Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal Stats: Who is Better Batter In Test, ODI & T20I?

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal stats: when it comes to limited-overs cricketers, two of the greatest cricketers that come to our minds are Virat Kohli and Tamim Iqbal.

However, a certain political turmoil has resulted in the blockage of bilateral series between the nations. It never caused a hindrance to the mutual excitement and passion of the crickets fans.

In this post, we discussed the comparison of Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal’s performance, from who is the better batsman in the test, ODI, and T20I matches, then including both records, T20I, test, and ODI stats report.

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal Stats

In the comparison of Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal, although Virat Kohli debuted much earlier in 2008, and Tamim Iqbal only played his international match type in 2017, the comparison between these two best batsmen. Both are the best players in their respective Indian international teams.

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal in this comparison, Virat Kohli’s total centuries records have seventy-one. Tamim Iqbal’s total centuries records have seventeen. Virat Kohli’s batting style is a right-handed batsman, and his bowling style is a right-arm medium bowler.

Both Virat and Tamim were under-19 stats players. Virat Kohli and Tamim Iqbal are the best batsmen, and their performance and records are awesome in the test series, One-Day International series, and T20I series.

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal ODI Stats Comparison

Here we have looked at a comparable comparison between Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal, but here also, in terms of T20I stats statistics, there is a slight edge to Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli scored 12,344 runs in this format with an average of 57.7, a strike rate of 92.8, and 43 centuries; Tamim Iqbal scored 8055 runs with an average of 37.11 and a strike rate of 78.70 with 14 centuries. Virat Kohli likes the Australian country and has scored most of the runs against them.

PlayersVirat KohliTamim Iqbal
Not Out3911
High Score183158
Balls Faced1331110265
Strike Rate92.878.66

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal T20I Stats Comparison

Following, we have looked at a comparison between Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal, but here also, in terms of T20I stats statistics, there is a slight edge to Virat Kohli.

Virat Kohli is better in strike rate & average than Tamim Iqbal. Both have scored 1 century in the international format so far. Compared with Tamil Iqbal, Virat Kohli is also better at bowling. His bowling statistics show he has taken 4 wickets in this format. His first wicket came against England at Manchester as stumped. He has also taken 2 wickets as caught and 1 wicket as bowled. Virat is yet to take a wicket via LBW and hit wicket.

PlayersVirat KohliTamim Iqbal
Not Out315
High Score122103
Balls Faced29051500
Strike Rate137.97117.2

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal Test Stats Comparison

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal first match in the longest format in 2016. Virat Kohli played his first debut vs west Indies in 2011. If we nearly focus on the test stats statistics, we will find a huge edge in favor of Virat Kohli.

However, that is because he has played more than his counterpart. Tamim Iqbal has played only 69 test matches so far. Virat Kohli leads in strike rate & average rate too. And also, he has twenty-seven centuries in Test cricket compared to Iqbal’s only 10. Also, Virat has taken 102 catch so far in this format.

In the matter of Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal last match both players has had brilliant games from their debute games. As for Virat Kohli he played his last match against

PlayersVirat KohliTamim Iqbal
Not Out102
High Score254206
Balls Faced144998751
Strike Rate55.6958.07

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal Records

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal records, Tamim Iqbal holds the record for being the highest individual run for Bangladesh in International cricket. Virat Kohli is a chase master and has the highest number of centuries in run-chases in cricket history.

Tamim Iqbal holds the record for the highest number of centuries, 17 for Bangladesh in all formats for his team. Virat Kohli is the fastest batsman to achieve the milestones in 205 to 222 innings with 11,000 runs, respectively.

Virat Kohli, in 2017-2018 was the only cricketer in India, the first Indian captain in history to win two boxing day Test series in Australia vs India and South Africa vs India.

Virat Kohli scored 20,000+ more than at an average of over fifty in all three formats. He captained India 17 times in the T20I bilateral series. Kohli achieved 10,000 + runs in ODI.

Who is the Better Batsman – Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal?

Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal: who is the better batsman? We considered all their records and list stats in the Test, ODI, and T20 series. From all of these, Virat Kahli is the best & better batsman in this comparison. He is the only batsman with 890 points in the ICC One-Day International ranking.

Virat Kohli has the world record of holding the highest ICC ratings points at 922 in the ICC player rankings for test batsmen. He scored 36 centuries as a captain in Test matches. And also, he has the most 200+ score as captain in a test nine times.

Conclusion – Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal Stats

In this post, we compare the Virat Kohli vs Tamim Iqbal stats of these two great batsmen. In test matches, it is near as both have total runs of 1000+. Although, Virat Kohli has made 11000+ more runs than Tamim Iqbal in the One-Day international series.

So, we considered Virat Kohli the best because, in the second test series of the Indian vs New Zealand 2021 series, they 372 runs under Virat Kohli’s captaincy, which is the biggest win in terms of runs in Cricket history. He became the first-ever player to part with fifty wins in each of all three formats.

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