team’s dominance but also its ability to maintain momentum throughout the tournament. Winning streaks show strength of character, adaptability and determination of each squad competing. While KKR currently hold the longest winning streak in IPL teams, other teams such as KXIP, CSK and RCB have demonstrated excellent performances across seasons; as more IPL seasons pass it will be interesting to see whether old records of most consecutive wins in IPL can be broken to set a new ones.

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